Rotary membership: exciting, adoptable ideas from Rotary Zones 21b / 27 training

Kelly:  Congresman@ComCast.Net;;; 2016-2017 members:>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Regional Membership Officer for Zones 21b, 27, 7b & 8:  the RI Board recently approved a 3-year pilot for a regional membership staffing team, to include five Regional Membership Officers. While based here in Evanston, each officer will have a defined geographic territory where they will work with zone, district & club-level membership-development volunteers to ensure continued growth & retention of Rotary’s greatest asset, our members. As your Membership Officer, I will work to support the core objectives of  Rotary’s Strategic Plan, which are to: increase club awareness & use of key Rotary resources, help clubs to increase diversity of club membership, support overall club growth, & help to improve club retention.  Most recently, I worked as a Coordinator supporting zones 25, 26 & 27 within Club & District Support at Rotary. In this role, I was  responsible for training & supporting club & district leaders on using Rotary online resources such as My Rotary, Rotary Club Central & the Brand Center, was a subject matter expert on RI Board policy & Rotary constitutional documents, & worked on administrative procedures such as chartering new clubs, club mergers & processing district governor expenses. Additionally, I was the Team Lead for the Rotary Resource Center booth at the 2015 International Convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I collaborated with the RI Meetings & Events in developing the booth & managed the booth & staff team onsite.  Whether it was at the International Assembly, the International Convention, or PETS this past year, it is more than likely that we have crossed paths before.  I look forward to working with you and utilizing my experience, knowledge & skills to support you in strengthening membership in your district. I will be in touch with you soon regarding important membership information, but until then, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss current membership activities in your area, upcoming travel opportunities, or membership inquiries.  Julie Aubry, Regional Membership Officer | Membership Development: 1.847.866.4480

Rotary membership:  exciting, adoptable ideas from Rotary Zones 21b / 27 training — to share with clubs:

*  Pay for new members’ registration for Rotary Leadership Institute I, II & III & award a Paul Harris Fellow upon graduation

*  e-satellites are forming for folks who are deaf or hard-of-hearing

*  RI supposedly has contact information for all past Rotarians — in order to ask former members to return

*  To make dictionary-give-away projects relevant:  ask young recipients — during the presentation ceremony — to look up each key word of the 4-Way Test:  TRUTH   FAIR   GOODWILL & BETTER FRIENDSHIPS   BENEFICIAL TO ALL CONCERNED

*  Make key leaders (e.g., exec. dir. / pres. of Chamber of Commerce) an honorary member of your club

*  Sponsor a 4-Way Test contest for 6th graders:  to write what each concept means.  Winners receive a stipend at the District Conference.

*  Vibrant, youth-attracting Rotary Clubs eat & have a 1-hr. service project

*  a small Norman, OK, club sponsored a wine-tasting event & netted $25K per year.  The club invited other Norman, OK, Rotary clubs to co-sponsor the event & net revenues tripled

*  To slow down non-attendance:  “Caring Hearts” Committee within some clubs send pre-printed “We Miss You!” cards after 2 absences — signed by individual members & including the day, date, time & location of an exciting, upcoming service project.

*  Club Assembly:  ask folks to bring their laptops & have a quick, fun, easy session about how to enter their personal information

*  CLUB RUNNER = individual club Website:  ADD speakers, guests & former members to newsletter e-lists

*  Rotary Club Central = Rotary International Website: & then & enter “My Rotary:”  sign in & then visit “Manage” or “TakeAction” or ROTARY CLUB CENTRAL to enter club GOALS:  goals of Pres., Sec., Treas., Foundation, Membership Chairs; Exec. Sec. & all officers-elect!  Goal-related data determine annual winners of RI Pres.’Presidential Citation.”  Presidential Citation ensures my club is The Best Club Ever!

*  Track # of volunteers & # of hours of service for Rotary-sponsored &/or Rotary-partnering projects; include in-kind good-faith estimate of donations (e.g., value of 18-wheeler tractor-trailer used to deliver books or to deliver supplies to Mexico; etc.); thus, make a case statement about the value of Rotarians’ time for community & international-service projects).  In theory, Club Runner’s membership data are integrated eventually into Rotary Club Central.

*  To attract new — especially younger — members:  fun Rotary skit (focusing on community-service projects & how your club is weird, fun &/or exciting) at Chamber events

*  Leadership training is an on-going “bonus” of engaging with Rotary

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