Volunteer groups & supplies still needed with Blanco County Flood Relief: JoeGarcia1947@GMail.com or 830-833-3244. Seeking donation$, equipment & 1-2 day groups of volunteers

In addition to helping flood-ravaged people & properties via www.Rotary5840.org … near-by Blanco County also seeks donation$, equipment & 1-2 day groups of volunteers

  • To donate:  mail or deliver your contribution$ to Blanco County Disaster Relief Fund, Blanco National Bank, P.O. Box 38, 416 4th Street, Blanco, TX 78606; 830-438-8340.  fyi:  the Blanco Good Samaritan Center, a 501(c3), non-profit, is the fiscal agent for these funds & thus offers Tax-Exempt status to the extent of the law … for donors
  • To volunteer:  210-834-2836 & JoeGarcia1947@GMail.com Rotarian / Chaplain, USAF, Ret. Joe Garcia, Chairman, Blanco County Disaster Relief

Most crucial needs:  1-2 work days for groups of volunteers (construction workers, “handymen” & general manual laborers) to

  • Repair & restore homes (especially those not covered by insurance, under insured &/or covered by Fed. Emergency Mgmt. Agency), fencing;
  • Remove debris around homes & property along the Blanco River at the Blanco State Park;
  • Repair & clear roads;
  • Repair roofs;
  • Work temporarily at the Blanco’s Flood-Assistance Center:  Trinity Lutheran Church, 703 Main Street, Blanco: 830-833-3244 or 830-833-3245;
  • Bring, loan &/or use chainsaws, Bob-Cats, Fork lift loaders, brush chippers;
  • Organize and coordinate warehousing of building materials; &

Bottom line:  Equipment, materials, personnel, labor, funding & additional, willing participants will be instruments of hope & rays of sunshine.

 Blanco County Disaster-Relief Successes & Needs

The Floods that struck Blanco County on that unforgettable Memorial Day weekend left in its tracks devastation and despair. Yet our small town and its local neighbors engaged the storm as a community, full of hope and with a commitment to serve.  After that weekend, hundreds of volunteers and civic/religious organizations have responded to assist flood victims with support and recovery. To date the Blanco Flood Relief Center, the Blanco Good Samaritan Center and the Blanco County Disaster Relief Fund, along with other partners, have led effective efforts in responding to immediate and long-term needs.

The flooding affected 50+ homes & 100+ families in Blanco County. Over the last weeks, the Blanco flood relief effort focused on the immediate needs of those affected in to include food, clothing, medicine and shelter. Now that most of the emergency needs have been met, efforts over the coming weeks/months will focus on securing funding & supplies to repair & rebuild some of the severely damaged homes in our area. As we transition from the sprint of crisis response to the marathon of rebuilding, the need for funding, supplies, equipment & volunteers continues.

It has been truly awesome to see the generosity and outpouring of support from our local and neighboring communities, including those who also suffered damage form the storms, bringing help and hope to those in need.  The ongoing end results are truly impressive. Here’s a brief summary of on-going acts of mercy:

  • 57 homes & 100+ families have been affected and impacted. 10 homes require minor repairs; five homes need complete re-building; 42 require extensive repairs ——ASSESSMENTS, COSTS ANALYSIS AND ORGANIZING OF LABOR GROUPS ARE UNDERWAY
  • 114 requests for assistance with toxic debris removal, large tree removal, RV removal, fence repair, private road repair to restore emergency vehicle access, several culverts needed on roads, and restoring fencing for agricultural producers loss of livestock—– PRIORITIES FOR WORK NEEDED IS IN PROCESS AND BEING TASKED
  • To date over 60 interviews with application for financial assistance have been completed. 109 people are on list to receive various types of help—-RELIEF-FUND INTERVIEW TEAM IS COORDINATING FOLLOW-UP PENDING ACTIONS NEEDED
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