former cat-related arrangements with Lubbock veterinarians & rescue organizations

$pon$or $y$tem  Since <October 7, 2013 through Feb. 2014 upon Alice’s move from Lubbock to Fredericksburg, TX

 Humane Society of West Texas’ S-N voucher + Acres North Veterinary Clinic-to-Lubbock Animal Services

Rescuers take cat(s) &/or kitten(s) directly to Acres North Veterinary Clinic at 13th & Slide Rd. [clinic uses AVW’s pre-paid blue-colored Humane Society of West Texas Spay-Neuter vouchers + AVW’$ full-vetting (including sedation if needed for upper-respiratory shot, microchipping, blood tests, full medications for spay-neuter, de-worming, bath) + Lubbock Animal Services picks up from Acres North Veterinary Clinic to place all-financial-profit cats &/or kittens onto LAS’ Adoption Row

Provided to community folks, via referrals from South Plains Wildlife Center & via word-of-mouth

No-charge Humane Society spay/ neuter/ vaccination/ vouchers

  • Take them directly to Acres North (5205 13th: SW corner of Slide & 13th: & 806-793-2863) or the Animal Hospital of Lubbock (7902 Slide Rd. & 806-794-4543);
  • Drop them off
  • Pick them up the next day & release them back (or ask Acres North to call Lubbock Animal Services to pick up kittens & cats for their Adoption Row)

*No-charge vouchers from the Humane Society include the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination & an ear notch (to let folks know that the cat is spayed/neutered/vaccinated).  Donations to HSWT (to pay for the $67 cost of vouchers) are welcomed.

  1. HSWT President provides no-charge vouchers from the Humane Society for Texas Tech feral cats – for spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination & an ear notch (to let folks know that the cat is spayed/neutered/had rabies shot). Donations to HSWT (to pay for the $67 cost of vouchers) are welcomed.
  2. HSWT volunteer Janice Barnes (806-790-8979).
  3. Beverley Nichols (Beverley@SBCGlobal.Net& 806-792-1983) the go-to person for kittens & appreciates donations.  She gives excellent care to baby cats.
  4. Nancy McCutchen & her sister JoBeth feed/rescue TTUHSC feral cats @ S. Quaker & Loop 289:  806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.
  5. Helpful cat-lovers:  Robin Bingham ( & 806-742-2976.
  6. TTU Housing has cat trap to help with Trap/Neuter/Release.
  7. & or 806-799-PETS.   Humane Society of West Texas’ every-Tuesday evening Wellness Clinic/Lubbock (, 6p until finished (usually about 9p): low-cost vaccinations for dogs & cats.  Get into the queue for your animal’s vaccinations/check-up exam.
  8. Carol Harber rescues & fixes cat: 806-794-3471 via G.Harber@SBCGlobal.Net / TAHFI Nom. Comm.


146 in-home Beloved, Eternal Foster Cats, 2 $pon$ored Dog$, 4 $pon$ored cats & 5 guests

through & or

806-799-PETS (7387); P.O. Box 67645; Lubbock  79424

 Since October 2010

146 placed  = 128 adopted (includes trap-vet-LAS) + 13 elsewhere + 5 Ferals = 146  [13 elsewhere = 3 all-white & deaf ferals released together at Sherrie Davis,’ animal-friendly apt. complex + 3 cats to Amarillo barn [2] Julie Lopez + 1 Pampa cat in dog cage for 2 yrs. + 3 cats to TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s Hereford ranch:  Onyx, Coal & Chloe; keep relocated feral cats indoors only & fed & watered for 4 weeks; must have on-site donkey to kill predator; Hot Shot Wildlife Center-Nichols; Margaret Hite buried in AVW yard]; + 1 feral Kyle back to his neighborhood & 1 Little Sweetheart Yeager returned to TTU / Art-Education]+ 5 FeralsAmanda Rogers [in-out 7- & 9-’12; ?limper?]; Ashes Timmer [8-‘12], Daisy Orfila [ 7-29-‘13];  Nancy / Ned  McCutcheon Sugar-&-Spice look-alike [?limper? semi-monthly night-time diner];  Spice Wilkinson [ 4?-’13; regular visitor for nightly diner]; & 4 guests:  black-&-white Felix Dodd; tiny, cold, wet, noisy, gray-white tiger kitten with Persian-like face from TTU Civil Engineering to Jamie Reed; & Julius Olson [Sept. to 10-20-‘12].

Many thanks to Jennifer Timmer, Beverley Nichols, Sherrie Davis, Jamie Reed, Amanda Rogers, Krysti Agosta & all Humane Society of West Texas (Janice with HSWT Wellness: 806-466-1310 after 5p); PetSmart / Canyon West & PetSmart / South Slide Rd.; Dr. Jorgelina Orfila & Lubbock Animal Services [7 + 5 + 3] for helping beloved SPFB farm kittens, various Pampa cats, Snowflake, Buttons, Houdini & others find their new, forever families.

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