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Welcome to the center of learning for the Texas Hill Country!   HCUCenter.org & http://www.depts.ttu.edu/elearning/newsletter/july2015/story4-regional.php

Hill Country University Center serves the 200,000 residents of Central Texas, from Junction to Brady, Burnet to Blanco, from where you are to wherever you want to go!

Start exploring all the ways to get an education that fits you:

Your schedule. Your timeline. Your dream.

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Leadership Training:  www.WillowCreek.com/events/registration/confirmation/host_site_detail/locationinfo.aspx?id=EV-LSS1508-MAIN-066   The Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit on August 6 & 7 at Grace Point Church in San Antonio.    David Priem:  PastorDP@Austin.TWCBC.com; RHickerson9@GMail.com; Penny@FBGTxChamber.org; KarenH@CTESC.Net; MightyOak58@Yahoo.com; CarolFeuge@HotMail.com; InStep@Austin.RR.com; JCampbellStS@GMail.com; PaulUnger05@GMail.com; JudyVordenbaum@GMail.com; DMoellering1@Austin.RR.com; HHengst1@Austin.RR.com; MBirdlebo@Yahoo.com; Kim.Gibbs@Jelly.com; FBGSM@Yahoo.com; Donnie@BeeCreek.Net; EMontgomery1@Austin.RR.com; SteveOlfers@HotMail.com;       Transportation:  The Holy Ghost bus will be making the trip on Thursday & Friday, driven by our trusty bus driver Doyle Moellering & with the assistance of Karen Henricksen.   For those riding the bus, please meet each day at 6:30a in the Holy Ghost grassy parking lot, located at the SW San Antonio Street & Llano Street.  The bus will leave promptly at 6:45a.  Depending on how quickly we exit the Summit & the volume of traffic, we plan to be back at Holy Ghost between 6p & 6:30p.  Please confirm with KarenH@CTESC.Net whether you will be riding the bus so that she can take roll before leaving each day. Her cell number is 830-456-5536.  Lunch & Snacks:  Holy Ghost has a room reserved at Grace Point Church where we will eat an informal lunch & have discussion time each day.  Amy Montgomery will be coordinating the lunches.  If you have special dietary needs, please email Amy at EMontgomery1@Austin.RR.com  Refreshments are provided by the Summit during the morning & afternoon breaks.      Bring:  You will receive a small notebook at the Summit with space for notes, however you may want to bring additional paper or an electronic device if you tend to take a lot of notes.  Bring a pen & a jacket if you are cold-natured because the auditorium temperatures fluctuate.       Tickets:  You will be given your ticket when you board the Holy Ghost bus on Thursday morning.  We look forward to spending this important time with you all.  We consider you as leaders of the church & the community, & know that you will come back filled with information, encouragement, & a greater vision of what it means to be a leader, equipping you for greater service to God & the community.  One of the goals for this group, besides being inspired by the event; will be to work toward hosting the event in Fredericksburg next year, as a Satellite campus for Willow Creek.  Plans are already underway for that to happen, & we hope that many of you will join us in that endeavor so that we might strengthen the community in which we live.  We encourage you to come to the event with open minds, to be inspired by the great speakers we will hear.       Thank you again for your time, & thanks to the great group of folks who have made this possible for us this year!       Blessings,    Willow Creek Task Force


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