Hill Country Regional Science Center: www.ScienceMill.org & Programs@ScienceMill.org & 844-263-6405

Hill Country Regional Science Center:  www.ScienceMill.org & Programs@ScienceMill.org & 844-263-6405  Also: Holly.Barton@ScienceMill.org & 844-263-6405, x. 1002.  101 South Lady Bird Lane, Johnson, City, TX  78636; PO Box 38; Johnson City, TX  78636

Invite Science Mill staff to

Speak at your community- &/or faith-based organizations — wherever you work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive.

Collaborate with your on-going youth outreach (e.g., Parent Teacher Associations / Organizations; your local educational or booster foundations, Education Service Center Regional staff,Young Life, Closing the Gaps or GO Centers:  Education GO Get It! coalitions;  Rotary EarlyAct / First Knight, Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Award leadership training, Rotary Youth Exchange, other New Generations/Youth Avenue of Service &/or Vocational Avenue of Service; etc.).  

Schedule field 2+ hour field trips for your children, students, teachers, faculty, Pre-K through graduate & professional-school outreach partners, student-teachers & administrators to get a first-hand experience of the thrill of the hands-on, interactive STEM [or STEAM!] Science, Technology, Engineering, Math / STEM & Arts / STEAM adventures.

Register your youth &/or brainstorm funding sources for your youth entering grades 4 through 8 to participate in

     SCI CAMPS (entering grades 6-8:  June 8-12; June 22-26; July 6-10; July 20-24; July 27-31; Aug. 10-14)

     SHOOT FOR THE STARS!  (entering grades 6-8:  June 15-19)  (entering grades 4-5:  July 13-17)

BioVenture!  (entering grades 6-8:  July 13-17 & Aug. 3-7)

http://www.ScienceMill.org/camps-classes/summer-camps  All camps are M-F, 9a-4p.  Camp fee is $300.  Early drop-off & late pick-up times are available in one-hour increments for $25/week & must be paid in advance with registration.  Registration closes May 29.

Details about

SCI CAMP:  Do you like to solve mysteries?  Are you up to the challenge of crisis response?  Are you a creative force?  Ever just wonder how & why your brain works?  How awesome is rocket science?  In just one week, you’ll see what it’s like to be a

  • Forensic Scientist
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Storm Tracker
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Brain Scientist

Shoot for the Stars!  Will you build the fastest, sleekest, most aerodynamic rocket this summer?  Shoot for the stars with us!  [offered in collaboration with SystemsGo]

  • Play with paper airplanes, balloon racers & stomp rockets
  • Watch a movie:  Space Junk 3D
  • Design, build, test & launch your own rocket!
  • Culminating team & individual competitions

BioVenture!  Decode the secrets of DNA & unravel some of the greatest mysteries of biology:

  • Make cheese using biotechnology tools!
  • Solve a crime by using DNA fingerprints!
  • Investigate oil-hungry bacteria to clean up a dangerous oil spill & save the ocean!
  • Be a genetic counselor as you diagnose patients using DNA evidence!
  • Examine mutant worms & what causes their crazy behavior!
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