Rotarian available to speak about organ & tissue donations:

Are you a registered organ donor?  Please register at & on your driver’s license.  Then, share this information with your family & friends!

Rotarian available to speak about organ & tissue donations:     The Ultimate Gift of Life Foundation    PO Box 295071    Kerrville, TX 78029     830-792-9197 & 713-397-6176     She works very hard to have a person there who has been personally touched by organ donation to share their story.  She believes that we can get more Texans registered if we continue these educational efforts!  Kris is willing to talk with Rotary clubs around San Antonio & toward Austin.

Organ transplants are one of the great medical advances of our time, saving thousands of lives each year.  While many are registered, more are needed.     “Turn a time of loss into a time of hope!”     The Facts … 

  • As of May 2015, 123,350+ people are waiting for an organ transplant. As of 2015, 83% of the people on the list are waiting for a kidney.
  • On average, a new name is added to the waiting list every 10 minutes. Every day, an average of 21 people die while waiting for an organ donation.
  • One donation can save 8 lives & help 50+ people with tissue needs.
  • Medical staff exhaust all possible life-saving efforts before testing for brain death.
  • There is no age limit to be a donor. Babies as young as a week old have been recorded organ donors & adults in their 80s & older have also been successful donors.
  • Decision to donate cannot be overturned if donor is over 18 in Texas (since 2006).
  • There is one nationwide waiting list. It is illegal to sell organs & tissues for transplant.
  • Matches are made by a computer to insure best chance of compatibility.
  • You do not have to be deceased to be a donor.

To Do List … 

  • Go online to to sign up to be an organ donor.
  • Designate your decision on your driver’s license when you obtain or renew.
  • Tell your family about your decision so that they can support your wishes
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