3 Fredericksburg Rotary Clubs’ Literacy Programs & Projects

early-childhood literacy:  JSCavanaugh@Austin.RR.com; Alice.White@TTU.edu; MaxLWebel@EarthLink.Net;

Rotary Clubs of Fredericksburg (TX):  Morning, Noon & Night!

Our 3-clubs’ Literacy Programs & Projects:

Rotary Clubs of Fredericksburg:  Morning, Noon & Evening

www.FredericksburgMorningRotary.org; www.FredericksburgRotary.org & www.FBG-NimitzRotary.org

 Literacy Projects for Birth to Five-year olds their families

Inspired by Rotary D5840 1st Lady Linda Robertson, 2009-2010

with local leadership of Maria Robertson:  MariaRobertson@GMail.com  Mary Thompson, Carole Reed:  Carole@CaroleReed.com &

Tom Christofferson:  TXTLC@Austin.RR.com

Vital importance of strong, pre-school literacy skills for children birth to 3-year olds – especially children from working-poor & lower-income families.  Weak readers tend to have dismal life outcomes.  All toddlers must be prepared to learn to read well.  One criterion penitentiary planners use to base their future, facility-needs estimates:  below-grade-level reading ability of 4th graders.

Books for Babies, Dr. Tom Hutton, contact person:  JThomas_Hutton@Yahoo.com

  • Every child born at the Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg, TX, & their families receive Literacy Packets. Maria Robertson orders the books for the tote bags;
  • Carol Seminara orders the tote bags;
  • Joe Houde: Joe@HoudeStudio.com designed & prints the labels for the books & tote bags;.
  • Hospital staff present a literacy tote bag to each baby’s family – along with a five-minute discussion with families about the importance of reading aloud daily to their babies & children.
  • Books & literacy packets are purchased through funds from three FBG Rotary clubs, District 5840 matching grants, Friends of the Library of the Pioneer Museum (with funds available from the Museum’s annual used-book sales) & The H-E-B Foundation (through Rotarian Kathy Bowen: Kathy@HEB.com).
  • Historical note: first & only literacy initiative, 2009-2013

Book Buddies, Ms. Maria Robertson, contact person:  MariaRobertson@GMail.com

  • Birth through 3-year-olds.
  • Pre-school, literacy-focused reinforcement for infants & toddlers.
  • Books purchased from Reach Out And Read / ROAR program [targeted for distribution at medical sites] through Maria Robertson

Collaborative organizations

  • FBG Rotary clubs buy all books & brochures
  • Rotary D5840 provides matching grants to fund book & brochure purchases, as well as $1,000 scholarships for HeadStarts’ required employee-training course offered through the TX Workforce Commission; with D5840 permission, matching grant funds may be carried over into the following Rotary year (July-June) for “on-going” projects;
  • Rotary Club of Canyon Lake members build little book shelves for kids. FBG Rotary clubs assemble the book shelves monthly after a noon Rotary meeting
    • Book shelves motivate kids to fill the shelves with books
    • Kids ask parents to buy books to fill the shelves
  • Free books & brochures are presented by respective staff members to toddlers & families
    • Good Samaritan Center & next-door-to-Good Samaritan Center / to-be-reopened Frontera Health Clinic? & federally funded Women Infants & Children program / WIC: Contact Rotarian JWillome@GoodSamFBG.org
      • 1st well-baby visit = family receives a book shelf + 2 books
      • Every 6-mo. well-baby visit from birth through 5 yrs. = 1 book (total of 11 books)
      • Every 6-mo. parents’ nutrition education = 1 book, thus 12 books
      • 2 + 11 + 12 = 25 total books during first five years if all 6-mo. appointments for baby & for parents are kept
    • Early Head Start at Zion Lutheran Church = 2 books per quarter + book shelf to each child: MariaRobertson@GMail.com
    • Stonewall Early Headstart: 110 students each receive 1 book per quarter:  JoNelBlechl@GMail.com & Bobby Roberts

Wish List

  • New Committee Member packet with How-To Guide for Literacy Projects: Birth to Five-year olds
  • Recruit Dr. Cathy Nathan: CNathan@GVTC.com (Dr. Tom Hutton’s friend) to provide staff development for Early Head Start & Head Start agencies & Little Lambs’ programs.
  • Ask Rotary clubs &/or Rotary D5840 to consider funding supplies needed for staff-development training.
  • Explore additional collaborative, literacy-focused opportunities & resources through the TX Workforce Commission (for Birth through 5 years & for their families)
  • Keep other literacy partners informed about Literacy Projects: Birth to Five-year olds:  g., Reading Rodeo Champions Doug Reeves /  Noon Rotary club & Mike Drew / Morning Rotary club (Reading Rodeo = 30-min. volunteer readers on Tuesdays, 7:30a at FBG Elementary School between North Llano & North Adams Ave. in North Central FBG; & OTTER literacy programs at FBG Primary School (behind FBG High School)

2014-2015 funds from

The Rotary Club of Fredericksburg:                        $ 2,000.*

The Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning:          $    600.*

Friends of the Pioneer Museum Library $ 1,500.

The H-E-B Foundation                                                  ?

* Potential Rotary D5840 matching grant                $ 2,600.

$ 6,700 + H-E-B Foundation $

3 Officers & 21 Committee Members (including members from all 3 Rotary Clubs of FBG:  Morning, Noon & Night! & other Friends of Rotary)

Chair Tom Christofferson:  TXTLC@Austin.RR.com

Secretary Dona Drew:  WhosFiffey@HotMail.com

Treasurer:  JSCavanaugh@Austin.RR.com

Others:  AdamKristiMD@Yahoo.com; Alice.White@TTU.edu; Baldy@CTESC.Net; Bowen.Kathy@HEB.com; Carole@CaroleReed.com; Cynthia.Scroggins@GMail.com;  DellaZ@BeeCreek.Net; EHuff@HillCountryMemorial.org; FBGCarol@Me.com;  KennethEWms@GMail.com; JimOverman@ATT.Net; Joe@HoudeStudio.com; JoNelBlechl@GMail.com; JRoyceGraham@HotMail.com; JThomas_Hutton@Yahoo.com; Judy.Livingston@SBCGlobal.Net; JWillome@Austin.RR.com; JWilmot@HillCountryMemorial.org; KPickard@CTESC.Net; LVPrice@HotMail.com; MariaRoberston2@HotMail.com; MaxLWebel@EarthLink.Net;  MBirdlebo@Yahoo.com; MLong002@Austin.RR.com; NSpenrath@HillCountryMemorial.org; Pipkin379@GMail.com;  RPVanDyke@Yahoo.comSElv109@Yahoo.com; SissyDuperier@GMail.com; ThompMar226@Outlook.com;

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