Your resume: use action verbs, e specific & include #s

Being a sorority woman comes with many benefits. Sorority women work hard to run their chapters, plan events & support philanthropy. In doing so, they gain skills & experience that directly apply to jobs. It’s important when entering sorority life to think about how to market those skills & experiences on a résumé.

So, if you join a sorority, don’t just list on your résumé that you are a member of a sorority. Go into detail & be specific. Highlight personal accomplishments. If you hold a leadership position in the chapter, or plan to be a leader in the future, be explicit about what you do, how you do it, how many people you manage, the budget you oversee, the events you plan & the skills you have developed. Here is an example of how to list your accomplishments.

Alpha Alpha Alpha, chapter president 2014

  • Oversaw five activities for 120 members
  • Presided over 120-member chapter & 15 officer meetings using parliamentary procedure
  • Worked with five collegiate members, eight alumnae advisors, inter/national headquarters, campus administrators & three executive officers to improve risk management
  • Developed skills in problem solving, leadership training, public speaking, marketing, team building & organizational communication

Even if you don’t hold a leadership position, you will gain skills by being a member. You may serve as a member of a committee & have specific duties tied to that role. You participate in the recruitment of 90 new members annually. You learn parliamentary procedure at your meetings. Here is an example of how to list these experiences.

Beta Beta Beta, active member 2010-14

  • Worked as public relations committee member assisting with maintenance of all 20 chapter social media efforts
  • Participated in six recruitment workshops learning to network with new people, share personal values and glean values of others through conversation
  • Learned parliamentary procedure through 40 weekly chapter meetings

Whether you’re talking just about your sorority experience or general experiences, remember to use action verbs, talk in numbers & be clear & concise.

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