Rotary raffle tickets: IRS, deductibility, Every Rotarian Every Year & Foundation Recognition Points

Rotary raffle tickets, April 2015:  IRS, deductibility, Every Rotarian Every Year & Foundation Recognition Points

The Rotary Foundation (“TRF”) has requested we send all proceeds from raffle ticket sales on a TRF Form 123 in the name of your club & not in the name of any members.  Fill in the club’s name in both the field “Name” & “Club Name”.  Fill in the club’s TRF number in both the “Donor ID” & “Club No.” fields.

To grant credit towards a member’s Paul Harris Fellowship, the club then needs to file a TRF Form 102 to transfer points from the Club’s account to the member’s account.  The minimum number of points, i.e. ticket sales, that can be transferred to a member is 100.

If a member wants credit towards Every Rotarian Every Year status & an income-tax deduction, the member needs to make a contribution out of her own pocket & not accept any raffle tickets in return.  In this instance send in a Form 123 in the member’s name just like you would with any other contribution for which nothing was received in return.  Similarly if a member collects either a check for over $249 or any amount of cash from someone who does not want a ticket, use the Form 123 so that the TRF will issue a tax receipt to that donor.

For further assistance on the matter, please contact TRF’s Director of Annual Giving, Brian King, or your club’s income tax practitioner.  I would also be happy to answer any of your questions.   Yours in Rotary,   David Wiechmann   San Antonio at the Dominion   210.345.2378

Also:  send the Cruise Ticket stub to Joe Ramirez; 1077 Shady Cove Lane; Spring Branch, Texas 78070.  Please do not unstaple the tickets because we have to count them.  Also include a copy of the donation form you sent to the Rotary Foundation – to the ANNUAL FUND – SHARE.  The money can be sent to the Foundation as one check, but please include the name, Rotarian’s ID number & the amount of dollars they sold; thus, Rotarians will receive Paul Harris Fellow credit for the amount of money they raised through their ticket sales.  Questions?  Call 210.859.2515.

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