Kansas University & service learning: civic & social responsibility

that the service learning component of KU is prominent and growing. Should you be interested in learning more, I’ve added a link to their website (The Center of Civic and Social Responsibility or CCSR) for you to check out here: https://ccsr.ku.edu/

There are so many great programs with the CCSR program on campus that the opportunities are completely limitless but when asked if there was any area of the program that needed special funding I was given two great options that I thought I’d share with you:

  1. A scholarship for the Service Learning Award. Every year an award is given out to one outstanding student, faculty member, and community partner, however due to lack of funds, the award is a little more than a certificate/plaque. I’m told that even a small financial gift that could be given out each year would make the award all the more meaningful. For more information feel free to check the awards website at: https://ccsr.ku.edu/recognition/service-learning-awards
  1. In partnership with the Study Abroad Office, the Center for Civic and Social Responsibility is looking to begin an international community service program here on KU’s campus by this time next year. Should you have any interest in supporting this brand new program, a scholarship for student’s would help build the legitimacy in so many ways. Not only that, but the work and the experience they students have abroad could change not only their lives but the lives of other communities as well. There is no website for this program yet because it will hopefully begin in 2016.
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