Rotarians: Engage with Rotary despite time conflicts!

Rotarians, Engage with Rotary despite time conflicts!

1.  Participate at your convenience in e-Club meetings & follow their processes to confirm your participation (some will e-confirm & you can e-forward the confirmation to your club secretary.  Some e-clubs will ask for a financial contribution to help them continue their Website services & you can share a copy of the payment with  your club secretary)

  • Also, & scroll downward to select “E-CLUB” form the lower, left-hand side (& then fill-in-the-boxes with “E-CLUB,” which country, what language & then click “SEARCH” & e-Club links will appear).
  1. Attend other Rotary clubs in your own town or in other towns: one of the main purposes of Rotary is friendship & visiting other clubs is a century-old tradition for Rotarians.  To find other Rotary clubs’ days, times & locations wherever you happen to be travelling:  Ask each club to complete & give you an official Rotary form that confirms your attendance (or ask them to write a confirmation that you attended if they have no official form) & give your attendance form(s) to your club secretary.  I often attend all 3 Rotary clubs weekly:  a great way for me as a relative new-comer to get acquainted.  Bonus:  As a guest, you’ll be joyfully introduced to the entire group each time (an awareness-building strategy for your business & a potential way for you to meet out-of-town Rotarians in your business … who may be able & willing to refer customers to you in your town or who may be willing to to be your career-building mentor).

                  Rotary Clubs of Fredericksburg, TX, USA:  Morning, Noon & Night!

                 Thursdays, 6:45a

                 Mondays, noon at The Fredericksburg Inn & Suites’ separate conference building, 201 S. Washington:

                 Tuesdays, 6:30p in the back room of K-Bob’s Restaurant on East 290 / north side of 290 / Main St.:

3.  Actively participate in your & other Rotary clubs’ service projects & special events, as often as your schedule allows. Please let your club secretary know about your participation.  Perhaps your participation will simultaneously fulfill your club’s engagement / attendance preferences.

4.  E-register & ride along with fun, friendly Rotarians to inspiring, fun, all-day Saturday Rotary Leadership Institute trainings in your geographical area: watch for updated registration & logistics announcements on your Rotary District Website (e.g., www. & scroll through “District Events” in the left-hand column).

5.  Learn about Rotary:  Register for dynamic Webinars in the Membership Matters! webinar series please visit &/or ask how to enroll.  Ask your club secretary whether on-line Rotary-focused training might fulfill your club’s engagement / participation preferences.  Review previously aired Webinars: &

6.  Take video training about The Rotary Foundation (

Doing Good in the World! 

Doing Good: Intro =;

Doing Good: Supporting Education =;

Doing Good: Growing Local Economies =;

Doing Good: Fighting Disease =;

Doing Good: Providing Clean Water =;

Doing Good: Saving Mothers & Children =;

Doing Good: Promoting Peace =

 What a positive reflection on you as a Rotarian & your vocation … that you are planning ahead … for the benefit of all concerned.

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