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“Rotary brings together leaders who step forward, who take on important issues for local communities everywhere.”

“Rotary connects business & community leaders who discover & celebrate diverse perspectives to creat positive change in our communities.”

“Rotary is made up of people around the world, working together to clean the environment, end crippling polio, improve our communities & accomplish many extraordinary things every single day.”     Find out what super-performing organizations like Rotary have in common & & 847-866-4600 for no- & low- & no-cost Rotary Membership Development items

  • What’s Rotary business card
  • Connect for Good
  • New Member Information Kit
  • New Member Orientation: A How-To Guide for Clubs
  • The ABCs of Rotary
  • Start with Rotary wallet cards
  • Club officer’s Kit
  • Club Membership Committee Manual
  • Start with Rotary Postcards
  • Proud Member window cling
  • Membership Development Resource Guide
  • Organizing New & & 830-990-8101  Reader-friendly suggestion:  personalize all documents (or add your own inserts) to reflect your club’s vibrancy.  Attract & engage lifelong Rotarians by making it easy to find your club:  remember to include your club’s Website, meeting day, time & location, Quick Response code; etc.
  •  Popular, effective Rotary basics’ fill-in-the-blanks discussion guide & answer key
  • Dynamic, annual, month-by-month calendar of fun, can-do, membership-development activities
  • New Club booklet
  • New-member proposal document
  • Perfect Engagement discussion & check-list
  • Red Badge / new-member orientation process
  • Membership Pledge Power Point presentation
  • Why Rotary? 20 irresistible reasons to become a lifelong Rotarian
  • 3 new-member induction scripts (best when delivered from memory)
  • Rotary Leadership Institute e-manuals for RLI 2 & 3 (all 3 RLI manuals:
  • Two familiar songs to cue your memory about the enriching resources of Rotary … resources that you can enthusiastically & convincingly talk about – in order to transform prospects, new & long-term members into fully engaged, lifelong Rotarians
  • Zone 25-26 New Focus items:  What’s Rotary?   New Ask!   Action Items now & in 30 & 90 days   Key Indicators   Preparing-Our-Club-to-Grow survey   Take-Away Concepts   4-profile practice scenarios
  • 87-pp. We Care membership-evaluation, attraction & engagement processes Visioning & multi-year Strategic-Planning process within Rotary clubs results in vibrant clubs! 16+% Rotary member satisfaction (i.e., consensus, buy-in & engagement)
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