Rotary Membership-Development Training hand-out

New Member Induction      New Focus Approach

Ladies & Gentlemen: Today, I have the pleasure of inducting our newest member, Mary Smith. With her today is her husband, Bill, a chemical engineer with Beckman Industries; & their son Greg, & their daughter Melissa, who are both students in Livingston Middle School. Also with her today is her Sponsor Chuck Williams.

Mary, we are looking forward to you joining our Rotary club. You’ll find that the Club can be a cheering section when things are going well & a support system when they’re not. You’ll also find that our families are an integral part of our Rotary experience. So, Bill, Greg & Melissa are always welcome to join us, have breakfast, share news, participate in projects … & be a part of the Family of Rotary.

As you all may know, Mary owns Smith’s Stationery store that she opened six months ago, & she’s been an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. Now, let me tell you a few things you may not know about Mary. She graduated with honors in her class from The University of Texas, with a major in business administration. Before relocating here & opening her stationery store, Mary worked as a business representative & then department manager at the Apple division offices in Austin, Texas. She is an avid hiker. She holds airplane pilot’s license & owns a Cessna 172 that she has flown across the country & that she has used to transport medical patients as part of the Angel Wings program. She says that she is a bad skier, but a good golfer … & with a 10 handicap, that should really help our club in next month’s golf tournament with the other Rotary clubs in the area.

Mary, I’m presenting you with some key Rotary documents, including the 4 –Way Test & the Object of Rotary. Mary, I’ve given you a “Sponsor” pin that I’d like you to pin on Chuck to signify that he has sponsored you.

Chuck, as her sponsor, would you please pin the Rotary pin on Mary?

And Mary, here is an additional Rotary pin. In order to share the Rotary experience, can you within 3 months bring in a new potential member “of the same quality & caliber” as yourself?

Mary, welcome to the Rotary Club of New Town. You are now the newest Rotarian in the World.

May I present Mary Smith, the newest member of our Rotary family. [Members all stand & applaud … in smaller clubs, come forward to personally welcome Mary and her family].

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