RI Zone 21b/27 Membership Development Cadre

HOORAY:  80 net new members in 2014-2015 & now 55 net new members in 2015-2016 =  Rotarians:  Doing even more Good in the World!   JudyBHutch@Yahoo.com
May 12, 2016


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End Polio SkydiverRotary International Zones 21b & 27 includes 22 districts & spans the Rocky Mountain Region of the US. Eleven states form the Zone include:  Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico & Texas

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Rotary D5840 with 59 clubs has a goal to increase membership by a net of 200 new members; thus, we need 460 new members, given our 13% historical, membership loss.  Thanks to DG Jan Livington’s inspiring focus on membership, proactive clubs’ & club members” on-going membership-related endeavors:  D5840 is in the process of chartering a club in Kyle & an eClub San Antonio.  Two new additional clubs are pending.  D5840 has completed two, multi-hour Membership Bootcamps & has scheduled two-day training for the provisional club in Kyle.  In Nov., D5840 will have an exhibit at Rotary Day / Small Business Day sponsored by American Express in San Antonio at the site of two eClub San Antonio members.  Rotary’s blue-ribbon with gold-embossed Four-Way Test will go into 200+ participants’ canvas bags.  All D5840 small-business Rotarians will be invited to have their own business booth at the event & to proactively engage with all other exhibitors, as well as attendees.  Upcoming training & other opportunities:  I’ll participate in D5840 DGE’s all-day, membership-related training this Fri. in San Antonio.  DG Jan is scheduling me for trainings in Denver / Nov. & in Albuquerque / January.  Early-bird alert:  DG Jan will be announcing RI Pres. & Mrs. Huang’s visit to San Antonio!  (details, pending).

Also, as new ’14-’15 Membership Chair of my 38-member Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning: we have inducted 3 new members & 1 transfer member; & will recommend 2 prospects for membership into clubs in their new towns.  We habitually promote & joyously car-pool to D5840 events.  We actively, systematically & simultaneously promote all three Rotary clubs in Fredericksburg (via Welcome Wagon membership with Rotary information:  3-fold fliers & business cards providing meeting information & QR symbols to get instantly to all 3 clubs’ Web sites; purchased a 3-club paver for the new Texas Rangers Museum in FBG; actively host or refer member-prospects among our 3 clubs; eagerly attend each other’s meetings; & participate in & promote each other’s service & fund-raising projects & international exchange students; etc.).  Our ’13-’14 Best Club in D5840 benefits tremendously from the enthusiasm, inspiration & knowledge of several D5840 leaders (DGN & Lt. Gov. / International Youth Exchange Chair), dedicated current & past presidents & AG Carol Holmes via her regular, ever-encouraging, friend-making visits.  Also, we are an everyone-hugs-everyone club (we even hug the unsuspecting speakers!).  We may be piloting – or plotting — some additional, fun ways to retain members & inspire them to habitually attract prospective Rotarians:  stay tuned!  Rotary FBG Morning donated $500 Reality Check, 45-min. simulation kit to FBG High School for use by staff, Rotary Interact Club &/or community volunteers with 8th graders & older.  FBG Morning has donated 500+ Rotary blue ribbons with the 4-Way Test embossed in gold on the ribbons to both of its literacy, reading-aloud / service projects:  Reading Rodeo program in the elementary school & the OTTER reading program in the elementary school/ FBG Morning also donates $200+ to the FBG Rotary Clubs’ literacy project:  purchasing books & literacy-teaching supplies for FBG Indep. School District.  The Rotary Clubs of FBG Morning & FBG sponsored a Rotary Day in San Antonio on Nov. 29:  to connect with prospective new members (other exhibitors & participants attending the Small Business Day exhibits at an eClub member’s business site).  FBG Morning member = membership-development trainer with Rotary Zones 21b / 27 & will be doing 4-hr. membership-focused trainings throughout D5840.

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The Zone 21b/27 Membership Development Cadre What is it?
The Zone 21b/27 Membership Development Cadre (`ka-dra) is composed of Rotarians who understand the need to reverse Rotary’s declining membership and are willing to devote the time and effort necessary to retain current members and recruit new ones. The Cadre does this by assisting the Rotary Coordinators implement the “Zone 21b/27 Membership Business Plan.”

What is the Cadre’s goal?
The goal of the Cadre is multi-faceted:
• to stop the 10-year decline of membership in Zones 21b & 27,
• to help participating Districts restore their District’s membership to their 5-year historic high,
• and to develop sustainable membership plans that assure continued growth.
Over the next two years, while delivering the consistent message that “Membership is our first priority.” the Cadre will achieve its goal by working with as many Clubs as possible in small clusters (4-6 Clubs) to change their leadership’s habits, attitudes, approach, and direction of membership development. The Cadre will do this by providing proven resources, tools, and best practices.
The Cadre will learn from its successes by reviewing individual District goals, comparing them with 5-yr statistical trends to determine which Districts are doing well and which aren’t.

Who is in the Cadre?
The Rotary Coordinator in each Zone will select the Cadre from Past District Governors, former District Membership Chairs, Emerging District Leaders, and other dedicated Rotarians. The selection will be made with the input of the Director and the Regional Membership Project Lead.
Cadre members are not restricted to Districts that have elected to participate in the “Zone 21b/27 Membership Business Plan.”
Cadre members are appointed annually and can be reappointed. Members not performing the Cadre’s duties and/or performing the assigned tasks will be replaced.

How is a Cadre member’s area of responsibility assigned and what are the duties?
Cadre members will not be assigned to work within their home District.
Cadre members must sign letters of understand agreeing to attend annually the Regional Training Events, the Zone Institute, the Membership Summit, and Cadre Orientation & Training. The Cadre is also expected to conduct a minimum of 5 cluster trainings per year, & participate in Zone conference calls & Webinars.
Cadre members are facilitators, not teachers, with good presentations skills!

Who pays for the Cadre and its work?
The Cadre is funded by the Regional Membership Plan and is administered by the Zone’s Project Lead. The Cadre is accountable, on a quarterly basis, to the Rotary Coordinators.

How can my District participate in the Cadre Training?
Participation in the Cadre Training Program is strictly voluntary. The District Governor will be asked to sign a letter of understanding with the Rotary Coordinators and Project Lead stating that the Cadre Training Program is authorized to work with the District Membership Team & directly with District Clubs to provide education about and implement through Membership Development plans designed to grow Rotary, engage membership, increase retention & diversity, & reverse declining membership trends.
District Governors & District Membership Chairs will be invited & encouraged to attend Cadre training, however unless they are participating members of the Cadre their expenses cannot be covered by Regional Membership Grant.

How is the Cadre Program Promoted?
During Assistant Governor training, District Assemblies, and PETS, District Governors & District Membership Chairs will be encouraged to include educational presentations to the Club & District leadership about the potential benefits of participating in Cadre Training.     Cadre Training will be scheduled & coordinated by the Project Lead. Availability of the training will be advertised during Zone 21b/27 Regional Training Events, the Zone 21b/27 Institute, newsletter & Website. District & Club leadership will be contacted directly when training is scheduled for their area.

Invitation to Serve  Zone 21b/27 Membership Cadre
It is a pleasure to invite you to serve as a member of Rotary Zone’s 21b/27 Membership Cadre. The Membership Cadre is the combined effort of our Zones to implement the “Membership Business Plan” & the Regional Membership Plan. The Membership Cadre is composed of dedicated Rotarians who understand the urgent need to reverse the decline in membership that Rotary has experienced over the last 10 years. They understand that this can be accomplished by working directly with Clubs, through the District Governor & District Membership Chair, to increase retention, attract members under the age of 40, improve the diversity of membership, attract the newly-retired & Rotary Alumni.

There are expectations of the Cadre Members that include the following.
• annual attendance at Regional Training Events, the Zone Institute, the Membership Summit, Cadre Orientation & Training, participation in Zone conference calls & Webinars
provide support & guidance to enhance Clubs & strengthen member engagement by facilitating a minimum of 5 cluster trainings per year (meeting of 5 or 6 Clubs in the local area)
• submit summary reports to the Rotary Coordinators after each cluster meeting
• assist with promoting & educating Clubs on the availability of Membership Development training

Cadre members are appointed annually & can be reappointed. Members not performing the Cadre’s duties &/or not performing the assigned tasks will be replaced.

Cadre members are supported by a grant through the Regional Membership Plan and are accountable to the Zone’s Rotary Coordinators. The Cadre program is administered by the Zone’s Project Lead.

I hope you can accept this invitation and join Zones 21b/27 Membership Cadre, as we develop sustainable membership plans to strengthen our Clubs. Help us deliver the message that “Membership is our first priority” to build a stronger Rotary.     Dick Jones  David Norris  Zone 27 Rotary Coordinator  Zone 21b Rotary Coordinator

Acceptance of Cadre Membership
I, ____________________________________, accept this invitation to serve as a member of Zone 21b/27 Membership Cadre. I understand & agree with the expectations of being a member of the Membership Cadre.
Signed:______________________________________________________ Date:__________________

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