PAWS: Pedernales Animal Welfare Society of Fredericksburg, TX

Pedernales Animal Welfare Society:  Saving Lives through Spay-Neuter:  830-990-1018; P.O. Box 2794, FBG, TX 78624; & &

Would you – &/or willing designee(s) – be available to assume any, some or all of the following roles? 

  1. Monthly Board of Directors meetings (FBG Morning Rotarian Kim Kimmey, Exec. Dir. of the Hill Country University Center, is our champion. Kim keeps the PAWS meeting-agendas focused, positive & on track.  She was part of an animal-friendly non-profit in Houston … that resulted in a no-kill program.)
  1. Quarterly Advisors meetings to ensure that PAWS board & volunteers are “on track” to accomplish our vision, mission, strategies & tactics (e.g., resuming the spay-neuter of 1,000 kittens/cats/puppies/dogs per year in this geographical area; applying for & receiving grants that align with PAWS’ mission, doing educational outreach with youth & the community; supporting the new FBG Dog Park & the new FBG Animal Shelter in whatever ways are helpful to you &/ to Yvonne Gerhardt.
  1. On-going or episodic volunteer(s) with specific PAWS programs, projects or activities: answering the PAWS telephone calls, responding to needs of telephone calls & other requests for help from PAWS:  trapping & transporting to-from veterinary appointments for spay-neutering; making TNR / trap-neuter-return presentations to community groups, donating, grant writing / fund-raising, etc.;
  1. Being on our contact list for updates & announcements about emerging opportunities to serve, donate, participate – to meaningfully collaborate with PAWS, e. g., collaborative advertising / public relations / marketing; community presentations to iOpener, Leadership Gillespie County, FunAfter5 for non-profit organizations; etc.

Please say “Yes:” &


Pedernales Animal Welfare Society:  Saving Lives through Spay-Neuter:  830-990-1018; P.O. Box 2794, FBG, TX 78624; & & & 830-990-1018   PAWS:  Pedernales Animal Welfare Society of Fredericksburg, TX; P.O. Box 2794; FBG, TX 78624.  The best reason to spay or neuter your pet was killed in a shelter today.  We cannot adopt our way out of our animal over-population.  Bonnie Smith:  830-997-5854; 409   East College St.; FBG, TX

Twice-annual garage sales to support spay/neuter program:  call 830-997-0888 to donate gently used goods (no clothing or electronics).


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