Rotary Young Professionals Summit via

The Rotary Young Professionals Summit was a huge success. Thirty young Rotarians from across the United States got together and oozed Rotary. We started with “Yes, and” & brainstormed for 2 days on how to reach our peers & get them plugged in.  We are all committed to working hard with our clubs, districts & zones to further develop young professionals in Rotary. We all have great ideas & are planning on working together to spread the message all across the United States.  … We can work together to engage quality, young Rotarians.

Lenna’s personal synopsis of big take-a-ways & is only the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Start with “Yes” and then grow the idea with “and.”  The single biggest thing that young professionals need is a “Yes” attitude.
  2. Flexibility. This meant something different to everyone of us, because we came from a variety of different backgrounds. Some of us need flexibility in dues, some of need flexibility of time, and some of us just wanted flexibility in meeting structure. Know your club, and know your area, but also know that young people may never like singing. Finding a way to be flexible is necessary to make everyone feel comfortable.
  3. Mentorship. Rotary is full of inspiring community leaders, and we are so blessed to have those relationships. Please be sure to reach out to a young professional near you.
  4. Empowerment. This involves real and meaningful roles for young professionals in your club, and listening.
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