Rotary e-Club of San Antonio

THE ROTARY eClub of SAN ANTONIO: &  We will put a “meeting make up” tab on the site to let everyone know how to receive confirmation of a meeting makeup” when needed.  in-person meetings at Williams Confectionary  12107 Towpperwein Road on Wednesdays, 7-8A;;;,,,,,,,, MaryAnn@GlamFashions.Biz,,;; RosaRamirez1973@SBCGlobal.Net; ’15-’16 DGE:

During the month of October, Rotarians around the world celebrate the theme “Vocational Service.”  Rotarians are encouraged to serve others through their vocations and practice high ethical standards.  We are reminded of the Four-Way Test and ask that it be proudly displayed in all businesses along with the object of Rotary:

Of the things we think, say or do:

Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

If you are reading this from our district web site then you will know that Tim Bird has the site operational and that we are well on our way to getting our charter as The Rotary eClub of San Antonio.  We are also on Face Book. Visit us at Rotary eClub of San Antonio@facebook.

Next, we plan to stream our meetings on line and those who can’t attend in person can attend electronically.  Stay tuned. Tim is working out the details. In the meantime, if you are a Rotarian and have visited this site and reviewed our postings you get credit for a make-up meeting.  If you need written confirmation email Amber at  She will provide you with written confirmation.

Vocational Service:  American Express and Parties, Picnics and Promotions will hold a Small Business Saturday on November 29, 2014 at 4368 Old Seguin Rd. Suite 1.  Small businesses in and around San Antonio are encouraged to participate.  Each small business will have a booth and will be able to promote their wares at this event. American Express is presenting each and every American Express Card holder $25 to spend at this event.  Plans call for a large crowd to attend. What a great opportunity for Rotary and Vocational Month.  This is an opportunity for networking and to have a booth for Rotary.  Suggest Rotarians who participate give the 4-way test coin or small brochures and promote Rotary along with your business to all who visit their booth.  We plan to be there.  Contact Amber or Kim at 210-494-0090 for more details.

Membership:  We welcome Melissa Jones of Melissa Jones Insurance, Maryann Paterson of Glamour Fashions and Devin Cross of IBC to our provisional club.

Rotary International is in the process of forming a new Rotary Club in the vicinity of Converse Texas.  To officially charter a new Rotary Club we need 20-30 charter members.

Rotary International is a leadership organization.  Each of the 10,000 Rotary Clubs around the world are made up of more than 1.2 million members who are business owners, managers or community minded people who strive to make their community and the world a better place to live. Our motto is “Service above Self”.

Although we are involved in numerous humanitarian projects our largest achievement so far is to eliminate the dreadful disease of Polio in all but three countries; Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. We hope to complete this project in the near future.

We are currently convening informational meetings for individuals desiring more information about our effort to form a new club.  You are cordially invited to attend. We are also available by phone, email or in person for those who do not desire to attend a meeting.  If you have an interest in discussing this initiative in more detail or attending              a local Rotary Club meeting to learn more please feel free to contact one of the following.

Our next Rotary informational meeting will be held on November 11, 2014 at Williams Confectionary, 12107 Toepperwein beginning at 7 PM.  Everyone is welcome to attend to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of Rotary and living a life of Service Above Self.  We still have opportunities available to become a Charter Member of the new eClub.

Youth Service:

The club has decided to pursue establishing a back pack program for needy school children.  It is startling to realize that over 17% of American School Children go hungry over the weekend.

Each backpack food program is unique to the community and school it serves. Generally, backpack food programs provide a bag of nonperishable food to children in need that they can take home and eat when school meal programs are unavailable. There bags are often distributed at school to participating children in plastic or reusable bags by their teacher as they leave Friday or before a long break.   Depending on the type of school or age of the students, food may also be distributed at the school office or in another central location inside or outside of the school. The contents of the bag can vary depending on the food and donations available. Many programs are able to provide enough food to replace the meals that children would receive at school (e.g. two breakfast options, two lunch options, two snack options, one can of fruit, and one can of vegetables).

If you are interested in becoming a part of this ambitious undertaking either by making a donation of food, money or your time please let us know.  Or, simply become a Rotary member of our club and participate with us in this worthwhile project.  If you have experience at this type of program we are extremely interested in talking to you.  If you are a school leader and would like to commence a backpack program in your school please let us know.

Treasurer’s report:  Since we are a new club our current balance on hand is 0!!  However, don’t despair, help is on the way.  A special thanks to District 5840 for their assistance of $500.  Also, special thanks to Jesse Moss, Ernest Williams, Amber Heredia, Melissa Jones and Bob Pennington for their donation of $100 each. Additionally, The Rotary Club of Pearlridge Hawaii for their donation of $100 and a big thanks to the Rotary Club of San Antonio Airport for their assistance in purchasing a flag and lectern.  The money will be well spent.  If you would like to help please make your check payable to the Rotary eClub of San Antonio and mail to 6010 Quiet Night Lane, Converse TX 78109.

What You Need to Know about Rotary E-Clubs

Rotary e-clubs are Rotary clubs that meet electronically or meet as a hybrid.  Hybrid meaning that the club can meet as a traditional club where there are members present and others can join in through use of the internet.  Those who can’t attend in person or electronically can review the meeting contents on the eClub web site and receive credit for attending a Rotary Meeting.   A 2010 Council on Legislation enactment recognized Rotary e-clubs as part of Rotary International. As of 1 July 2014, RI has 183 e-clubs.

What is the difference between Rotary clubs and Rotary e-clubs?

Rotary e-clubs follow the same policies as all Rotary clubs. The key difference is that an e-club also conducts its weekly meetings electronically and post the meetings on the club’s website. Members may attend meetings in person, on-line or from a static display of meeting information posted on the web site at any time and any day of the week.

As all Rotary clubs do, Rotary e-clubs meet weekly, perform service projects in local and international communities, support The Rotary Foundation, and enjoy fellowship among members. And the keys to their effectiveness are also the same: service-minded members, opportunities for fellowship, and strong leadership.

During the 2004-10 pilot, e-clubs performed 355 community service projects, 106 international service projects, 55 vocational service projects, and 70 youth service projects. E-clubs gave more than US$150,000 to The Rotary Foundation, including more than $21,500 to Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge.

 How do e-clubs work?

E-club meetings are hosted on a unique website. The official meeting time is considered to be when the webmaster or club secretary posts material for weekly discussion, but members may access the site at their convenience at any point during the week. E-club members discuss the item and any other club business through a chatroom feature or other means. To respect the privacy of e-club members, some meeting content or member data is protected from public view.

Although all Rotary e-clubs meet weekly and conduct business online, some e-clubs do meet in person at various times throughout the year at service projects, quarterly or semiannual dinners, or the RI Convention.  Such meetings can enhance fellowship among e-club members; however, they’re strictly optional.

Who participates in e-clubs?

For business, professional, and community leaders who are unable to attend a weekly meeting in person (due to physical disabilities, location constraints, or busy schedules), the e-club option offers the opportunity to meet, conduct service projects, and participate in Rotary fellowship. From time to time,  Rotarians who miss their regular Rotary club meeting may make up a meeting by attending an e-club meeting online, a valuable service for all members. As of August 2010, 360 Rotarians located in 30 countries are e-club members. Of these, 146 had previously been members of Rotary clubs, including four past district governors.

Membership in an e-club requires a basic Internet skills set, including the ability to navigate websites with ease. Members should also have a working knowledge of the principles of protecting privacy online, so that no club member compromises another’s sensitive personal information. In addition, it is critical that at least one of the founding members of the club be highly proficient in the design and maintenance of the club’s website. The member should be experienced in building a website that meets all of the technological requirements listed below.

 What are the technical requirements?

Because the meeting venue is on a website, e-clubs must have:  A dedicated website  Online meeting software to host a meeting (see information on software available through Rotary’s partnership with Citrix Online).  Private sections of the website that protect members’ online personal data and only members can access.  Online financial transaction systems for dues payments from members, contributions, and remittances.  E-clubs are responsible for all costs associated with maintaining a URL and hosting their website on the Internet.

 How do I join an existing e-club?

As with all Rotary clubs, membership is by invitation.  Remember that a successful Rotary club is not formed by any individual but rather by a dedicated team consisting of the district governor, special representative, sponsor club, and charter members who share a common vision for Rotary in their community.

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