What Vibrant Rotary clubs worldwide are doing!

Best Practices of Vibrant Rotary Clubs globally … e.g., Best Practices for retaining & recruiting members

Visioning & multi-year Strategic-Planning process within Rotary clubs results in 16+% Rotary member satisfaction (consensus:  buy-in, engagement):

http://www.RIVisionFacilitation.org  First, get board buy-in to support the Visioning & Strategic Planning process; then get club members’ buy-in (for resistant or reluctant members:  ask them to be part of the solution).  Recruit an outside facilitator to help your club members through the 3- to  4-hr. process.  Tools:  Rotary Club Central, Showcase, Ideas Platform, My Rotary, Learn, Brand Center

http://Learn.Rotary.org & http://www.Rotary.org/Webinars  Register for upcoming Webinars & access recordings of past Webinars

Rotary’s 1.2 million-member “sales force” on behalf of Rotary International

Register for dynamic Webinars in the Membership Matters! webinar series please visit www.Rotary.org/Webinars

View the recording of the Perception vs. Reality: Club Evaluation and Visioning Webinar:

View & download the PowerPoint presentation:

Keep the conversation going in the Membership Best Practices discussion group:

View a recording of Part 1 in the Membership Matters! series: http://vimeo.com/103365589 from kyle.christiansen@rotary.org.


Order Rotary promotional items:

http://www.BestClubSupplies.com & Orders@RUH.com & toll-free:  800-877-8908 = Russell-Hampton Co.  Full e-catalog:  www.BestClubSupplies.com/forms/rcat413small.pdf 

Blue badges, lapel pins (circular & rectangular); blue-ribbon bookmarks with gold-embossed 4-Way Test #R67425; pack of 10 = $3.50; 50 packs = $175.


Order Rotary training materials:

http://Shop.Rotary.org & Shop.Rotary@Rotary.org  & 847-866-4600 (including “Official Licensed Vendors” on front page in right-hand column

Exchange ideas:  http://www.Rotary.org/myrotary/en/exchange-ideas 


http://www.QuoteHD.com  for inspiring quotations for your Rotary presentations

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