Fredericksburg ISD OTTER Reading Program schedule for volunteers

OTTER / Our Time To Enjoy Reading!  Why reading?  The single most important activity to help children succeed is to read aloud to them.  Students not reading by the end of 2nd grade are less likely to succeed in school & more likely to drop out.

To volunteer for the OTTER  / reading-aloud program with Fredericksburg Independent School District, contact or 830.997.7421, x. 1738 & 830-456-4956 — complete a criminal-background check & find out the participating schools’ location & volunteer check-in process.

Current needs for OTTER Reading Program:

3 time slots on Mondays & Wednesdays    12:05-12:25, 12:30-12:50,                                       2:20-2:40.

5 time slots on Tuesdays & Thursdays           12:05-12:25, 12:30-12:50, 1:25-1:45, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40.

Many of our readers find it worthwhile to read for more than one 20-minute session.  A few readers come a single day each week for multiple sessions.

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