Template for Rotary club Strategic Plan

Template for Rotary club Strategic Plan, thanks to San Antonio, TX’ Randolph Metro Club.  Ask Alice.V.White@GMail.com for an e-copy of the document, below.

THE ROTARY CLUB OF ______________________________________________________



Purpose:  This strategic plan has been developed as a fluid document to be used as a guide for the development of annual goals by the incoming President and Board of Directors. The Strategic Plan will be reviewed and updated each spring by the President Elect and the incoming Board, with adoption by the Board after submission and approval by the membership at the first Club Assembly conducted by the incoming president.  Directors and committee chairs will determine specific action items to implement the strategies outlined below. The Strategic Plan recognizes the Objects of Rotary and the Five Avenues of Service as guiding principles of or actions.

Vision of the Rotary Club of __________________________________________:

The Rotary Club of ____________________________________ is a local humanitarian service organization whose contributions improve and save lives in communities locally and worldwide.  We are also a leadership organization; not just a service organization.  Our principles are based on friendships (local relationships) and knowledge that comes from knowing what people “do” in their business, profession, and civic involvement now that Rotary is returning to recognize how important it is to aggressively recognize, honor and know about what people do in their work/civic life.  We are committed to the core values of Rotary International with “Service above Self” as our top priority.  The following are the benefits members of the Rotary Club of ____________________________________ can expect to enjoy.

 The Benefits Our Members Receive

1.  Friendship  Membership in Rotary fulfills the basic human need of friendship. In fact, it was one of the primary reasons Paul Harris started Rotary in 1905.  We create lifelong friendships in our local and international communities.  The relationships created in Rotary are with a network of local and international leaders whom we address by their first name and are considered our equals and peers.

2.  Professional Development  Rotary is a network of business, professional and community leaders, who have a culture and high level of integrity and purpose. Our members are exposed to people, every week, in a vast range of vocations that can provide assistance to our business and professional development.  Although we are not a business networking organization, we afford our members the opportunity to be identified as leaders in their local community.  By this association, our members not only enhance their business, they learn from and identify with the leaders in their community.  It was once said, “Rotary allows me to sit next to people every week that I would otherwise have to pay $250 an hour to meet.”

3.  Personal Growth   Rotary takes ordinary individuals and puts them into extraordinary circumstance. Every week, you are exposed to new thoughts, new professions and new opportunities to learn.  Our members develop broad social skills.  A key part of Rotary is its internationalism, which gives our members the opportunity to broaden their international scope, living and expression.  Simply stated, membership in Rotary helps to make our members better – better individuals, community leaders, internationalists, and humanitarians.

4.  Leadership Development  A core value of Rotary is that we develop leaders and leadership skills.  We provide leadership training at all levels of our organization.  Rotary’s brand of leadership is distinctive.  We teach how to lead leaders in the context of a volunteer organization.  If you can be an effective leader in Rotary, you will be a better and more effective leader in your business.  Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education in leadership.

5. Community    Rotary clubs give our members a way to get involved in making their local communities better.  Membership and involvement in a Rotary club makes an individual a better community citizen who is more connected with community leaders and the needs of the community

6.  Continuing Education   Involvement in Rotary allows our members to broaden their perspective and improve their business skills. Attendance at the weekly meeting exposes our members to the meeting’s program which include speakers talking on a variety of topics. Further, training is available for Rotarians who take on responsibility in the organization.  Training in fund raising, non-profit management, event production, communications, etc. will help you to grow in Rotary and develop additional business skills.

7. Fun    Rotary is fun. The club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. And the service is fun.  Our club meetings and other events are filled with fellowship, humor and entertainment. Every Rotary club and district has parties and activities that provide social fun and camaraderie.  Our members are friendly, welcoming and engaging.

8.  Public Speaking Skills   Rotary club meetings and events place a high value and regard on effective public speaking. Participating in a Rotary club helps our members to develop confidence and skills in public communication, and the opportunity to use it. Rotarians who get more involved with be exposed to higher levels of public speaking training.

9. Global Citizens   Rotary is in over 200 countries and geographical regions.  There are few places on the globe which do not have a Rotary club.  This global presence gives our members the exclusive opportunity to create friends in both the local community and the world community.  This global connection gives you the opportunity and vehicle to be a better global citizen.  Members who are involved in international businesses will find access to global business, professional and community leaders a valuable asset.

10. Unique Travel Experience and Assistance   Members who travel will find that being a Rotarian will open doors throughout the world.  “The Pin Gets You In!”   Visiting a Rotary club while you are traveling will give you immediate access to local resources and information.  Also, Rotary clubs everywhere can provide quick assistance in obtaining services of a doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc., while traveling.

11. Youth Service Programs  Rotary provides one of the world’s largest, most structured and responsible youth program.  Our youth exchange program, both our academic year and short-term, summer exchange are recognized as one of the best and most cost efficient available.  We also have clubs in high school and college that help students develop their leadership, social, organizational and communication skills.  These youth programs are available to the family members of our Rotarians.

12.  Develop Social Skills  Every week and at various events and functions, Rotary develops one’s personality, social and people skills. Engagement with Rotary during international travel helps introduce Rotarians to new cultures and languages.

13.  Opportunities for the Family    Involvement in a Rotary club immediately integrates the family into a community’s support network.  Lifelong relationships and friendships are created that can support a family for years.  Rotary service projects are an ideal opportunity for working with your children to teach them the value of helping others.  Finally, Rotary’s Next Generation programs can help the children of Rotarians to develop special skills and experiences that can distinguish them as they apply to colleges and universities

14.  Vocational Skills
Rotary fosters growth and development in each person’s profession or vocation and encourages sharing this development with others.

15. Ethics Treatment    One of Rotary’s core principles is the “4-way Test” which governs ethical standards. Rotarians are expected to be ethical in business and personal relationships. Further, Rotary presumes an ethical relationship between its members. Rotarians presume the goodness in one another, in both a business or volunteer capacity.

16. Cultural Awareness    Rotary is a cross section of the world’s most prominent citizens from every background.  Rotarians learn to love and work with people everywhere.

17.  Prestige    Rotary is the oldest and most prestigious civic organization in the world. Membership in Rotary is by invitation only. Worldwide, Rotarians are recognized as some of the most prominent individuals in business, professions and the community.  Being a Rotarian gives you instant access these people, and helps to identify you as one of these individuals

18. Community Connections  Membership in Rotary immediately connects you with a broad range of professions and professionals, in your club, city, region or globally.  We encourage our members to do business with each other because we trust the members in Rotary.  Vocational diversity is one of Rotary’s core values.  Because of this diversity and our ethical treatment of one another, our members can have confidence in creating long term business relationships.

19.  The Opportunity to Serve  Service is what Rotarians do. We change the lives of others in need. Your membership in Rotary gives you the opportunity, structure, knowhow and resources to provide service to others.  The benefit a Rotarian receives by helping someone else is extraordinary and life affecting.

20.  You Can Make a Difference – Locally or Globally   Rotary gives our members the ability to make a difference, and provides an exclusive benefit to our members to follow their passion in helping others.  Rotary empowers our membership to dream large in addressing needs in local and international communities.  There is no other organization that has the structure, the network and resources that are available to its membership.  Individual members create our projects – from the global eradication of polio, to a local beautification project, our members determine our action.  What you can dream, you can create.  What you can dream, you can be.


Object of Rotary


The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular:


FIRST: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;


SECOND:  High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society;


THIRD:  The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life;


FOURTH:  The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.


Mission Statement


Through the focus on humanitarian service, our mission is to work locally, regionally, and internationally under the motto “Service above Self” through sustainable projects to:


  • Combat hunger
  • Improve health
  • Attain clean water and sanitation
  • Provide literacy and education
  • Promote peace through world understanding
  • Support Youth Service
  • Eradicate Polio worldwide


I.  Club Administration

Goal:  To develop, adopt and maintain good leadership, management and communication practices for our club.


  1. Regularly review By-Laws for current needs and applications.
  2. Provide to members a summary report of actions taken following each board meeting.
  3. Committee chairs, officers and project leaders to report to the membership quarterly.
  4. Continue the development and maintenance of the club web site.
  5. Hold a quarterly fellowship/social event.
  6. Provide opportunities for Club members to share their passions and expertise on matters of interest to other members.
  7. Insure interesting and diverse weekly programs
  8. Provide effective fund raising activities to carry out the service projects deemed appropriate.
  9. Strive for 100% participation in fundraisers.
  10. Prior to the beginning of a new Rotary year, the incoming President and Board will develop and annual operating plan, consistent with the Strategic Plan for the ensuing year. The incoming President will conduct a Club Assembly in June to present the plan and receive input from the members. Six months into the year the President will again convene a club assembly to review the plan and evaluate the progress with the entire club.
  11. President conducts quarterly meetings with committee chairs to evaluate goals and progress towards the goals.


  1. An annual per capita contribution of $150 to the Rotary Foundation.
  2. Raise _________annually through the golf tournament and other fund raising activities.
  3. Increase attendance at weekly meetings to 95%.
  4. Have all committee chairs and board of directors attend the District Assembly and District Conference.
  5. Sponsor the development of a new Rotary Club in the vicinity of ________________________.
  6. Reestablish and maintain an effective awards program that includes submission of individuals and the club for district and Rotary International Awards.

II.  Membership

 Goal:  To provide for the recruitment, orientation, mentoring, retention and support of members.


  1. Establish a membership committee and adopt a goal for recruitment of new members. Develop specific orientation for any new member inducted into the Club that insures new members understand the requirements and expectations (attendance, financial commitment, and participation in projects) for membership.
  2. Develop a specific mentor program for all new members that insure member participation and development.
  3. Establish regularly scheduled social and professional opportunities for developing acquaintance and networking of members and member families.
  4. Involve families in our social activities and projects. Look for new opportunities for family involvement.
  5. Encourage each member to yearly reflect on their participation and to formulate yearly individual goals to bring meaning to their Rotary experience.

Membership goal of 45 dues paying members by the end of 2019.

  1. Reestablish and hold periodic Fireside Chats.
  2. Formally induct each new club member as part of a process of welcoming by and introduction to the club membership.
  3. Provide each new member with a mentor and expectation to complete a formal mentoring program.

III. Public Relations

 Goal:  To increase the image and awareness of our Club, Rotary and the projects being accomplished.


Develop contacts and relationships with the media to publicize news worth events and activities of the club.(Be in at least one publication each month)

  1. Review and develop signage n the community for Rotary.
  2. Develop a process for attaching Rotary signage to completed projects.
  3. Maintain and update Club publications for highlight member and club news.
  4. Have brochures about Rotary available in local grocery stores, restaurants, barbershops, etc.
  5. When members attend local events ask them to acknowledge their Rotary affiliation.


Work to have at least 10 participants attend each year’s district conference.

  1. Encourage at least 2 members to serve on District Committees.
  2. Invite the Press Club to Club events.
  3. Organize Club presence at all important community events.
  4. Keep Club and RI marketing Materials up to date.
  5. Secure agreements, where appropriate, to attach the Rotary Seal on The Rotary Club of ________________ supported or funded projects.

IV.  Community Service

Goal:  Develop and implement recognizable projects that support the local community in general.


Establish and maintain liaison with other local nonprofits in support of community efforts for needed service projects.

  1. Review the need for a community calendar.
  2. Continue to support those local nonprofits that have historically been aided through donations of grants and members volunteer time.


Obtain funding using District Grants to benefit local projects and initiatives.

  1. Annually participate in the Salvation Army Bell Ring Program.
  2. Annually participate in the planning for and support of Veteran Service projects.
  3. Annually present an Ethics in Business Award to a local business that has met the award criteria.
  4. Annually present an Unsung Hero Award to a member of the Community who has met the award criteria.
  5. Establish and award a Quiet Rotarian Award to a member of the Club as selected by the Club President.

V.  Vocational Service


  1. Sponsor an Ethics in Business Award for the community
  2. Sponsor a 4-Way Test Essay Contest for School Children
  3. Coordinate with other groups to develop and implement local/career programs.
  4. Present all Club speakers with a 4-way coin and invite them to recite the 4-way test with club members as a part of the weekly program.

 VI.  Youth Service

 Goal:  To assist community efforts in the positive development of youth through promoting literacy, involvement in community and knowledge and application of the Rotary Four Way test.


  1. Promote, support and expand local literacy efforts in the school.
  2. Support and expand Interact in the Randolph High School.
  3. Start and support an Interact Club at Judson High School.
  4. Provide the maximum number of RYLA and YRLA opportunities for local youth consistent with club ability and district authorized capacity.
  5. Monthly student of the month program.
  6. Continuously review involvement in area youth opportunities and implement as believed desirable programs to expand on these opportunities.
  7. Establish a scholarship fund for youth that do community service through interact.
  8. Continue the Youth Exchange Program and seek to include additional youth and a variety of foreign countries.
  9. Sponsor either one inbound or one outbound student each year.
  10. Support three active Interact clubs operating successfully.
  11. Send 4 RYLA youth and 3 YRLA youth to Rotary Leadership Camps each year.
  12. Annually enhance student literacy in area schools through projects such as providing dictionaries, thesauruses and e-readers to elementary school students and Read to Me tutoring.

VII.  International Service

Goal:  To develop and support sustainable World Community projects in places of need and support Rotary International initiatives.


  1. Have all members support every Rotarian Every Year by donating to the Rotary Foundation. Encourage all members to contribute at least $100 to the Foundation and $75 to Polio Plus.
  2. Sponsor an Ambassadorial Scholar
  3. Nominate at least one candidate for the annual Vocational Training Team (VTT) for District 5840.
  4. Host the incoming VTT for a few days each year.
  5. Encourage members to participate in Rotary’s Fellowship and Friendship exchange.
  6. Accomplish at least on World Community Service Project.
  7. When possible nominate a candidate as a Rotary Peace Scholar.
  8. Develop at least one global and package grant to benefit international projects.
  9. Consider the club becoming a 100% Paul Harris Club.


Opportunities beyond the club level

District Governor Nominations

Do fund raising by President Elect for money to be spent in his/her year.

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