Rotary, Gates Foundation & others fighting against polio & ebola in Liberia

The Rotary , Foundation. Gates Foundation & others are fighting against polio & ebola in Liberia (from Terry Ziegler, D5890 Rotary Foundation Committee Chair,

Liberia – Ebola Outbreak – The Rotary Club of Monrovia, Liberia is working directly with the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare to enhance locally needed support for Ebola patients, health workers & support personnel. While international assistance is mainly focused on materials & providing health workers, the club is soliciting funds to buy locally available items, carry out needed transport, tracking of potential cases & supporting reintegration into the community. The needs are far beyond the capacity of the government, & the tracking of potential victims is a vital factor in controlling this terrible virus.  Please contact Youquai Lauala at to donate cash or supplies to this effort.  The Gates Foundation made a rapid response donation of $50 million to the Ebola emergency effort. 


The Final Three Endemic Countries

Pakistan – 138 Polio cases have been reported in 2014 with the most recent on 8/24/14 in the Kyber Agency.  More that 650,000 adults and children from FATA & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been immunized between May & Sept. – mostly displace persons from the north.  Pakistan National Immunization Days have been announced for 9/29-10/1/14 and 12/8-12/10/14 & Sub-National Immunization Days for 9/1-9/3/14, 10/13-10/15/14, 11/10-11/12/14, & 12/22-12/24/14.               

Afghanistan – 8 Polio cases reported in 2014 with the most recent on 06/16/14 from the Khost Province. Over 35,000 children of recently displaced families have recently been vaccinated.  14 cases recorded in 2013.            

Nigeria 6 Polio cases reported in 2014 – the most recent on 07/24/14 in Kano state (the only state recording Polio cases since April).  53 cases recorded in 2013.  97% of surveyed local government areas are reporting 80%+ immunization rates in the August immunization campaign.


Importation Countries:

Syria – 1 Polio case reported in 2014 – 35 cases recorded in 2013.  

Somalia – 5 Polio cases reported in 2014 (most recent on 8/11/14) – 194 cases recorded in 2013.     

Kenya – Zero Polio cases reported in 2014 – 14 cases recorded in 2013.  

Ethiopia – 1 Polio cases reported in 2014 – 9 Cases recorded in 2013.

Cameroon – 5 Polio cases reported in 2014 (most recent on 7/09/14 at a Refugee Camp for families from the Central African Republic)  – 4 Cases reported  in 2013.

Equatorial Guinea – 5 Polio cases reported (most recent on 5/28/14).  Zero cases reported in 2013.

Iraq – 2 Polio cases reported on 4/07/14 in Baghdad – 0 cases reported in 2013.



Rotary International’s Goal is Global Polio Eradication!

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