Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club’s draft Membership Strategic Plan & D5840 Membership Committee

D5840 Membership Committee:  Chair PDG;;;

Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club’s draft Membership Strategic Plan

Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club 

Light Up Membership!


Join us on Thursdays, 6:45a at Denny’s Restaurant in southwest FBG

SH 16 / Adams St.  – east side of Adams St. across from The Hill Country Memorial Hospital


from ’14-’15 RI President Gary C.K. Huang:  ‘”It is better to light a single candle than to sit & curse the darkness.”  I think that one line sums up the way we in Rotary approach the problems of the world. There is so much difficulty. There are so many people who need help. Many people look at this & say, “There is nothing I can do.” So they do nothing — & nothing changes.  But this is not the Rotary way. The Rotary way is to light a candle. I light one candle, you light one candle — & so do 1.2 million other Rotarians. Together, we can do so much more than we could ever do alone. Together, we can light up the world.  In 2014-15, I am asking each of you to light your own Rotary candle — & Light Up Rotary together. …”


Working draft! Comments welcomed: or or 830-990-8101




Q             Why join Rotary?  What’s in it for the prospective new member?  [Spontaneously share your own reasons for having joined Rotary via a fun mneumonic / memory device:  Hum to yourself Old McDonald Had a Farm & recall the refrain:  “E-I-E-I-O.”  Rotary provides members with Enthusiasm, Inspiration, Energy, Information & Opportunities … & then share with prospects … your own Rotary-related E-I-E-I-O experiences!] 



A             Opportunities!

  • for friendship, professional development, personal growth, leadership development,  community, continuing education, fun, public-speaking skills, global citizens, unique travel experience & assistance, New Generation programs, develop social skills, opportunities for the family, vocational skills, ethics treatment, cultural awareness, prestige, community connections, opportunity to service, make a difference locally & globally.

Rotary is a community of friends who are committed to creating positive change in the world.  Find out how joining your local club can enrich your life & improve the lives of  people living in your neighborhood & across the globe.

You’ll make valuable connections with community leaders who care about the issues facing your hometown & hometowns around the world. You’ll have the chance to apply your personal experience & professional skills to solve these challenges & create positive change.

As a member, you’ll find opportunities to network & develop your professional skills. You can take the lead in   developing projects, organizing events & running your club. Through these activities, you’ll hone your project- planning skills, improve your public speaking, learn new skills (e.g., public relations, social media & fundraising).

You’ll spend time with friends & make new ones every week!  Make it a family affair. Members are encouraged to invite their spouse or partner, children & parents to help with service projects & attend club events.  Rotary offers opportunities for all ages, from service clubs for youth & young adults (Interact & Rotaract) to exchanges that give young & old alike the chance to explore new cultures.

Inspiration to

Live Rotary’s Four-Way Test:  Of the things we think, say or do [1]  Is it the TRUTH?  [2] Is it FAIR to all concerned?  [3] Will it build                      GOODWILL & BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?  [4] Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

  • Collaborate with a worldwide network of inspired individuals who translate their passions into relevant social causes to change lives in communities
  • Make friends with inspiring, service-focused, leaders who can become your extended family locally & globally 
  • Fulfill your life purpose through Rotary’s opportunities to promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers & children, support education & grow local communities
  • Create an enduring legacy by participating in & supporting Rotary’s service projects –designed to thrive beyond the life of the project:  by being self-supporting & empowering to all individuals & communities
  • Envision a world without hunger, with new ideas, where disease is defeated; that respects all faiths, races & cultures; where peace flourishes
  • Advance world understanding, goodwill & peace through the improvements of health, the support of education & the alleviation of poverty


Q:            Who are prospective, high-integrity members? 


A:            Folks in your own backyard!

  • Your spouse / partner, children / grandchildren, business colleagues / employees, friends, neighbors  [from ’14-’15 RI Pres. Gary C.K. Huang:  … “We have talked for many years about the importance of the family of Rotary. In this Rotary year, I want to make not just the family of Rotary, but our own Rotary families, a priority in our membership.” …]
  • Everyone curious about Rotary, donors to Rotary projects
  • Newcomers to Fredericksburg (via Chamber of Commerce’s new- member lists, Welcome Program! gift bag & newspaper list of newcomers; Newcomers monthly dinners);  members of Leadership Gillespie …
  • Systematically cultivate Rotarians-in-the-future by promoting the establishment of, youth membership in &/or support for New Generations / youth … via Early Act / First Knight, Interact, Rotaract, RYLA:  Rotary Youth Leadership Award & Youth Exchange Program (details* at the bottom of this document).


How to start the new-member recruitment process?


Follow actions on the 2014-2015 FBG Morning Rotary book mark to identify & invite prospective members to meeting(s).


Proposer & Membership Committee member meet in person with prospective member


Use “How to Propose a New Member” pamphlet [available via & order item 254-EN-(709)] & other items helpful to prospective & new members.


Complete & submit Part A of How to Propose to the club secretary for board decision.  If the board approves, then the prospective member’s name will be submitted to the club for decision.  If the club approves, then the President , Membership Chair & Proposer plan & implement a Meaningful induction ceremony


Membership Committee Members


All FBG Morning Rotary members! – including Trail Boss Karen Pooser & Chair Alice White


Goals / Objectives:  Retain all 35 members in good standing as of Sept. 2014 & recruit at least two new members per Rotary year for this 2014-2015 Rotary year & the next two Rotary years (2015-2016 & 2016-2017)


Proposed budget for 2014-2015:  $500.00 to purchase RI Membership-focused New Member Packets & inserts; educational, training & promotional items – to build an on-going archive for current & future Membership Committees’ use &/or use as give-aways to guests, prospective new members, new members & current members.


Retention Strategy:  Celebrate, educate, train & involve current members!



  1. Make time for President, Committee Chair or designee to make a Membership-Minute [] announcement* at weekly meetings; maybe include a schmaltzy opening like “Enthusiastically tell persons on either side of you that you’re glad they’re part of the Rotary family!” Or read weekly an item from “50 Things You Ought to Know about Rotary!”
  2. Continue with upbeat, friendly, glad-you’re-a-Rotarian weekly e-messages to club members
  3. Continue with upbeat, friendly hug during meetings’ greeting time
  4. Continue with member-drawing to award a free breakfast to member wearing Rotary lapel pin
  5. Encourage members to wear Rotary name badge at all Rotary functions
  6. Wear “Rotarian at Work” aprons, tee shirts or other Rotary-branded clothing during service projects
  7. Display Object of Rotary, Four-Way Test &/or Paul Harris Fellow mementos in your office or lobby
  8. Reinstate the “Buddy System” for each member to be a proactive “buddy” with another club member

To improve knowledge of the club members on a more individual basis.  The Buddy’s job to stay in touch with their companion, keep in touch if they are ill, be enthusiastic with them for successes, & generally socialize to facilitate the camaraderie among members of the club.  Ideally, the Buddies “shuffle” every year.

  • Some Buddies
  1. Call if their Buddy is absent, buy Rotary breakfast for their Buddy;
  2. Ensure that their new-member Buddy is progressing steadily through the Red Badge orientation opportunities – including $50 toward Rotary Leadership Institute I participation;
  3. Ensure that their Buddy knows about &/or is helping with club service projects, attending / participating in meetings (weekly, committee &/or board meetings; Rotary Leadership Institutes I, II & III) & special events (socials, make-up meetings, e-make-up meetings, Rotary District meetings, Zone meetings (, International Conventions, etc.)


  1. Systematically include “membership-related” component (s) to the Five-Avenues -of –Rotary-Service committees
  • Provide on club Web site & downloadable with editing capability: new Rotary logo, club name & Web site & weekly meeting day, time, location & contact information & a call to action (e.g., Rsvp at or 830-990-8101 to be our guest for breakfast)
  • Add RI’s new logo & club’s name, Web site, meeting day, date, time & location to all club communications (i.e., Web site, weekly e-announcements, Rotary & other business cards, collateral materials for Rotary events, announcements, invitations, stationery …)
  • Monthly New Member Orientation: include one or more of the Five Avenues of Service (e.g., New Generations &/or Vocational Avenues of Service:  Interact / EarlyAct involvement; Community Avenue of Service:  days, dates, times & locations for monthly socials / community service project:  Volunteer Fair, Christmas Parade entry, etc.)
  1. Display at weekly meetings Marc’s tri-fold display of club’s accomplishments & thermometer-progress toward fulfillment of Skate Park project financial goal
  2. Sign up for Welcome to Fredericksburg! In-person visit & informational gift bag for all newcomers
  • Include to-be-updated flier about Fredericksburg’s three Rotary clubs, a blue-ribbon bookmark with The 4-Way Test embossed in gold. Cost:  $1.75 per visit & $.05 per ribbon
  1. Showcase Rotary accomplishments via monthly display ad in local newspaper (using RI-provided public-relations information & tips)
  2. Create Membership-related archives for current & future chairs / committee members & to use for member retention & recruitment)
  • Basic, How-To publications
  • Samples / supplies of most-popular RI mementos & awards – for on-going , use
  1. Design, reproduce & distribute a board-approved My Membership Achievements for 2014-2015 with to-do check list [e.g., a re-useable bookmark for “remarkable” Rotary members]



Recruitment Strategies [revised &/or copied from Strategic Plan, excerpts, below]:


Delete the now-inactive RI Ignite Membership Program

Encourage members to invite prospective members, especially to special events & service projects

Continue implementing the 3 membership stages:  information, invitation & induction



  1. Wear “Rotarian at Work” aprons, tee shirts or other Rotary-branded clothing during service projects
  2. At each meeting: collect business cards from guests & speaker & follow up with a note or postcard thanking them & inviting them back
  3. Reinstate the “Be my Guest for Breakfast” coupon / card for members to give to spouse, friends, colleagues, newcomers; on back side of coupon insert “Ask Me about Rotary,” The 4-Way Test & club Web site on back side of card
  • When visitors redeem the card for a free breakfast, let the guest keep the card as a reminder to find out more about Rotary
  1. Continue with formal induction ceremony for new members & with Red Badge, new-member orientation process: including Rotary Leadership Institute I participation & club’s $50 payment of RLI I fee.
  2. Order New Member packets & inserts [packet sample via RLI II & J. Tom:

2-pocket folder from Russell Hampton #R89485

In left-hand pocket:  8 items:  8 ½”x11” Object of Rotary & 4-Way Test; wallet-  sized Object & 4-Way Test card, New Member ribbon, Rotary decal, Rotary lapel pin, Russell Hampton ad, New Member Certificate )locally designed)

        In righthand pocket:  11 items:  Club President’s welcome, committee assignment [based on previous conversations with new member] & “Buddy” assignment; New Member Certificate signed by club Pres. & Sec.; club’s committees, chairs  & members; club’s Foundation chair & members; overview of   Rotary Committees; reader-friendly details about How to Login to club Web site [club sec. will e-provide temporary password]; their responsibilities as a Rotary    member; how to propose a new member; club by-laws; club member list;  recently newsletter with events, activities & links]


Sooner or later / Worthy activities that need a champion:  You?!


  1. Conduct a membership survey to identify membership trends (successes & non-successes):  numbers now & then; retention, recruitment issues
  2. Obtain space in a prominent shop window to display Rotary club activities
  3. Place a promotional ad or insert into the Chamber of Commerce directory
  4. Send a welcome letter to new businesses – on Rotary club stationery & include a Breakfast Coupon
  5. Sponsor a Chamber of Commerce Fun after Five event & have gregarious Rotarians at an “Ask me about Rotary” display area:  routinely refer prospects to other FBG Rotary clubs if Thur. &/or breakfast doesn’t work for their schedule
  6. Offer reduced membership fee for spouse &/or 30-40 yr.-old members [requires board & members’ approval & then by-laws amendment]

Dues each quarter

Local Club                                 $45.00

District                                        $ 8.75

RI                                               $17.00  [including $3/quarter for subscription to The Rotarian]

TRF Sustaining membership     $25.00  (Rotarians may opt out,  but that goes against our club traditions)

Total                                              $95.75 

ExampleIF $25 reduction for club dues & a $3 reduction for The Rotarian for spouses who join our club,  THEN $67.75/quarter for the spouse & a couple living at the same address could be members for a total of $163.50/quarter  — much less than a lot of clubs charge for single memberships.  This can be an option that could be selected by a couple but which they could waive if they felt inclined to help out the operating account.  It could also be offered on a sliding scale that ended after the 2nd or 3rd year.  The point is not tremendous savings involved but the emphasis RI is putting on having family members as part of our club.


To carry this theme a little further, if we are really interested in young people just “starting out”, we could waive club dues for the 1st year for folks in the 30-40 age group, if the prospective member so chose.  This would be an option & would not be automatic.  As above, the emphasis is not on cost savings but on emphasizing growth in a particular demographic.  fyi, Reduced dues for spouses:                                                                                                                   &                                                                               &                                                                                                      

  1. Replicate Greatest Guest Day at Rotary



Membership /  Membership Committee-related excerpts


Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club Strategic Plan 2012 – 2017


Vision  … Fredericksburg Morning Rotary … the Gillespie County service club most effective at meeting community needs through service & philanthropy.


Core Values      Service Above Self       Developing Youth as the Key to Our Future       Peace Through Understanding

Integrity in Business, Government and Community Affairs    Healthy Living


Mission  …  promotes & engages in community service & philanthropy as a means to address community problems, promote international understanding & peace and develop our youth as the service leaders of tomorrow.  …


… Club Service



Objective: Continually increase our membership by at least 5% per year by recruiting and retaining high-quality members


  • Actively engage in the Ignite Membership Program
  • Encourage members to invite prospective members, especially to special events & service projects



Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club Bylaws


Article 6


Fees and Dues


Section 1 The admission fee, as established by RI and/or the club, shall be paid before the applicant can qualify as a member.

Section 2 Membership dues shall consist of RI per capita dues, subscription fees to The Rotarian or Rotary regional magazine, district per capita dues, club annual dues, and any other Rotary or district per capita assessment. Club annual dues shall be in the amount as voted on by the general membership after being proposed by the board.  Membership dues shall be payable in accordance with the policies of the club as established by the Board

Section 3 – If the former club of a transferring member does not provide a statement within 30 days to the new club verifying that all debts are paid; it is to be assumed that the concerned member does not owe any money to this club.


Article 9  Committees


Section 1 — The President may establish any other committees deemed necessary to coordinate club efforts to achieve the club’s annual and long-range goals.

Section 2 — The president shall be ex officio a member of all committees and, as such shall have all privileges of membership.

Section 3 — Except where special authority is given by the Board, committees shall not take action until a report has been made and approved by the Board.  The president or the Board shall refer additional business to a specific committee as needed.

Section 4 — Each Chair shall be responsible for regular meetings and activities of the committee, shall supervise and coordinate the work of the committee, and shall report to the Board on all committee activities.

Section 5 — When feasible, committee members should be appointed to the same committee for three years to ensure consistency. The president-elect is responsible for appointing committee members to fill vacancies, appointing committee chairs, and conducting planning meetings prior to the start of the year in office. It is recommended that the chair have previous experience as a member of the committee.  The president-elect, president, and immediate past president should work together to ensure continuity of leadership and succession planning.


Section 6 — Standing committees should be appointed as follows:

Membership-This committee should develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recruitment and retention of members.


…  Article 10


Duties of Committees


The duties of all committees shall be established and reviewed by the president for his or her year. In declaring the duties of each, the president shall reference appropriate RI materials. The service projects committee will consider the Avenues of Vocational Service, Community Service, and International Service when developing plans for the year.  Each committee shall have a specific mandate, clearly defined goals, and action plans established by the beginning of each year for implementation during the course of the year.  It shall be the primary responsibility of the president-elect to provide the necessary leadership to prepare a recommendation for club committees, mandates, goals, and plans for presentation to the board in advance of the commencement of the year as noted above.  Club committees are charged with carrying out the annual and long-range goals of the club based on the five Avenues of Service (See Article 8).  Each Avenue of service will have a committee director as committee chair.


Article 12


Method of Electing Members


Section 1 — The name of a prospective member, proposed by an active member of the club, shall be submitted to the board in writing, through the club secretary. A transferring member from another club shall be handled according to the RI Constitution.  A former member may be proposed to active membership by the former club. The proposal shall be kept confidential except as otherwise provided in this procedure.

Section 2 — The board shall ensure that the proposal meets all the classification and membership requirements of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.

Section 3 — The board shall approve or disapprove the proposal within 30 days of its submission and shall notify the proposer, through the club secretary, of its decision.

Section 4 — If the decision of the board is favorable, the prospective member shall be informed of the purposes of Rotary and of the privileges and responsibilities of membership, following which the prospective member shall be requested to sign the membership proposal form and to permit his or her name and proposed classification to be published to the club.

Section 5 — If no objection to the proposal, stating reasons, is received by the board from any member (other than honorary) of the club within seven (7) days following publication of information about the prospective member, that person, upon payment of the admission fee, if required, (if not honorary membership), as prescribed in these bylaws, shall be considered to be elected to membership.  If any such objection has been filed with the board, it shall vote on this matter at its next meeting. If approved despite the objection, the proposed member, upon payment of the admission fee, if required, (if not honorary membership), shall be considered to be elected to membership.

Section 6 — Following the election, the president shall arrange for the new member’s induction.  In addition, the president or secretary will report the new member information to RI, and the president will assign a sponsor to assist with the new member’s assimilation to the club as well as assign the new member to a club project or function.

Section 7 — The club may elect, in accordance with the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, honorary members proposed by the board.



*               Ideas for 40 weekly Membership Minute announcements

  1. President announces new Membership Chair & rejoices that every club member is on the Membership Committee
  2. President draws out Buddy-to-Buddy names & Membership Chair keeps Buddy-to-Buddy list with contact information & confirms that are current members have a Buddy
  3. Skate Park youth reads aloud his college-entrance essay about FBG Morning Rotary & its Skate Park project for youth
  4. President distributes empty 3-hole-plastic, business-card holders & challenges members to get it filled during Rotary & elsewhere this this month (to invite to Rotary breakfast)
  5. Membership Chair announce Sept. 27 Membership Boot Camp
  6. Bill Phillpotts shares his Rotary coin / 4-Way Test process to invite folks to Rlotary.
  7. Membership Chair provides Breakfast Coupons for members to use – to invite others to Rotary meeting.
  8. Winston School / Rotary Interact advisor & Student President visit: Membership Chair reminds members that the New Generations / Youth Programs are long-terms ways to grow the family of Rotary.
  9. Club accepts invitation for San Antonio Interact advisor to visit club & encourage Interact within FISD
  10. Membership Chair shares her club & District 5840 Rotary business cards – to give ideas to others for their Rotary business cards or display of 4-Way Test or Object of Rotary in their businesses

11-35.  Use Actions 1-12; 1-7 & 1-5, above, to mention during Membership Minutes


**             EarlyAct  a pervasive, character-education program for elementary & middle schools that teaches students how to become noble, service-oriented people, along with why it is important for them to do so (sponsored by local Rotary Clubs & their community partners).


Interact for youth ages 12-18: junior & senior high service clubs.  Globally:  16,742 Interact  clubs with 338,836 Interactors in 140    countries / geographical areas — with local & international service projects & fundraisers.


Rotaract for youth ages 18-30.  Globally:  6,887 Rotaract clubs with 215,924 Rotaractors in 516 districts & 170 countries /     geographical areas (28 countries / geographical areas have 50+ clubs each).  Community- & university-based service clubs,  service projects & professional development activities.


Rotary Youth Leadership Award / RYLA for ages 14-30.  Seminars, camps & workshops with high-performance, leadership- training program.  Globally:  25,000 students & young adults; typically students & adult sponsors spend an intensive, life-changing week of fellowship, leadership & fun – within the spirit of Rotary’s 4-Way Test.  Annual RYLA North America Conference in Wash., DC @$325:


Rotary Youth Exchange for ages 15-19Exchange students & host families share cultures.  Globally:  8,000 students from 80       countries / geographical areas.  Tours, international youth camps & school activities.

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