Lubbock’s 47-yr.-old Roundtable / circle of friends at The Hillcrest Country Club in far-north, central Lubbock

You & your guests are perpetually invited to participate in Saturday luncheons, 11a at  the Roundtable at the Hillcrest Country Club, 4011 N. Boston Ave./Lubbock  (northwest TX-area).  Ask for speakers’ schedule & to be added to the weekly e-invitation list.

Your GPS can’t help , so please use  these directions: from 4th St./Marsha Sharp Freeway, go northward on University Ave. past North Loop 289 & past the Lubbock State Living Facility; turn left/west onto Newcomb Ave. & proceed westward approximately four long blocks – directly into the parking lot of the Hillcrest Country Club; enter the door at the north end of the building & continue westward through the foyer toward the Roundtable’s serving line.

Saturday luncheons are great way to [1] learn more about current global/US/Texas/Lubbock issues/events in depth & in a more personal way from our subject-matter-expert speakers; [2] feel deeply at home in Lubbock; & [3] meet accomplished people who may become lifetime friends.  We meet from 11-1 with registration & meal selection at 11 along with networking so we are ready to begin the meeting at 11:30.  We meet most Saturdays except for holiday weekends, home football games & in June, July & August.  We meet 2nd & 4th Saturdays. There are no membership fees or dues. We each pay $15.00. Any extra proceeds goes to the Dudley E. Faver/Adolph Hanslik endowed scholarship to benefit TTU Honors College students.

Our Saturday luncheons are a great way to (1) learn more about current global/US/Texas/Lubbock issues & events, (2) meet other people in area who may become lifetime friends (3) feel more at home in Lubbock.   Most wear business or business-casual attire. No RSVP  is necessary.  Show up whenever your schedule allows, feel free to bring a guest(s) & email this invitation to anyone you think might be interested. Hope to see you soon at one of our Saturday luncheons.  Questions?  E-ask Chair Marie Evans:

There are usually 20-25 in attendance at the Roundtable. Most of us wear business attire. No Rsvp is necessary. Show up whenever your schedule allows, feel free to bring guest(s) & e-forward or print-&-mail this invitation to all who may be interested. You, too, can become a Roundtable “regular” — just by attending.  Everyone — eating or not — pays a flat $15 fee — with extra proceeds going to the Dudley E. Faver/Adolph Hanslik endowed scholarship to benefit TTU Honors College students.  Each pays for his/her alcoholic beverage(s) @$5.00 (special drinks @ site’s price). Hanslik was among the earliest CEO Roundtable members (circa 1968).

Recommend your favorite speakers * / programs for The Roundtable at The Hillcrest Country Club** to 806-281-3181;; NPtomey@NTS-OnLine.Net;; EDixon8@SuddenLink.Net;; DWMartin@VideoCP.Biz;

* Programs for Roundtable  2015

We arrive about 11 so we can get signed in, make our lunch selection and visit a bit before we start at 11:30.  Cost $15.00 Anything extra that you give goes into the Honors College Scholarship.

We meet at Hillcrest Country Club  4011 N Boston Ave  (North on N University Ave, left on Newcomb St and proceed to Clubhouse).     Hope to see you Saturday or a Saturday soon.     Marie Evans, Chair,  Roundtable   806-281-3181

Roundtable speakers in 2014    Stephen Warren   Kim Davis       Barbara Brannon      Elizabeth Regner  Andrea Bodine  Visit Lubbock       Ron Bettenbough      Sam Segran     Kim McPherson     Tom Hurley     Jim Douglass     Mikel Ward     Bill Miller     James Reardon     Susan Rowe     Neil Kurtzman MD     Terry Greenberg     Karen Gibson     Gerald Dolter & Robin Henson     US Air Force Major , Ret., Valerie Zink

** The Hillcrest Golf & Country Club:  Ballroom seats 250 people; Boardroom seats 35 people; Card Room seats 45 people.  All three rooms available for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Events.  Get the party date that you want.  Questions?  … anything else?  For party-date availability & menus: 806.765.6601;    James Bond, Food & Beverage Manager

All Dinner Buffets are served with your choice of Salad, Warm Rolls & Butter plus Unlimited Iced Tea, Coffee & Water.

Option One: $16.00++  One Main Course, One Potato, Rice or Pasta, One Vegetable & Dessert

Option Two: $19.00++  Choice of Two Main Courses, One Potato, Rice or Pasta, One Vegetable & Two Desserts

For a Sit-Down, Plated Meal please add $3.00++ per person.      All Prices are Subject to State Sales Tax & 18% Service Charge

 Main Courses:

Poultry   Baked Lemon Chicken * Chicken Teriyaki * Chicken Parmesan; Pecan Chicken with our Brandy Sauce * Grilled Chicken with our Cream Basil Sauce; Chicken Picatta with our Lemon & White-Wine Sauce * Fried Chicken Bits; Chicken Pot Pie * Grilled Chicken Breast * Chicken Cordon Bleu; Roasted Turkey & Dressing

Red Meat – Beef   London Broil with our Burgundy Sauce * Bacon-Wrapped Chopped Sirloin    Roast Beef * Carved Baked Ham * Savory Meatloaf    Pork Chops (Smothered, Grilled, or Fried) * Chicken Fried Steak    Steak Fingers * Beef Pot Pie * Beef Stroganoff    Carved Prime Rib (add $3.00++)

Fish    Catfish (Blackened, Fried or Baked) * Tilapia (Blackened, Fried or Baked)    Salmon (Blackened or Baked) * Shrimp (Blackened or Fried)

 Pork    Roasted Pork loin with Natural Gravy * Pork Chops (Smothered, Grilled or Fried)

Salads:  Tossed Green Salad with Assorted Toppings & Dressings    Tossed Caesar Salad with Parmesan Cheese & Crutons    Potato Salad    Fresh Fruit Salad    Pasta Salad    Cucumber Salad   Cole Slaw

Vegetables    Fresh-Steamed, Seasonal Vegetables    Buttered Peas & Pearl Onions    Green Beans Almandine    Broccoli Hollandaise    Buttered Squash    Honey-Glazed Baby Carrots    Southern-Fried Okra    Whole Kernel Corn

Potatoes, Rice & Pastas    Twice-Baked Potatoes    Rice Pilaf    White Rice    Mashed Potatoes    Au Gratin Potatoes    Oven-Roasted Red Potatoes    Baked Potatoes with Toppings – Add $1.00++

Desserts)    Apple Pie    Pecan Pie    Coconut Cream Pie    Key Lime Pie    Carrot Cake    Chocolate Cake    Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce    Fruit Cobblers

 All Prices are Subject to State Sales Tax & 18% Service Charge

All of our Dinner Menu Package automatically come with Unlimited Iced Tea, Water & Coffee Station.   You have the Option of Adding a Bar Package of either Open Bar, Hosted Bar or Cash Bar.

Open Bar Package Options:   

Package #1    Domestic Beer, House Wine, House Champagne & Soft Drinks    $5.00 per person for one hour    $8.00 per person for two hours    $11.00 per person for three hours    $14.00 per person for four hours

Package #2    Domestic & Import Beer, Frozen Margaritas, Well Liquor Drinks, House Wine, House Champagne & Soft Drinks    $7.00 per person for one hour    $11.00 per person for two hours    $15.00 per person for three hours    $19.00 per person for four hours    We also have pricing if you want to offer Premium or Ultra Premium Liquors as well

Hosted Bar Options:    Hosted Beer – Domestic Keg is $225+ – Imported Keg is $275 – Pony Domestic is $115+    House Wines are $20 per bottle and serves 4.5 glasses (Other Lables are also available)      Frozen Margaritas are $350+ for Five Gallons (other Frozen Drinks also available)

Cash Bar Pricing:    Domestic Beers – $3.50    Imported Beers – $4.50    Black Box Signature Wines – $5.50    Well Liquor – $4.50    Premium Liquor – $6.50    Sodas – $1.50

Non Alcoholic Drinks:    Sparkling Fruit Punch – $25 per gallons    Lemonade – $25 per gallon     

All Prices are Subject to an 18 % Service Charge

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