Free / pre-paid spay-neuter, rabies-shot & ear-tip vouchers for Lubbock-area cats & kittens

Get cats & kittens fixed, rabies shot & ear tipped via Humane Society of West Texas pre-paid vouchers at 4 participating veterinarians:

1.  Acres North Veterinary Hospital on the SW corner of 13th & Slide; 806-793-2863

2.  Kingsgate Veterinary Clinic on the SE corner of 84th & Quaker; 806-794-1991

3.  Dr. Robert Taylor 2736 82nd St. (west of University on the north side of 82nd); 806-368-7258; has a trap to loan

4.  Southwest-Lubbock veterinary clinic (a relatively new spin-off from Acres North:  you can get their location & phone # from Acres North Vet Clinic)

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