Wichita High School East: The Best! & e-contacts 7-’18


U.S. News and World Report names Wichita East best high school in Kansas | Wichita Eagle

U.S. News and World Report names Wichita East best hig…Wichitas East High School is the best public high school in Kansas, according to rankings of the nations best high schools released this week by U.S. News and World Report …
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http://East.USD259.org  & http://East.USD259.org/Alumni  12-’17:  

[Sent “bcc” – to avoid scrolling through e-addresses.  I apologize for duplicates due a bunch of bounce-backs when I used a different e-address for myself.  Hello!  Thank you for having provided your e-information for our 50th East, ’64, reunion in Wichita.  Please let me know of additions or corrections needed in your listing – in two places, below:  Please ignore my capitalization practice:  to make your e-addresses user-friendly for me to see, remember & use.  And please e-Reply & include “unsubscribe” to unsubscribe to future e-messages &/or let me know if you prefer to have your name & e-contact information deleted, below.  Thank you for the happy, childhood memories.]

East, ’64, names & e-addresses;  4-’18     http://East.USD259.org  & http://East.USD259.org/Alumni

Ready to copy-&-paste into the “bcc” area of your e-message:

Alice.V.White@GMail.com; ACN85MA@EarthLink.Net; ASolter1@GMail.com; AMWoods624@Aol.comBarbara.Gibby@Live.com; GramBarbSCW@GMail.com; BarbH@GreenAcres.comGuggemos@Sonic.Net; BabsDelhotal@GMail.comThe3Bryants@Outlook.com; WMiller118@Cox.Net; WWhearty@SBCGlobal.Net; BobBury@KansasCityHomes.com; RChiovetti@Aol.com; BuchanRE@MSN.com; RFulks6388@Aol.com; SuFulks@Aol.com; Brad.Brandes@HotMail.com; BruceBurnett7@GMail.comCaren.Lowe@GMail.com; Leston@ComCast.Net; RedLeggT@Cox.NetWeldr@SWBell.Net; CDenver@Cox.Net;  CMarley60@Yahoo.com; MTAnchor1@Yahoo.comCWiliet@Aol.com; Connie.Colorado@Yahoo.com; CSKenne92@Yahoo.com; Connie.Dietz@Cox.Net; CynthiaPriceGlynn@Yahoo.com; D_Webster@SBCGlobal.NetDeGoeldner@GMail.com; Debbie@EBForb.com; Guggemos@Sonic.Net; Howdi@WheatState.com; Lake.DK@SBCGlobal.Net; DonS@VarsityApts.com; Key25West@Yahoo.com; Nulik@SBCGlobal.Net; EStewartSmith@Cox.Net; Pow2Pow@ATT.Net; F.Walpole@WilCo.to; TCB1945@Cox.Net; GaryThom@Cox.Net; VargaG@SBCGlobal.Net; WeberCali@SBCGlobal.NetGlendaT81146@Yahoo.com; GKSturgeon@GMail.com; GShields@Austin.RR.com; GLDukes@Flash.Net; Ruthie7489@Aol.com; JackBill524@ComCast.NetJanetKansas@Yahoo.com; JanetOsborne@iCloud.com; JSOSB46@GMail.com; Johnston66049@SBCGlobal.NetSandersE500@HotMail.com; SandersJerry9@Yahoo.com; HFrieze@Cox.NetJim.Brink@TTU.edu; MChester3@Cox.Net; Jim.Helmick1@Yahoo.comJohnC7@Cox.Net; JCJersey99@Yahoo.comDadGummit@Cox.Net; JonHP@Charter.Net; JJLeyerzapf@SBCGlobal.Net; JudyGreen29@HotMail.com; CJBinMontana@GMail.com; KarenVanEgmond@Outlook.com;  KarenDale1805@SBCGlobal.NetKLHanscomSF@ComCast.Net; KBTZIn1@Aol.com; KaFrieze@Cox.Net; KathyRNCM@SBCGlobal.Net; KamMcVey@ATT.Net; KayHawk68@GMail.com; Ken.Nicholas@Donaldson.com; KKDodson2@Aol.com; Kent@Kruske.com; LarryFul@Sunflower.com; OurEMailAtHome@Yahoo.com;  Plunk3RL@ATT.Net; SunStoneOrE3@Aol.com;  MabelDavisHome@Yahoo.com; TurtleMJA@Yahoo.com; Maribeth.Robinson@GMail.com; DarrenMarsha@Yahoo.com; DHousholder@Cox.Net; RedRaven5934@SBCGlobal.Net; BioMar@GVTC.com; HarmataM@HotMail.comBrophy195@RoadRunner.comMike@LodoArt.comMichaelis@EmpriseBank.com; MichaelRoach35@GMail.com; MikWhitt@ATT.Net; Lake.DK@SBCGlobal.Net; EelPan@HotMail.com; Nickola.Nelson@WMich.edu; PKallas@Cox.Net; PattiBell777@GMail.com; R2Bell@SWBell.NetAmazonMaxwell@Yahoo.com; PattiRouse@HotMail.com; PFroeh1010@Aol.comPKing2513@SBCGlobal.Net; Peggy@PagosaLand.com; PhilHuck@SBCGlobal.Net; PhilHStone@Yahoo.com; QuickCar@Aol.com; SroufeR@Prodigy.NetRickAtKC@GMail.comRobMorton@Aol.comRobNix55@ComCast.Net; RogerInKansas@SBCGlobal.Net; R_Barnum@SBCGlobal.Net; RonBirmingham@ATT.Net; RGann50144@Aol.com; BudsBlooming@Whidbey.com; HowlinWolf2@ATT.NetTriumphArtist@MSN.com; DaveRuthFick@Cox.Net; Sally.Boucher@ComCast.Net; SallyHCPA@MCHSI.com; SKBear46@Cox.Net; PaBecker@Aol.com; AnnieGrannie5@Cox.NetBjortvedt@GMail.comSLong4Short@HotMail.com;

SNave3@Cox.Net; SLC14@Prodigy.Net; HatfieldVSH@GMail.com; SJackels@SeattleU.edu; SMStallings6@Cox.NetSueHere@Cox.Net; Suzi1021@ComCast.Net; TRKennedy@CenturyLink.Net; Tom@TKKansas.com; Tom@CLNationWide.Net; Tom@Lindsleys.US; T3Weaver@GMail.com; VDean@KC.RR.com; VDean@ProActiveSolutions.com; GlendaT81146@Yahoo.com; WaltRamsden@Cox.Net; RWPopp@YMail.com;

Who’s Who

Alice White in Fredericksburg, TX:  Alice.White@TTU.edu; Alice.V.White@GMail.com

Allan Northcutt in Denver area  ACN85MA@EarthLink.Net

Andy Solter in Wichita  ASolter1@GMail.com

Anne Tait Woods in Wichita  AMWoods624@Aol.com

Barbara Nogy Gibby in McLean, VA:  Barbara.Gibby@Live.com

Barbara Ross Scott in Phoenix / Sun City, AZ:  GramBarbSCW@GMail.com;

Barb Brasfield Hoffmann in Wichita  BarbH@GreenAcres.com

Barb Dunne Guggemos in Petaluma, CA (so. Sonoma County, 1 hr. no. of San Francisco)  Guggemos@Sonic.Net

Barb Waite Delhotal in Wichita (Van, East, ’63):  BabsDelhotal@GMail.com

Bill Bryant in Greenville, SC:  The3Bryants@Outlook.com;

Bill H. Miller in Wichita:  WMiller118@Cox.Net

Bill Whearty in Moberly, MO:  WWhearty@SBCGlobal.Net

Bob Buchan in Wyocena, WI:  BuchanRE@MSN.com

Bob Bury in Kansas City:  BobBury@KansasCityHomes.com

Bob Chiovetti in Tucson, AZ:  RChiovetti@Aol.com

Bob Fulks (Sue, Southeast, ’64) in Dallas area  RFulks6388@Aol.com; SuFulks@Aol.com

Brad Brandes in Springdale, AR:  Brad.Brandes@HotMail.com

Bruce Burnett in Bryan, TX:  BruceBurnett7@GMail.com

Caren Studer Lowe in Lawrence, KS  Caren.Lowe@GMail.com

Carla Baumann Peck in Livermore, CA  Leston@ComCast.Net;

Carmen Spurgeon Spencer:  RedLeggT@Cox.Net

Carolyn Cannon Roberson in Wichita:  Weldr@SWBell.Net

Carolyn Kennedy Denver in Wichita:  CDenver@Cox.Net

Cathy Rice Marley in Wichita  CMarley60@Yahoo.com

Charles Headley in Missoula, MT:  MTAnchor1@Yahoo.com

Clark Trammell in Denver:  CWiliet@Aol.com

Connie Aitken in Durango, CO:  Connie.Colorado@Yahoo.com

Connie Kennedy in Wichita:  CSKenne92@Yahoo.com

Connie Marshall Dietz:  Connie.Dietz@Cox.Net

Cyndy Price Glynn in Dedham, MA:   CynthiaPriceGlynn@Yahoo.com

* Dallas Webster, SE, ’62, Austin TX:  D_Webster@SBCGlobal.Net

Dean Goeldner in Laurel, MD:  DeGoeldner@GMail.com

Debbie Walcher Hoyle in Yarrow Point, WA:  Debbie@EBForb.com

Dinah Martin Trickey in Casssoday, KS:  Howdi@WheatState.com

Don Lake in Mahomet, IL:  Lake.DK@SBCGlobal.Net

Don Steffens in Andover:  DonS@VarsityApts.com

Doug Nelson in Bella Vista, AR:  Key25West@Yahoo.com

Ed Cusick in Shirley, AZ:  J.Cusick@Cox.Net

Ellouise Thomas Nulik in Wichita:  Nulik@SBCGlobal.Net

Emily Stewart Smith:  EStewartSmith@Cox.Net

Floyd Powell:  Pow2Pow@ATT.Net

Floyd Walpole in Wichita:  F.Walpole@Wilco.TO

Frank LaForge in Wichita:  TCB1945@Cox.Net

Gary Thompson in Wichita:  GaryThom@Cox.Net

George Varga in Wichita:  VargaG@SBCGlobal.Net

Gary Weber in Manhattan Beach, CA:  WeberCali@SBCGlobal.Net

Glenda Shelton Thompson in Douglass, KS:  GlendaT81146@Yahoo.com

Gordon Sturgeon in Cape Fair, MO:  GKSturgeon@GMail.com

Greg Shields in Austin, TX:  GShields@Austin.RR.com

Gwen Lee-Dukes in Houston  GLDukes@Flash.Net

Holly Boxer Miller:  Ruthie7489@Aol.com

Jack Billinger:  JackBill524@ComCast.Net

Jane Willis in Houston-area / Katy, TX:  Johnston66049@SBCGlobal.Net

Janet Kannard in Kansas City:  JanetKansas@Yahoo.com

Janet Osborne in Falls Church, VA:  JSOSB46@GMail.com; JanetOsborne@iCloud.com;

Jerry Sanders in Derby:  SandersE500@HotMail.com; SandersJerry9@Yahoo.com

Jess Frieze in Wichita:  HFrieze@Cox.Net

Jim Brink, East, ’63, in Lubbock, TX:  Jim.Brink@TTU.edu

Jim Chester in Wichita:  MChester3@Cox.Net

Jim Helmick in Wichita:  Jim.Helmick1@Yahoo.com

John Curfman in Wichita:  JohnC7@Cox.Net

John Crittenden in New Jersey  JCJersey99@Yahoo.com

John Johnston in Houston-area / Katy, TX:  Johnston66049@SBCGlobal.Net

John Lambert in Omaha, NE:  DadGummit@Cox.Net

Jon Peterson in Rochester, MN:  JonHP@Charter.Net

Judy Burgess /Foltz in Wichita:  JLB6468@SBCGlobal.Net

Judy Lamme Green:  JudyGreen29@HotMail.com

Julie Shottenkirk Beste in MT  CJBInMontana@GMail.com;

Karen Anderson Van Egmond in Las Animas, CO:  KarenVanEgmond@Outlook.com;

Karen Perlenfein Soderstrom in Wichita:  KarenDale1805@SBCGlobal.Net

Karen Trenary in So. Jordan, UT:  KBTZIn1@Aol.com

Katherine Jackman Hanscom in Wichita & Santa Fe, NM:  KLHanscomSF@ComCast.Net

Kathleen McVey:  KamMcVey@ATT.Net

Kathryn Culbertson & Jess Frieze in Wichita:  KaFrieze@Cox.Net; HFrieze@Cox.Net

Kathy Hicks Hunter in Wichita:  KathyRNCM@SBCGlobal.Net

Kay Kliewer Branine:  KayHawk68@GMail.com

Ken Nicholas in Flower Mound, TX:  Ken.Nicholas@Donaldson.com

Kent Dodson in Wichita:  KKDodson2@Aol.com

Kent Kruske in Wichita:  Kent@Kruske.com

Larry Fullerton in Lawrence, KS:  LarryFul@Sunflower.com

Lee Ann Harris Erickson:  OurEMailAtHome@Yahoo.com

Liz Mershon Plunk in IL:  Plunk3RL@ATT.Net

Loydee Sundin Stonebrink in Rickreall, OR:  SunStoneOrE3@Aol.com; (Minneha)  OR:  503-370-4321 & short-time MN:  218-675-5321

Mabel Hicks Davis in Mt. Sterling, OH:  MabelDavisHome@Yahoo.com

Margaret (Mrs. Mark) Anderson in Wichita (West, ’67?)  TurtleMJA@Yahoo.com

Maribeth Smith Robinson in Eureka, NV:  Maribeth.Robinson@GMail.com

Marsha Brown Paige in Mulvane, KS:  DarrenMarsha@Yahoo.com

Martha Selfridge Housholder (Dan, East, ’62) in Wichita  DHousholder@Cox.Net

Martin Grimes in Wichita:  RedRaven5934@SBCGlobal.Net

Marvin Huff in Boerne, TX:  BioMar@GVTC.com

Melody Preddy Harmata in Bozeman, MT:  HarmataM@HotMail.com

Michael Brophy in Troutman, NC:  Brophy195@RoadRunner.com

Mike McClanahan in Denver:  Mike@LodoArt.com

Mike Michaelis & Dee (Southeast, ’64) in Wichita  Michaelis@EmpriseBank.com

Mike Roach:  MichaelRoach35@GMail.com

Mike Whitt in Wichita:  MikWhitt@ATT.Net

Miriam Shank Lake:  Mahomet, IL:  Lake.DK@SBCGlobal.Net

Nancy Potter in England:  EelPan@HotMail.com

Nicki Wolf Nelson in Kalamazoo, MI:  Nickola.Nelson@WMich.edu

Pat Anderson Kallas in Sand Springs, OK:  PKallas@Cox.Net;

Pat Leslie Bell in Wichita:  PattiBell777@GMail.com

Pat Tharp Maxwell in Wichita:  AmazonMaxwell@Yahoo.com

Patti Payne Rouse:  PattiRouse@HotMail.com

Patti Robbins Froehlich in Phoenix:  PFroeh1010@Aol.com

Peggy King:  PKing2513@SBCGlobal.Net

Peggy Ralston-Poma in Pagosa Springs, CO:  Peggy@PagosaLand.com

Phil Huck in Arlington, TX: PhilHuck@SBCGlobal.Net

Phillip Stone in Ottawa, KS:  PhilHStone@Yahoo.com

Rex Morley in Derby:  QuickCar@Aol.com

Richard Sroufe in Wichita:  SroufeR@Prodigy.Net

Rick Tucker in Lake Lotawana, MO:  RickAtKC@GMail.com

Robbie Morton in Tucson:  RobMorton@Aol.com

Robert Nix in Denver:  RobNix55@ComCast.Net

Roger Hisle in Lincoln, KS:  RogerInKansas@SBCGlobal.Net

Ron Barnum in Leawood, KS:  R_Barnum@SBCGlobal.Net

Ron Birmingham in Wichita:  RonBirmingham@ATT.Net

Ron Gann in Denver:  RGann50144@Aol.com

Rosemary Litwiller Goodall in Tucson, AZ:  BudsBlooming@Whidbey.com

Roy Schmidts in Concord, CA:  HowlinWolf2@ATT.Net

Royce Mattson in Sterling, KS:  TriumphArtist@MSN.com

Ruth Pfortmiller Fick in OKC, OK:  DaveRuthFick@Cox.Net

Sally Boucher, Springfield, OR;  Sally.Boucher@ComCast.Net;

Sally Hamilton in Springfield, Missouri:  SallyHCPA@MCHSI.com

Sharon Duncan Garrison in Wichita:  SKBear46@Cox.Net

Sharon Harrison Becker in Wichita:  PaBecker@Aol.com

Sharon Wilson Laubach:  AnnieGrannie5@Cox.Net

Steve Bjortvedt:  Bjortvedt@GMail.com

Steve Longnecker in Logansport, IN:  SLong4Short@HotMail.com

Steve Nave in Wichita: SNave3@Cox.Net

Sue Loomis Crockett in Wichita  SLC14@Prodigy.Net

Sue Ralston Hatfield in Wichita:  HatfieldVSH@GMail.com

Susan DohertyJackels in Seattle:  SJackels@SeattleU.edu

Susie Angulo Stallings in Wichita:  SMStallings6@Cox.Net

Susie Wolf Anderson in Wichita:  SueHere@Cox.Net

Suzi Zelinkoff in Boston:  Suzi1021@ComCast.Net

Tom Kennedy in Littleton, NC:  TRKennedy@CenturyLink.Net

Tom Kinkaid in Dallas:  Tom@TKKansas.com

Tom Laird in Leawood, KS:  Tom@CLNationWide.Net

Tom Lindsley in Bainbridge Island, WA:  Tom@Lindsleys.US

Tom Weaver in Massachusetts:  T3Weaver@GMail.com  to donate to Tom’s ride(s) to prevent diabetes:  https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmain.diabetes.org%2Fgoto%2Ftom_weaver&data=02%7C01%7Calice.white%40ttu.edu%7Ca3d144bdcbaf42a16ffd08d5a1485263%7C178a51bf8b2049ffb65556245d5c173c%7C0%7C1%7C636592254353448115&sdata=dH8C4pmfyN7YEGW8%2B1JTZAQVVVb%2B6VPGlS7%2FcdfeCjo%3D&reserved=0

Vicki Bowdish Dean in Overland Park:  VDean@KC.RR.com; VDean@ProActiveSolutions.com  21-yr., majority owner & operator of http://www.ProActiveSolutions.com:  independent technology provider in the US.  Customers include Macy’s, Home Depot (in Austin), O’Reilly’s, Sprint & more.

Vicky Carter Pontius:  BapVLP27@Sunflower.com

Walt Ramsden in Wichita:  WaltRamsden@Cox.Net

Wayne Robert Popp in Wichita:  RWPopp@YMail.com

* Dallas Webster, Southeast, ’62; Assistive Technology Specialist, Upstream Technology Making the Best of Your Abilities; 512-795-9760; 512-461-4696, cell; 512-795-9763, voice/fax; Dallas@UpStreamTech.org; www.UpStreamTech.org & BTanner@WichitaEagle.com

Susie Wolf Anderson’s loss of her husband Davidhttp://www.legacy.com/obituaries/kansas/obituary.aspx?n=david-j-anderson&pid=187086122&fhid=6078

loss of Alice’s Ingalls High School / 1st-year Russian student Jess Paul, Jr., IHS, ’75 & KU Jayhawk:  http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/kansascity/jess-d-paul-condolences/187086498?

http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/denverpost/betty-luellen-clarke-condolences/181995615?cid=full & http://www.Legacy.com to sign Melvin Roy Schroeder‘s memorial book (Mel was my Southeast, ’62, summer-school teacher of American History)

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