Visits & visitors to or near Fredericksburg, TX area

June 2016  sisters Sally Murray & Carolyn Sowell from Lubbock to FBG — to speak & participate during the Nat. Conf. on Country Schools Assoc.

April 17, 2016  Phi Beta Kappan Bill Felton, JD, from Lubbock

2015 & 2016 two Rotary Foundation grants’ presentations by DGE Susan Brints of Lubbock — attended by prospective, global grant-writers from FBG & San Antonio Rotary Clubs

June 19, 2015 & 512-471-0609 & 312-420-8630; 300 W. Dean Keeton St., A0900; Austin  78712; College of Communication.

May 31, 2015:  Margaret Randle’s referral TTU TED-talk speaker

May 28, 2015:  Kerrville Morning’s new-member event & Hondo Rotary:  2.5+M Rotarians doing even more good in the World within 2nd Century!

April 18, Junction:  Rotary D5840 Assembly with 2 Membership break-out sessions

April 15, 2015:  Rotary Club of Austin South:  The Rotary Foundation:  Show me the Money!

April 14, 2015, Phi Beta Kappan Bill Felton, JD, from Lubbock

April 11, New Braunfels:  Rotary D5840 Assembly with 2 Membership break-out sessions

April 1, 2015:  Three Alpha Kappa Alpha sorors from Lubbock:  Retired Principals Margaret Randle & Nettie Edwards. & Pharmacist Billie Caviel

March? 2015:  Rotary Club of San Antonio North Central:  2.5+M Rotarians doing even more good in the World within 2nd Century!

February 26, 2015:  TRF Officer Sean Allen from Evanston, IL

February 19, 2015:  “Sold-out” dinner event for 153 … TTU Lubbock Osher Lifelong Learning Institute friends:  Pres. & Ruthie Nellis, Provost Lawrence Schovanec, Vice Provost Melanie Hart; OLLIs Emma Carrasco, Kathy Stocco, Paul & Mrs. Rostad (Past Pres., Lubbock Women’s Club), former neighbor-friends & CE”O Roundtable speakers Jane & Tibor Nagy, Shirley & Steve Berk …

February 12, 2015:  Alan Read, Ingram, formerly Rotary Club of Lubbock — to Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning

January 2015:  Lubbock sisters Sally Murray & Carolyn Sowell:  CES@SuddenLink.Net … new “fans” of Country Schools

December 27, 2014:  Carol Seminara & Joe Houde delivering Rotary Club of FBG Morning bookmarks & meeting their feline nieces & nephews.  Sally Murray & her sister Catherine Sowell from Lubbock.

November 2014:  almost visit by Dr. Neale Pearson, Lubbock.  At TTU Marble Falls:  Feral-cat-statue gift via Paul Rostad (TTU OLLI Lubbock) from Mary Hatfield; other visitors Emma Carrasco & Jane Nagy.

October 2014:  Rotary Club of Pflugerville x2 Show me the Money:  TRF [new Rotary member Reggie Walker, Darleen Martin, David Maserang, Vivian Harris, Ara Merjanian; & EmanciPe+ staffer]; TX History Museum invitation-only reception celebrating la Belle restoration by Dr. Jim Bruseth & fund-development author Toni S. Turner; tour of EmanciPe+ clinic

September 2014:  14-person reunion at Central Market in Austin & then to Reggie Walker’s family-only, wedding reception banquet in Pflugerville.

August 25, 2014:  Rotary District 5730 Governor Nominee Susan Elle Brints from Lubbock.

August 10, 2014:  Phi Beta Kappan Virginia Downs & TTU Philosophy Chair Dr. Mark Webb from Lubbock.

July 24, 2014: & 512-471-0609 & 312-420-8630; 300 W. Dean Keeton St., A0900; Austin  78712; College of Communication.  Jade & Nicole:  two, cat-admiring, grade-school-aged granddaughters with grandparents FBG Morning Rotary Club Pres. Karen Pooser & FBG Evening / Nimitz Rotary Club Founding Pres. Zach Pooser

July 23, 2014:  Mark Griffith, Santa Fe, NM (son of Pat Jordan & the recently late Paul Griffith, brother of The Rotary Club of Lubbock / CEO Roundtable friend Richard Griffith)

July 5, 2014:  Past Rotary D5730 Treasurer & Past Pres. Breedlove Inc. Lon Miller & Past Pres. Lubbock Women’s Club Gertrude Miller at FBG Dairy Queen during FBG Morning Rotary DQ – Skate Park S’Mores blizzard day.

June 14, 2014:  come-&-go coffee at Central Market near 38th & Lamar in Austin for Alice’s Austin-years’ friends:  1987-2004 & beyond:  Darleen Martin Gilmore, Muslima Ramadan, “Capital” Gaines Bagby, Lynn Denton, a former roommate of Lynn Denton,  Bill Mulaine, Lanie Tankard, John & Kay Camden, Ray Alvarez, Liz Brandt Althaus; … followed by Reggie & Diana Walker’s full-course buffet / wedding reception in Pflugerville

June 10, 2014:  lunch guests of Barry Silverberg at Barrett’s on NW corner of Anderson Lane & Burnet Rd.  in Austin

May 2014:  luncheon for Alice White & Liz Althaus at the home of Alice’s circa ’94 TX Dept. of Health / Shots Across Texas infant immunization campaign  / UT Austin Journalism graduate-student intern Michelle Gray (Stanford alumna) & Joan King Holtzman (composer & lyricist of the Shots Across Texas song; Northwestern & Stanford alumna) at mansion on City Park Rd.-area.  “Welcome!” plate of dessert & fruits from neighbor Von Boling.

April 2014:  Alicia Knight from TTUS / Lubbock; next-door-neighbor Von; adopted cousins Mary Beth Inman & Judy Bowyer from Lubbock; Kathy & Dr. Doug Stocco from Lubbock; Christy Passmore from Chi Omega Foundation in Nashville, TN:  lunch with Rene Cameron & Christy at Peach Tree & dinner party at Rene Cameron’s home with 34-or-so area Chi Omega alumnae to honor Christy.

March 2014:  Dawn Kelley & Marcus Borhani; Barbara Ward & her 2 childhood friends from Austin; [almost visit:  Demetria Hill Sloan & family from FLA]; [almost visit:  Humane Society of West Texas friends Mary Hatfield, Beverley & other HSWT volunteer Beverly].

Feb. 2014:  Realtor Cookie Althaus & Dudley; Trenton Cornehl, Windcrest HOA Pres. Jerry Smith, PR person for Windcrest Home Owners’ Assoc., neighbor Jeanne Thomas; via Hoelke (OK, ’64 high school) volunteer driver to Austin:  at Austin ophthalmologist’s waiting room:  Lupe Mandujano Garcia & Toni Turner; Dr. Baird Helfrich & FBG friend Dr. Max & Kathy Webel, plus Rene Brooks & Roger Cameron (Rene, formerly of Hart, TX (near Dimmitt):  Chi Omega Foundation Trustee & former Trustee University Center Foundation & former job-placement for exiting-military personnel & husband Roger Cameron; 1827 Pfiester Rd. FBG; 830-997-7594 & 830-285-7594;; FBG-area Panhellenic Pres. Judy Hickerson & decades’-long friend Bob Hickerson; Chi Omega Alumnae Past Pres. Liz Brandt Althaus.  Housewarming bouquet from Rotary D5730 Foundation Chair Katie Salter, husband John Salter & canine daughter Astro.

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