Windcrest Neighbors in SW FBG, TX

1-’17 updates of page 1:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

86+ e-addresses of Windcrest neighbors in SW FBG, TX:  7-’16:

8304563115@MMS.ATT.Net;;;; APValentine@SBCGlobal.Net;; Berta40@CTESC.Net;;;;; CDavenport@BeeCreek.Net;;;;;;; CQuindry@AccessUS.Net;;;;; DavidMKempJr@HCTC.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Jolly6@EarthLink.Net;;  JSchrock@SBCGlobal.Net; JSchssch@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; RSnowden@BeeCreek.Net;;;;;;;;;

on corner near tennis courts:  David Elkins:; 281-908-3471;

Mary Moran (1st home at the top of the Windcrest hill) married Jack Schrock, owner of to-be-sold rent home across from Von Boling.

Voter registration for newcomers: www.SOS.State.TX.US/elections/voter/reqvr.shtml

former neighbors next to Pam Kneese Bergman:;   Ingrid, Brian, daughter & son, who moved to their new home in Boot Ranch, 6-’16

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