Chi Omega & Panhellenic alumnae in Fredericksburg. Kerrville, San Antonio-areas & KU  Need a better reason to join a sorority, other than joining a life-long support system where you’ll meet amazing friends & have endless networking opportunities, have countless opportunities to give back to your community & develop leadership skills? The National Panhellenic Conference & the North-American Interfraternity Conference partnered with Gallup Education to measure the relationship between the college experience & critical lifetime outcomes.

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What was discovered?   Sorority membership is directly related to women having higher well-being after their college years in all of the following five areas.

  1. Purpose
  2. Social
  3. Financial
  4. Community
  5. Physical

The research also found that members of sororities develop characteristics that contribute to their success professionally & personally during their college years & afterwards, too. In fact, more fraternity & sorority members (37 percent) strongly agree that their institution prepared them for life after college than all other college graduates (27 percent).
By joining a sorority, you grow in your leadership skills & personal development through a variety of opportunities. You attend regular meetings, can hold officer positions & sit on committees that mimic real-world experiences. These experiences that you get to participate in during your college years help with the transition to the workplace. It becomes less intimidating & more exciting. As a member of a sorority, you also learn the importance of working together with many different types of people. This helps you learn to work efficiently & effectively to create change or accomplish a task.
The sorority experience provides members with valuable skills that last a lifetime. The research revealed that 16 percent of graduates who participated in fraternal organizations had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their dreams. And 43% of members who are employed full-time are engaged in the workplace, compared to 38 percent of other college graduates who are employed full-time.
Sorority membership during the collegiate years provides long-term success for members long after graduation by providing an authentic community where young women can grow into future leaders. Why don’t you join the community & reap the benefits?

Want to learn more about sorority life?

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*  Rene, 12-yr. member, Hill Country University Center Foundation, from NW TX “Hart” — near Chancellor’s hometown of Dimmitt; Rene & husband Roger Cameron (who hunts with Lubbock Rotarian Dr. Baird Helfich & Baird’s long-time, medical-school friend Dr. Max Webel — both from ILL) owned & operated a job-placement business for retiring military officers; Dr. Max Webel is 3-’14 new member of Monday Rotary Club.  Monday Rotary Club visitor Kathy Webel invited me to 3-5-’14 dinner with these five wonderful friends at The Navajo Grill.

Panhellenic in The Hill Country

Judy Hickerson <>; Anna Osborn <>; Barbara Heinen <>; Betty Clyburn <>; Bobbie Heller <>; Brenda Pruneda <>; Camille Williamson <>; Carla Hall <>; Carol Arnold <>; Carrie Torti <>; Deana Blackburn <>; Judy Pace <>; June Kaderli <>; Karen Ledbetter <>; Kathy Thomas  <>; Kim Houy <>; Liz Althaus <>; Liz Wunderlich <>; Lynn Loggie <>; Nelwyn Clack <>; Pam Spruiell <>; Pat McConnell <>; Patrice Doerries <>; Ria Henderson <>; Sara Scott <>; Sharon Mock <>; Shirley Beckemeier <>; Susan Rees <>; Susie McCormack <>

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