accomplishments during 9 yr. in Lubbock, TX

With gratitude to Life (including gratitude to the TTU System for having moved me to Lubbock, TX, USA, in Nov. ’04):  in various year(s) since 2005, I have been volunteering with 23 non-profit/community-service organizations/programs/projects.  I currently serve on board/committee &/or in an officer/ officer-like capacity &/or participate daily/weekly:

[1-6]  Humane Society of West  [a] two furever cats ranging in age from 3-yr.-old to 11-yr.-old; & ’13 HSWT endowment at Lubbock Area Foundation in honor of Mary Hatfield, Beverley Nichols, Sherrie Davis, Dr. Jorgelina Orfila, Paula Yeager, Gail Anderson, Rachel Marcum, Mary Ann Wilkinson, Melanie Smith, Lauren Sanderson, Lisa Smith & other volunteers @$33K; also, Dog & Cat Welfare:  [b & c] at the Lubbock Area Foundation:  Lubbock Animal Services @$168+K (including $50K matching money from The CH Foundation) &  Dr. Alice Virginia White Dog & Cat Endowment @$107K; [d] at the Austin Community Foundation @$107K; [e] at Dodge City, Kansas’ Arthur E. & Cornelia C. Scroggins Foundation:  $100K; & [f] Wichita Community Foundation$106K; & [g-i] @$10K with The Chi Omega Foundation, below;


[2] Oct. ’10-’13:  146 in-home foster kittens’ & cats’ placements; beginning Oct. ’13:  2 $pon$ored dogs & + 30+ $pon$ored cats; hilarious & true, herding-cats video-spoof that reminds me of my foster-cat home:


[3] ’12-’13: co-advised inaugural Texas Tech University Student Government Association’s TTU Feral Cat Program (Inaugural President Chi Omega  including community & student volunteers who Trap-Neuter-Release cats & care for 11 TTU feral-cat feeding stations across campus 7-’13 & cooperated with 6-cat TTU re-location program 6-’13; see TV interviews with basic information about feral cats: & select “In the News” from the left-hand menu & then click on a title above the video screen ;


[4] provide training, loaned 18 live traps & pre-paid for 100 HSWT spay/neuter/rabies vaccination vouchers @$67 to community volunteers who maintain feral-cat colonies;


[5 & 6] ’96-’13:  e-connected/cross-posted [4+ hr./day ’10-’13] with animal lovers to locate foster, rescue, adoption &/or transport for dogs, cats & other beloved animals;


[7] ’06-’13:  posted daily animal e-messages onto this blog that receives 40+ daily visits;


[8-11];  member since 6-’06 of 134-member, club since 1921:  [a & b]Rotary Club of Lubbock Foundation Inc.:  President, ’13-’14; Treasurer, ’12-’13; Vice Chair, ’11-’12; & grant-selection committee, ’10-’13; The Rotary Club of Lubbock: ’13-’16 board; Foundation & Bylaws Committees, ’13-’14;  Greeter, ’12-’13;  Rotary/South Plains Food Bank:  Diekemper luncheon chair, ’11-’13; & Golf Tournament committee, 07; newsletter editor, ’07-’10; one-week hostess for Group Study Exchange visitor from Australia, ’08; Paul Harris Fellow, Paul Harris Society, White Hat Society, Major Donor & 12-’13 Arch C. Klumpf Society via $251K (including two $91K TRF endowments to benefit D5730 community & global projects — in honor of spouses, family & friends of 5730 Governors; & to provide matching money for D5730 new Paul Harris Fellows — in honor of 5730 Governors & Assistant Governors) ; liaison among then-four Rotary Clubs in Lubbock — for ’07 Shrimp Bowl fund-raiser; [c]  Rotary District 5730’s Paul Harris representative: ’11-’13 with 4 new 100% Paul Harris Fellow Clubs (Borger: 8-30-’11; Levelland Breakfast: 10-1-’11; my own Rotary Club of Lubbock, 6-’13; & Midland West, 6-’13);  The Rotary Foundation Chair for D5730, ’13-’16; DG Anderson’s 51-club itinerary liaison,  ’12-’13; & [d] TX Immunization Partnership, ’12;  ’13-’14

Members, The Rotary Club of Lubbock:  Scott McLaughlin:; Dr. Alwyn Barr:  ANBarr@SBCGlobal.Net; Dr. / Col. Audrey McCool:  BMcCool@EarthLink.Net;;; Supt. / Dr. Berhl Robertson:; Bill Askins:  IBBil@SBCGlobal.Net; Bill Grisham:;;; BillRussell@RansomCanyon.Net; Bill Waller:; Brad Farrar:; Bruce Thornton:;;; Charles Fisher:  CEFLMF@NTS-OnLine.Net;;; Danny Johnston:; Ass’t. Supt. Darryl Flusche:  DFlusche@Frenship.US;  Dr. David Hentges:;; Supt. / Dr. David Vroonland:  DVroonland@Frenship.US; David Weaver:; Debbie Mattson:; DeeBeam@ATT.Net; Dennis Wall:; DickMose@SuddenLink.Net; Don Enger:; Don Richardson:; Dr. DonaldRMay@SBCGlobal.Net; Pres. / Dr.;; Eric Robinson:; Floyd Stumbo:; FoleyFrank@SBCGlobal.Net);  Dr. Fred Hartmeister:  FredHart15@Prodigy.Net; Garrett Morgan:;  Dr.; Gary McCoy:;; Greg Moore:;  Dr.;;; Jack Nelson:;  Dr. James Carpenter:  JWCarpenter@SuddenLink.Net;  James Pipkin:  JVPipkin@SBCGlobal.Net; Dr.; Jerry Bell:  JerryLennardBell@SBCGlobal.Net;   The Rev. / Dr. Jim Haney:; Jim Reardon:; Joe Dale Bryan:  JAJDB@SuddenLink.Net; Joe Puckett:;; John Cassel:  J.Cassel@ATT.Net;  Prof. / Dr.; Katie Salter, CPA:; Keith Larremore:;;; Dr. / Dir. ESC XVII Kyle Wargo:  KWargo@ESC17.Net; Larry Doss:; Latrelle Joy:;;; Mark Clark:; Max Tarbox:; Michael Scott Fanning:; Michele Victory:  WhitV@SBCGlobal.Net; Dr. / Head Master Mike Bennett:; Mike Phelps:; Dr., Monte Monroe:; Morris Wilkes:  MWilkes@WilkesCompany.Net; Niel Moore:; Norris Fanning:; Norval Pollard:; Owen Hamilton:; PDG Paul Anderson:; Dr.;; Regina Johnston, CPA:;;; Ross Narvaeth, AIA:; Charles Joplin:; Sam Dunn:  SDunn@RJDM.Net; SidChance@SuddenLink.Net;  USN Submarine Commander / Dr. / County Medical Examiner & Automotive Engineer Sridhar Natarajan:;  Frank Stogner,; Editor;;  Terry Waldren:; Timothy G. Wooten, CPA:;  Councilman; Dr. / Veterinarian Tom Neal:  CFCNeal@SuddenLink.Net;  Police Chief Tom Nichols:;  Delta Tau Delta Nat. Alumni Pres. Tommy Turner, JD:; Tony Ellison, JD:; Tommy Swann:; Vicki Love:;  US Gen. & Past Dean of TTU Law School; Exec. Dir.:  Karen Watts:  LubbockRotary@SBCGlobal.Net;


Rotary Zone DGs, PDGs,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; To:


[12] ’08- ($250/yr. Century Club-member since circa ’10 to benefit TX Lions Camp since ’11 & $10K endowment in ’12 for local Lions Club Foundation); & a Lion mascot at ’10, ’11 &’14 Pancake Festivals;


[13] PBK Association of West Texas & Eastern New Mexico, ’12 national first-place award with $1,000 prize from The Phi Beta Kappa Society:  ’12 & ’13 Outreach Vice President, ’08 & ’09 president; ’08 & ’10 founder of two $85K endowments: & [2 @$50K + $25K matching money from The CH Foundation) at the Lubbock Area Foundation for High School Academic Excellence Award program now @$91K & personalized keys for Lambda of TX members now @$83K; ’13: PBK Assoc. of W. TX & E. NM Endowment at Lubbock Area Foundation to benefit Literary Lubbock in honor of Dr. Mary Jane Gaines Hurst & Dr. Barbara Brannon @$5K;  ’12-’14:  $85+K Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association Academic Achievement Scholarship endowment at the Texas Tech Foundation; & $31K Phi Beta Kappa Alumni of Greater Austin endowment at the Austin Community Foundation since circa ’98; & PBK / TTU Signma Delta Pi from below:  ’12 founder of $10K endowment for Sigma Delta Pi Spanish-language honor society  in honor of Dr. Comfort Awoti Pratt to celebrate the ’12 BEST in nation of SDP, Phi Beta Kappa Assoc. of W. TX & E. NM & the Lambda of TX Phi Beta Kappa chapter (sheltered by faculty/staff at TX Tech); $5K The Phi Beta Kappa Association of West Texas & Eastern New Mexico endowment to benefit GO Theatre (Education:  GO Get It!) outreach (theatre arts outreach for underserved, youth — via in-school / CLASS:  Community Learning with Academic Solutions School & after-school enrichment in all dimensions of theatre arts) at the Lubbock Area Foundation … in honor of Dr. Kathy Hicks, Texas Arts Commissioner Mila Gibson, &  Professor Gerald  Dolter, Meals on Wheels’ Lisa Gilliland, Hombres Nobles Foundation & Champions Noe & Sylvia Brito & Latino Lubbock Publisher & Founder Christy Martinez-Martinez.  $10K pledge +$10K match:  The Phi Beta Kappa Association of West Texas & Eastern New Mexico endowment to benefit GO Center (Education:  GO Get It!) Knight Raiders / Texas Tech Chess Team outreach with underserved, youth — via in-school / CLASS:  Community Learning with Academic Solutions School & after-school enrichment — in all dimensions of international chess competition … in honor of Dr. Hal Karlsson, Grandmaster Susan Polgar & Publicist Paul Truong;  $5K The Phi Beta Kappa Association of West Texas & Eastern New Mexico endowment to benefit Lubbock Symphony Orchestra youth outreach — via in-school / CLASS:  Community Learning with Academic Solutions School & after-school enrichment — in all dimensions of music, performance, conducting, marketing, appreciation … at the Lubbock Area Foundation in honor of Maestro David Cho & Box Officer Manager Gloria Cho; pending $5K Phi Beta Kappa Association of West Texas & Eastern New Mexico endowment to benefit Achievement Rewards for College Scientists – Lubbock Chapter” at the Lubbock Area Foundation;


[14] (CEO Roundtable founded 1968:  communications liaison since Jan. ’09; CEO Roundtable funds $105K/Faver-Hanslik & $156K/Freeman endowed scholarships for TTU Honors College students — including ’11 $12.5K matching money from the Adolph Hanslik Estate & ’12-’14 $30K pledge for $30K match; & Honors College scholarship committee); ’11 Reality Check for GenTX Summit; ’13:  Rhodes Scholar committee; MentorTECH “Networking” & follow up with 5+ students;


[15] ’11 $10K Kelley Pitts endowment for ’11 & ’14, board member; $10K pledge + $10K matching:  The Trenton, Amanda, Jackson, Weston & Ashton Cornehl endowed scholarship for undergraduate Honors College students in English – in honor of Phi Beta Kappans Dr. Mary Jane Gaines Hurst, Dr. Jennifer Snead, Virginia Downs & Texas Tech Phi Beta Kappa faculty, staff, administrators & students; $10K pledge + $10K matching:  Dr. Helen Morrow & Jan d’Orsay Medical Social Workers    endowed scholarship for undergraduate students in Social Work – in honor of Marie Evans, Joan Brazil McCarthy, Dr. Lynn Stone, Toni S. Turner, Beverly Williams & Lupe Mandujano Garcia.


[16]  ’07-’13, founding secretary, 5.5-yr. board member & ’10 goodwill visitor to Honduras; endowment at Lubbock Area Foundation @$6K toward $100K Community Challenge grant = The CH Foundation match @$50K;


[17]  recruit, oversee & proactively e-connect with 858+ GO Centers (Education:  GO Get It!) since ’08; circa ’07 $10K donation to fulfill THECB requirements for $50K grant + $200+K grants in later years;


[18]  daily care & feeding of this blog that receives 40+ daily visits since 10-’06;


[19] ’09-’14 SPC Foundation Board member (’13 founder of SPC & TTU Honors College endowment to benefit The Institute of the Study of Western Civilization at the Lubbock Area Foundation @$5K; ’10 founder of two Phi Theta Kappa scholarship endowments @$13+K in honor of Lambda of Texas/TTU Phi Beta Kappa chapter & the PBK Alumni Association of W. TX & E. NM; ’11 Pacesetter award; ’07 $10K endowment & ’09 $10K donation in honor of Jill Berset & staff to benefit student(s) at the SPC / Lubbock Indep. School District Byron Martin Technology Center;


[20] weekly-meeting participation with & [21] multi-year sponsor of dozens of sponsees with; &


[22] ’07-’13:  AREDS national eye-research subject (regularly scheduled eye appointments, follow-up phone calls, vitamin regime; also, 24+ eye injections & 3 surgeries); &

[23] frequent, one-time activities:  24 presentations to Rotary District & Rotary clubs; with 27 additional &/or previous affiliations/ service/ collaboration:  ’12:  Life / Patron member of the Lubbock Women’s Club; ’12:  Mistress of Ceremonies for 275-guest Hispanic Association of Women scholarship gala & in ’13: $5K Hispanic Association of Women – Lubbock for HAW’s programmatic, scholarship & other purposes in honor or in memory of my Spanish or Latin teachers Mr. Hiebert at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School in San Diego, CA; Miss Neville & Angela Stratton at East High School in Wichita, KS; Dr. Michael Doudorff, Dr. Cherrie Soper, Dr. Julian Companys, Ms. Elena Puigdomenech, Dr. Vernon Chamberlin, Dr. Domingo Ricart at The University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS; roommates Joy E. Miller & Connie L. Obertino, Barcelona, Spain; student-teaching cooperating faculty Willella Curnutt at Independence, MO, High School in Kansas City, MO;  Texas Tech University faculty Dr. Harley Oberhelman, Orden de Don Quijote; continuous, national award-winning TTU Sigma Delta Pi Chapter advisor Dr. Comfort Awotwi Pratt in Lubbock, TX; TTU alumna Lupe Mandujano Garcia with the Texas Department of State Health Services in Austin, TX; & Senora Anne Tait Woods from 6th-grade CO-ED at St. James Episcopal Church in Wichita, KS.


’10 & ’12 invited speaker A Unique Vision for Financial Abundance:  Dare to deeply trust yourself & align your financial investing strategies with your true interests, natural talents & life-fulfilling longing — across all dimensions of life … while allowing eternal principles to compound abundance:  Lubbock Women’s Club, CEO Roundtable & other groups;  ’12 Gold Medal Communicator Award from the Lubbock Chapter of Women in Communications Assoc. (also, Austin, TX, WICI internship-placement board member, circa ’89 & ’90); Vice Chair pro tempore, June ’11- Feb. ’12 & life member Texas Aviation Heritage Foundation Inc.:; & ’13 AAUW endowment at the Lubbock Area Foundation in honor of Dr. Lane Powell, Joy Vann, Cathy Allen & Lucy Barrington @$25K; Branch Secretary, 2nd half of ’11 & Scholarship Endowment Campaign committee, ’12;  ’12 national, BEST / first-place award with $1K prize from The Phi Beta Kappa Society: ’07 founding member; ’09 & ’10 Historian; Wheatley Elementary School Community OP Committee & two-year poetry-contest judge, ’09 & ’10; secretary ’08-’10; board member through ’11 & $10K grant donor in ’08; ’08-’12:  TTU College of Education Advisory Board: & ’12 founder of $10K endowment for Sigma Delta Pi Spanish-language honor society  in honor of Dr. Comfort Pratt to celebrate the ’12 BEST in nation of SDP, Phi Beta Kappa Assoc. of W. TX & E. NM & the Lambda of TX Phi Beta Kappa chapter (sheltered by faculty/staff at TX Tech) & ’07-’09; founder of one endowed graduate scholarship @$10.25K in honor of Dean Sheryl Santos, Morgan Mercer, Jill Binder, Irene Cox & Liz Hall-Burns within  Texas Tech Foundation for three community-college transfer / $1-for$1 match scholarship endowments in honor of [1] The Floris Jean & Martin Hampton Family @$20K +$10K pledge + $10K Talkington match;  [2] Sheryl Cooke Henderson Epperson @$20K + $10K pledge + $10K Talkington match; & [3] the Humane Society of West Texas:  Mary V. Hatfield, Dr. Maggie Durham & Ms. Jennifer Timmer @$33+K + $10K pledge + $10K Talkington match; ’09-’11, statewide Human Sciences advisory board; Understand Our World, ’09 & ’10; TX Nonprofit Management Network ’10-’11; ’10-’11 (founder of former $10K ’11, PBK Lambda of TX & PBK Assoc. of W. TX & E. NM / SPICE endowment that in ’12 was transferred into the TX Tech Foundation’s PBK Association scholarship endowment); South Plains Tech Prep Board member, ’07-’11; (member since ’05 & founder of two $10K EASI endowed scholarships in honor of Rich Baker, Cory Powell, Eric Strong & other friends); ’05-’11; (Honorary Charter member since ’07 & annual scholarship donor); founder of various endowments; ($1K/year member, Chancellor’s Council since ’05; member, Enrollment Taskforces:  African American, Hispanic & International Students ’07-’09; founder of two $10K + $10K + $10K matching endowed scholarships with $1-to-$1 matching money from the LaMunyon Family & The J.T. & Margaret Talkington bequest:  Alice White & Lynn Denton friendship endowment & in honor of Janie Landin Ramirez); (elected into membership of national collegiate Hispanic Honor Society’s Alpha Phi Chapter/TTU, ’09); (elected into membership of the Llano Estacado Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, international, professional education society, ’10); (Lubbock Chapter lifetime, ’11/member since ’08); (member since ’05; Community Champion Award, ’11); (Texas Public Health Assoc. Life/Fellow since ’05 & member since 1994); ’13 Lubbock Area Foundation endowment to benefit East Lubbock / Avenue A. Gateway Project in honor of Eric Emmerson Strong & Maria Lopez Strong @$10K.


Initiated into lifetime membership in ’65 into the Lambda Chapter at the University of Kansas:; founding president, Chi Omega Alumnae of Western Kansas; lifetime member, Austin Chi O alumnae; member, Lubbock Chi Omega Alumnae.  Lead, Serve, Give.  Three $10K Chi Omega Foundation endowments to support Chi O collegians in the

[a] Kappa Zeta Chapter at Texas Tech University Honors College who volunteer with TTU Feral Cat Program or the Humane Society of West Texas — in honor of now-late Lubbock alumna Jayne Ann Miller;

[b] Iota Chapter at The University of Texas at Austin Plan B / Honors Program who volunteer with local animal-welfare organization(s) — in honor of Chi Omega Alumnae Association in Austin; & [c] Lambda Chapter at The University of Kansas honors program who volunteer with local animal-welfare organization(s) — in honor of Chi Omega alumnae from 1965-1968.  fyi, Chi Omega resources for students, parents, family, alumnae & media:  leadership development, risk-management workshops, educational speakers, educational grants, emergency financial help for alumnae & prevention information at


Wichita (KS) Community Foundation endowments:  Animal Welfare Endowment circa ’07 @$112K (above) & ’13 East High Class of 1964 Endowment @$52+K in honor of all classmates (including Anne Tait, Barb Brasfield Hoffmann, Vicki Bowdish Dean, Barb Ross Scott, Janice Mendenhall-Regenstein, Janet Osborne, Patti Robbins Froelich, Melody Preddy Harmata, Susie Wolf Anderson, Betty Luellen-Clark, Nicki Wolf Nelson, Jane Willis, Sid Moore & John Johnston).


Dodge City Community College Endowment Association:  in honor of Marietta & Gene Kirk Family @$10K to benefit nursing students.   $5K Kansas University Alumni Association – West Chapter endowment in honor of The Floris Jean & Marvin Hampton Family to benefit DCCC Student Government Association students.  $5K Kansas University Alumni Association – West Chapter endowment to benefit DCCC in honor of William Bunyan (Distinguished Alumnus & KU Alumni Association Board of Directors) & Susan Bunyan to benefit DCCC Phi Theta Kappa honor society students.  $5K  Kansas University Alumni Association – West Chapter endowment to benefit DCCC in memory of Camilla Luther Cave (Distinguished Alumna) & Ellis Cave (KU Alumni Association Board of Directors) to benefit DCCC Hispanic Student Association students.

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