Seeking re$ource$ for aged-out foster youth & resources available for all folks in need

Re$ource$ needed for GO Center #489:  Sondra’s Song, &  Providing services to children/young adults exiting the foster-care system.  Soar 2 Succeed  Defend the poor & fatherless. Psalms 82:3


• Raise $170,000 for property. (HOME, attached, will house up to 10 youth during their transition from foster care to independency

• Provide one-on-one mentors (6 mo.–18 mo.)

• Teach communication skills, budgeting;  find a life-purpose passion & create an individual plan for each participant.

RAI$ED TO DATE:   $50,000 Toward updating property   $ 5,000 Furniture to furnish property   $ Telephone, internet & security   $ Police officer on site   $ Saving matched up to $500 for each youth in our program


2.  Find out how to connect your clients / consumers / families to Charity-Tracker / community resources for folks in need via &/or & 806-589-5919.


3.  Volunteer &/or donate to GO Center #498.  Texas Boys Ranch, Inc., & Stephen P. Warren ( & 806-241-5934 & 806-773-2444.  One place.  One story.  One child at a time.  Helping abused & neglected children in the South Plains region of West Texas.

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