2 Idalou family members battling cancer; & your support for foster youth

1.  To contribute for medical expenses of a family with two members’ battling cancerhttps://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/4zs3/erin-turner-s-medical-expense-fund?tm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fb_share_stream.share&utm_campaign=receipt_t1&og_action=hug&t=3&fb_ref=1765928

Details:    Idalou mother & son both battling cancer  Reported by: Ashley   Claster  Email: aclaster@fox34.com    Print Story  Published: 1/20 10:15   pm   Updated: 1/20 10:29 pm  Connect with Ashley Claster   on Facebook and Twitter!The past two years have been a roller coaster for the Turner family. Last   August, mother-of-two Erin Turner was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid   Leukemia.     “It was an extra shock for us, since   we’ve dealt with this before with our son. He was diagnosed with leukemia   about two years ago from the day that I was diagnosed,” Erin   said.     Five-year-old Cole was diagnosed with Acute   Lymphoblastic Leukemia in September of 2011. Thankfully, he only has one year   left of his monthly treatments.     “It’s been   really tough,” Erin’s husband Jody Turner said. “I mean, everything   with him, and now we’re going through the same thing with   her.”     “I have to rely on my husband for so   much. My daughter has come through, helping take care of her brother and me.   She’s been amazing,” Erin said.    “They’re at the   hospital, and I don’t get to see them so much. Hard time,” Erin’s   daughter Katelyn Turner said.   Especially hard on eight-year-old   Katelyn and Cole who will be living with their grandparents while their mom   will be away from home over the next several months.      “Right now, I’m getting ready to have a bone marrow transplant in San   Antonio. It’s scary, but I’m ready to get it over with, and just get on with   everything,” Erin said.   The Turners have been challenged by   this disease, both emotionally and financially, but they are a lesson to   everyone around them of hope and love.   “The time that we got   now, we’ll cherish it, go to the next day, and look forward to the next   blessing,” Jodi said.   “Just trying to get through this   bone marrow transplant, right now. Hopefully after that’s done, I will be in   remission,” Erin said. “We still have to get through the year of treatment   with my son. Then hopeful after that, life will get back to a more normal   pace, I hope.”   A more normal pace for a family who is more   like a team. They support each other through every obstacle life throws at   them.   These are two parents who are Texas Tech graduates, both   working people with insurance, who have been devastated and overwhelmed with   medical bills and hospital stays. But, the Turner’s say fighting this battle   apart from their children is one of the hardest parts.   Their   friends set up a website where you can donate to help with medical bills and   flights, so their kids can visit Erin while she goes through treatment over   the next three months.   If you would like to donate, click here.     Or copy this link into your   browser:


2.  Contact Kami.Jackson@BCFS.Net or 806-781-1179 (http://discoverbcfs.net/Lubbock) to find out how to best support The Lubbock Transition Center:  a comprehensive resource center for foster youth.  The LTC provides services to assist youth in unfortunate situations to function as normally as possible. The majority of these youth stay in the Lubbock area, so supporting the Lubbock Transition Center is an indirect way of improving the quality of life of many of the less fortunate citizens of Lubbock.

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