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You & your guests are perpetually invited to participate in Saturday luncheons, 11:30a at the CEO Roundtable at the Hillcrest Country Club, 4011 N. Boston Ave./Lubbock  (northwest TX-area).  Ask Dr. for speakers’ schedule & to be added to the weekly e-invitation listYour GPS can’t help , so please use  these directions: from 4th St./Marsha Sharp Freeway, go northward on University Ave. past North Loop 289 & past the Lubbock State Living Facility; turn left/west onto Newcomb Ave. & proceed westward approximately four long blocks – directly into the parking lot of the Hillcrest Country Club; enter the door at the north end of the building & continue westward through the foyer toward the Roundtable’s serving line.  Saturday luncheons are great way to [1] learn more about current global/US/Texas/Lubbock issues/events in depth & in a more personal way from our subject-matter-expert speakers; [2] feel deeply at home in Lubbock; & [3] meet accomplished people who may become lifetime friends.  There are usually 20-25 of us in attendance at the CEO Roundtable. Most of us wear business attire. No Rsvp is necessary. Show up whenever your schedule allows, feel free to bring guest(s) & e-forward or print-&-mail this invitation to all who may be interested. You, too, can become a Roundtable “regular” — just by attending.  Everyone — eating or not — pays a flat $15 fee — with extra proceeds going to the Dudley E. Faver/Adolph Hanslik endowed scholarship to benefit TTU Honors College students.

Sondra’s Song, S2S, Soar to Succeed program   Defending the cause of the weak & fatherless: maintaining the rights of the poor & oppressed.   Delivering them from the hand of the wicked” Psalms 82:3-4.  Young Adults leaving “AGING OUT” from the foster care agencies.  Immediate & on-going FUNDS are being requested  to purchase a home as our first transitional home.  $150,000.   The home is move-in ready.  It’s divided into two sections with separate kitchens.   Room for 8-10 people.   DONATE!    No amount is too big or too small.  IT ALL COUNTS.   Mail donations to Sondra’s Song, PO Box 64042, Lubbock, TX 79424.  For more information:  806-790-1962 or

in southeast Lubbock:  Contact if you / your organization can adopt-a-day to serve hot, nutritious meals prepared by the South Plains Food Bank / Kids Café to 40 kids at the Cricket Court apartments week daily, 4:30-6p.

Seeking speaking opportunitiesGO Center Sponsor Dr. GO Center #388.  The Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, & & 806-742-1828.  Dedicating to reviving the study of Western Civilization throughout American Academe.  Serving American education via conferences, publications, Web site & on-line networks linking scholars & students at every academic level.  Engaging the public-at-large through talks & presentations to civic groups, Web-based resources for independent learning & field seminars for Texas Tech alumni & others interested in deepening their knowledge of Western civilization & its realization in the US.  – in a spirit of appreciation of Western civilization’s vast achievements, tempered by the recognition that Western civilization has, like all human ventures, been marred by failings sometimes equal in depth to the heights it has scaled.  The Institute will recognize the great accomplishments of other civilizations & culture, aiming through scholarly comparison to learn from them & learn more about the West itself via forums for all interested in Western civilization – whatever their view of its history & nature – to engage in the reasoned, open & informed debate that ennobles academic life & should always be at its heart.

Raiders Rojos’ $500 scholarships for eligible Hispanic/Latino students at TX Tech: & click on program for the scholarship application & eligibility requirements.  Applicants must have completed one full semester of coursework at Texas Tech by Aug. 2014.     Deadline to receive applications is Sept 23.  Emailed submissions will be accepted as signed.  Please pass along this opportunity to interested students.  Last year, twenty students representing TTUHSC, TTU, Law School, both graduate and undergraduate were awarded a Raiders Rojos Scholarship in the amount of $500 each.    Scholarship donors and recipients will be recognized during Homecoming pre-game festivities in October.  Recipients must attend the pre-game festivities to receive the scholarship and meet the donors. See our pre-game video featured on the website. Please note:  NO handwritten applications will be reviewed.

$30K master’s-level, global scholarships through The Rotary Foundation (below, for your convenience); get started now:  1-847-866-3000 &/or visit

Anytime!  Refer children with disabilities for free summer camps (waiting list for children with diabetes): or 830-896-8500; & RBHL@SuddenLink.Net or 806-797-7652.  Outdoor, summer camping on 504 acres of hills & woods; health-education & camp-graduation experiences for Texas children with disabilities – creating an atmosphere where campers will learn the “can do” philosophy & be allowed to achieve maximum personal growth & self-esteem; also, specialized camp for children with diabetes.  Offering special children the opportunity to be “just a regular kid” for a week:  swimming, music, photography, horseback riding, sports nature studies, arts & crafts, sleeping under the star, boating, high & low ropes course, archery.  Children have learned to ride horses, swim, camp & meet other children with similar circumstances.  Eligibility:  children 7-16 years old with any of these conditions:  asthma, amputee, blind/vision impaired, burns, heart problems, deaf/hearing impaired, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cancer/tumor, lupus, muscular dystrophy, mute, polio, partial paralysis, rickets, scoliosis, sickle cell, stroke, Legg-Perthes, Charcot-Marie-Tooth; 8-15 years old with diabetes.

All the time!  No-charge, engaging education & college-going resources for your youth audiences & their families:  [1] & select “Request Materials” bar from the upper, right-hand side of page; [2] from US Department of Education:  Orders@FSAPubs.Gov or 1-800-394-7084;

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