Job-description draft for TTU Feral Cat Program:

Texas Tech Feral Cat Program seeks cat-loving, student leaders for immediate Officer-Elect positions

Begin immediately by serving as [insert here:  ’13-’14 year; fall-semester spring-semester; summer-session], volunteer-shadow with outgoing [insert here:  president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.] & other Feral Cat Program campus volunteers.  Assume [insert here:  respective officer position(s) needed] position in Dec. 2013 (continuing through subsequent-years’ election of officers).

Contact ’13-’14 President &/or Faculty Advisor Dr. or visit to get details about the fulfillment, challenges, time requirements … or to offer your immediate [insert here:  respective officer position(s) needed]-elect services.

TTU staff-volunteers:

Drane Hall: & 806-834-3716; & 834-4306; & 806-834-3745.

Benefits to volunteers

  • Professional work experience for your resume, job or college / graduate-school entrance application(s) or honor-society’s community-service requirements;
  • Letter of reference or support:  based on volunteer’s level of effectiveness, efficiency, initiative & continuous quality improvements.

Long-term volunteer opportunities, based on volunteer’s interests, skills, goals & availability

  • Refresh weekly:  up to 11 feral cats’ feeding stations across TX Tech Univ. campus
  • Provide weekly:  15+ lb. sack(s) of crunchy cat food for TTU Feral Cat Program
  • Coordinate the loan & return of six live traps & no-charge / $67-value Humane Society of West Texas feral-cat spay/neuter/rabies-vaccination vouchers via Dr.
  • Design, create & post pre-approved, e-endearing fliers with photos … to recruit additional TTU-student volunteers; post announcements on pre-approved student bulletin boards around campus, Craig’s List & elsewhere online or via social media.

Volunteer Career Ladder

  • Train new volunteers with their respective duties
  • Coordinate with Humane Society of West Texas President to search for grants (via Lubbock Area Foundation Library: & to apply for grants for feeding-station supplies.
  • Coordinate with TTU Feral Cat Program student leaders, co-advisors, employees & on-campus sites to Trap / Neuter / Release feral cats on campus.

Affiliated with the Humane Society of West Texas: or or 806-799-PETS (7387).  P.O. Box 67645, 5106 Ave. T ,Lubbock  TX 79424

Circa 9-23-’13 (TTU PhD student) adopted AVW 3-legged foster cat “Domino Henderson,” now known as “Lucky.”  Beautiful, rolling-happily-on-his-back photo of Lucky provided 10-10-’13 exactly when AVW most needed an inspiration-boost.

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