my 37+ furever pets & 146 foster cats

In loving memory/honor of my 37+ Beloved Forever Pets & 146 Foster Cats


 1. Pooch White, 1933-1949, black-&-white dog

2.  Fishes & Turtles, 1950s

3.  Fuzzy, 1951  yellow duckling from brother Harry

4. Gypsy, 1951, brown?-&-white Springer Spaniel

5 & 6.  Spotty & Cottontail, 1953-1955 sibling? rabbits:  white with brown spots & all white

7.  Midnight, 1955 … all-black, male cat

8.  Pete, 1956-1958, light-blue & white parakeet

9.  Rags, 1957  black-&-white dog with long tail (“Rags” for “Russell Alvin Gabbert”)

10. Pooch Breitenbach, met in 1965  black-&-tan German Shepherd

11. Liepzig, 1969-1985  black-&-tan Gernan Shepherd (named in memory of Liepzig Breitenbach); buried in rural Edwards County, KS

12. Danzig (affectionately known as “Chessie”), 1972-1982  light-orange/brown, friendly grinner, curly Chesapeake Bay Retriever, seriously focused retriever:  would swim to retrieve fly-fishing “bobbers;”  would scold hunters if they missed shooting doves; strong, patient  from Joe Yoder of Cheyenne Wells,CO (who had acquired her from central CO local pound through radio swap-talk show); buried in backyard of home at 2914 Westview, Dodge City, KS

13. Baby Gale (registered name:  “Aleutian Autumn Gale”), 1977-1996  2-yr.-old, registered, curly, light orange-brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever from field-trial, dog-training dentist in Durango, CO through sister-in-law Serena Rankin White; buried in backyard valley of home at 5914 Upvalley Run, Austin, TX

14. Sarah Boots, 1979-1990  white-&-gray miniature Husky; mother of 7 puppies; buried in  the backyard  home at 7909? Wine Cup Hollow; Austin, TX

15. Nemo Boots, circa 1983  young, black-&-tan German Shepherd from Anders Neighbors buried in the  backyard home at 2914 Westview, Dodge City, KS

16. Sunshine, 1985  young, ever-running, white & light brown herding dog; ate hole through redwood fence

17. Kalvin Climb, met in 1987  Stan Orth’s beloved, long-lived gray tiger-tabby

18. Bubba, 1987-1998  all-black, long-haired, completely tailless Manx.  Buried in the backyard valley of home at 5914 Upvalley Run, Austin, TX

19. O.C. (“outdoor cat”) Whitewoo, 1987-1998  all-white, shy,  Buried in the backyard valley of home at 5914 Upvalley Run, Austin, TX

20. Nick-in-the-Box  circa 1990  hyper-active all-black herding dog; dognapped by Beverly Williams; rehomed to Stan’s MCC colleague; 5 PhDs attended Nick’s obedience-school graduation

21. Blue Belle, circa 1990  foster cat

B.W. Toonces, circa 1991  black-&-white cat found after hit by car; taken to vet; passed on within a few hours; paid for burial in cat cemetery in Round Rock, TX

22. Orange Jello, trapped & neutered 1991  large, vocal orange tiger tabby;  years later found out he had been adopted & had been living happily ever after with a Cat Mountain neighbor

23. Susan, circa 1992  dog found in neighborhood & quickly reunited with family

24. Flicka, circa 1992  friendly brown-&-white dog found in neighborhood, bathed & reunited with relieved family

25. Mary Kate, adopted July 5,1993; d., 2005  whispering, orange-black-white calico; three deceased kittens  [also, three Williamson County SPCA foster kittens until well:  Diamond, Ruby & Opal]. Buried in large, black floral pot with smiling-sun face stick-in-the-dirt décor … in backyard of 403 Topeka, Lubbock, TX.  Miss Fire buried with her in July 2011.

26. Laurel, June? 1993 –Nov. 14, 2012:  baby feral, regal, all-black, stub-tailed Manx; 2 siblings:  Hardy & deceased “Sweet Little Oxen”  [parents:  Laurel-look-alike mother/deceased from antifreeze

27. Norman Zane Gray, attentive, affectionate gray Siamese]; generational sisters/cousins:  Miss Fire & Sure Fire

28. Hardy, June?1993-2008  baby feral, energetic, affectionate, all-black, completely tailless Manx; siblings:  Lauren & deceased “Sweet Little Oxen”  [parents:  Laurel-look-alike mother/deceased from antifreeze & Norman Zane Gray, attentive, affectionate gray Siamese]; generational sisters/cousins:  Miss Fire & Sure Fire; Missing In Austin for 24+ days.  Buried in large, shiny-black flower pot with a hearty green plant growing in it … in backyard of 403 Topeka, Lubbock, TX.

29. Miss Fire, June? 1993-July 1, 2011:  feral, gray tiger tabby; affectionately known as “The  Miracle Kitty:”  jumping for joy, adopted Baby Gale, at 2-yr.-old: adopted Baby Gale’s family; invited her sister Sure Fire to move indoors; her orange tiger-tabby brother Spit Fire adopted by Cat Mountain / Austin neighbor; biological parents:  Miss Firecracker (all-black feral cat / mother or sister to Laurel & Hardy’s biological mother who died at vet office from antifreeze), adopted by Cat Mountain neighbors) & The Baby Sitter:  attentive, friendly, feral gray tiger tabby; plus, Miss Kitty, another all- black feral female cat (spayed 2x!).  Buried with Mary Kate in large, shiny-black flower pot with small Disney bowl of dog Pluto bowing to play: symbolic of Miss Fire’s playful spirit – intentionally training herself during her final years to be more tolerant of other feline family members  … her & Mary Kate’s  burial pot has a smiling-sun-face, stick-in-the-dirt décor inserted among the artificial flowers … in backyard of 403 Topeka, Lubbock, TX

30. Sure Fire, June? 1993-July 19, 2012.  Feral, gray tiger tabby, affectionate; moved indoor at 3 yr. old – at invitation of biological sister Miss Fire; orange tiger-tabby brother Spit Fire adopted by Cat Mountain / Austin neighbors; biological parents:  Miss Firecracker (all-black feral cat/mother or sister to Laurel & Hardy’s biological mother who died at at vet office from antifreeze), adopted by Cat Mountain neighbors) & The Baby Sitter:  attentive, friendly, feral gray tiger tabby; plus, Miss Kitty, another all-black feral female cat (spayed 2x!).

31. Angel, b. 2001?; joined family on Thanksgiving Day 2004 by having gotten trapped & erroneously moved to Lubbock.  All-black, completely tailless Manx:  mistaken for the missing Hardy;  accidentally adopted from Old Town/Coronado Hills Dr. / Austin – five days after family’s all expenses-paid move to Lubbock; on the evening of Thanksgiving Day, Angel’s larger size, talkative personality, longer legs, higher rump & front claws finally got him identified him as “not Hardy;”  adoption error announced via Old Town’s newsletter but, thankfully, no one claimed him.

32. Heavenly Hostess, 2008  Sleek, all black kitten with long, expressive tail, heard wailing in neighbors Sandy & Wendell Howard’s bushes.

33. Kai, lovable dark Calico kitten with precious little voice & happy-go-lucky disposition; from Williamson County Shelter, feline leukemia-position [transport 2-’12; passed away during vet treatment ]

34. Lucky, f  gray & white tiger tabby with pale blue eyes through Jennifer Timmer  [11-20-’11; gray & white; thrice-returned; 6-4-’12; returned due to ill   health on 8-15-’12, gave me a hearty “Hello, again” purr & peacefully passed  away 2-3 hr. later]

35. Margaret, f, petite, talkative, gray tiger tabby [9-8-’12 from Margaret & Ken Hite’s yard to vet to

AVW’s front yard  / patio; cuddly, ankle-swishing, snuggly, loving, petite, fluffy, gray tiger tabby 11-6-

’12 accidentally struck in neck & instantly killed by AVW’s front, right tire]

36. Peaches, f, orange, good-natured, ever-purring, chronically ill tiger tabby who gave AVW a tender

heart  [4-5-‘13]

37. Hot Shot, f, one of six sibling kittens from Wildlife Center [5-5-’13; 1:24 a 5-10-‘13]


146 Beloved, Eternal Foster Cats & 5 guests

through & or

806-799-PETS (7387); P.O. Box 67645; Lubbock  79424


Since October ’10

130 placed + 8 adoptable + 6! = 100 adopted + 11 elsewhere + 7 AVW patio / home + 12 Ferals Neighborhood / Renaissance Park   = 130  [11 elsewhere = 3 all-white & deaf ferals released together at Sherrie Davis,’ animal-friendly apt. complex + 3 cats to Amarillo barn [2] Julie Lopez + 1 Pampa cat in dog cage for 2 yrs. + 3 cats to TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s Hereford ranch:  Onyx, Coal & Chloe; keep relocated feral cats indoors only & fed & watered for 4 weeks; must have on-site donkey to kill predator]; + 1 feral Kyle back to his neighborhood & 1 Little Sweetheart Yeager returned to TTU / Art-Education]+ 7 ferals in AVW patio / home (One Potato, Arthur Timmer, Richie Marcum; Mirage Pampa, Will Wilkinson & the late:  Margaret Hite & Hot Shot Wildlife Center); 12 Ferals Neighborhood  / Renaissance Park (next-door Cogdells’, Ronda & Sherman Nortons’ patios, 407 Troy; 806-777-9063; etc.):  Amanda Rogers [in-out 2-20-‘13]; Ashes Timmer [8-‘12], Daisy Orfila [ 7-24-‘13], Four Potato Henderson, Little Boy Orfila = Acrobat-look-alike through Jorgelina Orfila & Paula Yeager; Nancy / Ned  McCutcheon Sugar-&-Spice look-alike;  Precious Sister Henderson, Spice Wilkinson [ 4?-‘13]; The Acrobat Henderson, Three Potato Henderson, Two Potato Henderson, Your Royal Highness Henderson & 4 guests:  black-&-white Felix Dodd; tiny, cold, wet, noisy, gray-white tiger kitten with Persian-like face from TTU Civil Engineering to Jamie Reed; & Julius Olson [Sept. to 10-20-‘12].

Many thanks to Jennifer Timmer, Beverley Nichols, Sherrie Davis, Jamie Reed, Amanda Rogers, Krysti Agosta & all Humane Society of West Texas (Janice with HSWT Wellness: 806-466-1310 after 5p); PetSmart / Canyon West & PetSmart / South Slide Rd.; Dr. Jorgelina Orfila & Lubbock Animal Services [7 + 5] for helping beloved SPFB farm kittens, various Pampa cats, Snowflake, Buttons, Houdini & others find their new, forever families.


8 + 6 F+! + 5 Ferals LIVING in AVW patio / home, above  = [8 adoptable + 6 F+! = Bernardo Rudine! Mattie Marler! Juliett! Kitty Oakley! Joey McCutcheon! Leonard Wilkinson!  Khaleesi + 3 young, skittish cats from & 806-762-2192 & 301-580-4122:  Pan, orange tiger tabby&  siblings Rosalind & Rosamund:  gray tiger tabbies (Rosalind has white nose); Sugar Wilkinson, all-black Momma Mia & Drake Storch-Tidwell; & 5 Ferals LIVING in AVW patio / yard, above; + 12 Ferals Neighborhood /Renaissance Park, above.

South Plains Food Bank farm arrived October ‘10


  1.     F kitten Lush:  tan/Siamese:  sweet  [adopted 1st week-end; Acres North called AVW 3-’11 about spay voucher]
  2.     F kitten Gray speckled with white on face & body:  sweet  [adopted 2nd or 3rd week-end]
  3.     F kitten Callie:  sweet calico  [adopted 2nd week-end]
  4.     F kitten Gray Baby:  all gray; sweet & slept in AVW lap; settled with 2nd forever family  [adopted 4th or 5th week-end, returned & re-adopted immediately;  returned 5-22-’11; adopted 5-25-‘11]
  5.     F kitten “S” Spot:  all black with spot of white; sweet  [adopted 6th or 7th week-end]
  6.     F kitten Midnight:  all black; sweet & tenderly affectionate  [treated for weepy eye]   in Feb. photo with Flat Sarah  [adopted week-end of 2-12-’11]


36 Foster cats from Pampa


  1.     F cat Roxie:  calico/gray tiger tabby; a bit aloof but gentle  [arrived 2-21-’11; adopted 3-11-‘11]
  2.     F cat Miss Fluffy Pants:  long-haired black with striking gray & white stripes; friendly  [arrived 2-21-’11; adopted 3-12-‘11]
  3.     F cat Sable:  all black, sweet  [arrived 2-21-’11; adopted 2-26-‘11]
  4. F cat Tessa:  black with white  [arrived 2-21-’11, pregnancy terminated; adopted 3-13-‘11]
  5. F cat Buttons:  white cat with large, beautiful patches of gray & black (black “helmet” design on her head; black on back-half of her back & black tail);  getting friendlier:  2 yrs. in dog crate  [arrived 3-24-’11; adopted 6-18-‘11]
  6. F cat Greta:  peach-colored , hidden:  2 yrs. in dog crate  [arrived 3-24-’11; to Tina’s barn in Amarillo, 4-4-‘11]
  7. F cat Cream Puff:  white with large, black spots, fluffy!  [arrived 4-27-’11; adopted 5-15-’11 by Levelland family who had temporarily adopted Sven]
  8. M cat Coal:  all-black, cuddly & leg-hugging; Heavenly look-alike  [arrived 4-27-’11; to TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s ranch, 6-25-’11;  missing 6-30-‘11]

15-17.  M cat Cloudy:  all-white, fluffy; easy-going, affectionate, lovable [6-30-’11; adopted 8-1-‘11]; F cat Calie,

distinctive-looking Calico [6-30-’11;  adopted 8-1-‘11] & sibling F cat Layla, white, fluffy cat with a few

large-black markings (tail, cap & sides);  all three recovering from ringworm & siblings in two-week, hissing

contest.  [6-30-’11; adopted 8-5-‘11]

18-19.  Dannie, m. JC look-alike:  white with prominent black markings [11-22’11;]; Patches [11-22-’11; adopted

1-1-’12; 2-2-‘12],

blonde/tan & white cat [through Jennifer Timmer]

20-22.  Julie, f, Calico [2-6-’12; 2-25-‘12] & Toby, m JC/Dannie look-alike through Jennifer T. & Fiona,

            Mona/Ashes look-alike, f [1-9-’12; 2-25-’12 / Fiona & Toby, 1-9-’12; 4-20-’12 by Kristin & her 2 loving,

precious children Leah & Christopher , whose old b-w cat had died from heart failure a few mos. ago].

23.  Sweetie Pie, f; black-tortie Calico [5-11-’12; 5-27-’12 back to Mona, as her own cat, in Pampa]

24.  Samantha, f, affectionate gray tiger tabby [5-15-’12; 6-2-‘12]

25.  Donovan, f, talkative white cat with large, light gray markings [6-28-’12; 7-13-‘12]

26.  Doogan, m, small, active & hungry orange tiger tabby [6-28-’12; 7-8-‘12]

27.  Julius, m, larger orange tiger tabby [6-28’12; 7-5-’12 by Marc Olson, 6527 92nd St.; Lubbock  79424; 806-

559-6628; returned as a guest on 9-2-’12 until new home is completed.]

28.  Rigby, m, fluffy black cat with surgically removed tail & tender left, back foot / leg [6-28-’12; 7-26-’12;

returned 8-9-’12; adopted 9-22-‘12].

29.  Linus, m, easy-going, large-headed, orange tiger tabby [7-18-’12; 8-15-‘12]

30.  Lucy, f, black-&-white, fluffy, calm cat [7-18-’12; 10-20-‘12;]

31.  Sammy, f, plump, smooth, gray-&-white cat [7-18-’12; 12-15-’12 who will be picked up by Sherrie Davis on

12-24-’12; returned 12-27-‘12 due to allergies; 2-15’13]

32.  Serenity, f, young, slender, gray tiger tabby & mother of two adopted kittens; blind in left eye [7-18-’12; 8-

17 -‘12]

33.  Mirage, m, all-black, skittish kitten [10-16-’12; 12-31-’12 AVW yard]

34.   Music, m, black-&-white, outgoing, playful, loving, affectionate [10-16-’12; 2-15-‘13]

35.   Bogart, m, gray-brown, easy-going tiger tabby [10-16-’12;1-13-‘13]

36.   Sonnet, shy, gray cat [10-16-’12; 2-23’13]


More foster cats

37-39.  3 F adult, all-white, deaf feral cat siblings:  rarely seen, hidden under & within couch-beds  [arrived 11-’10?

two -day “cat rodeo” with four people for vet appt., released in Sherrie Davis’ cat-friendly  apartment

      complex!  Beloved deaf cat killed by car roll-over by neighbor who loved her.]

40.   kitten Mr. Elegance:  white coat with beautiful gray tips on ears & tail, good-natured:  “bat” at tails of SFPB

farm kittens  [arrived 12-’10? adopted!]

41.   M adult cat Winston:  large, gorgeous version of Mr. Elegance:  bold-striped gray tiger tabby; gentle, calm, a

bit chatty; [arrived 12-’10? adopted!]

42.   F young cat Tweaker:  small gray tiger tabby  [escape artist into AVW’s garden home]   in Feb. photo with

Flat Sarah; [arrived 12-’10? adopted week-end of 2-12-‘11]

43.   F young cat Poppsie:  larger, calmer gray tiger tabby   in Feb. photo with Flat Sarah; [arrived 12-’10?

adopted week-end of 2-12-‘11]

44.   F young cat Abby:  white with large gray spots   [affectionate with & kind to humans, not cats:  in separate,

south guest room]; [arrived 12-’10? from Sherrie Davis; to PetSmart & then adopted by Jennifer Timmer

on 3-20-’11]

45.   M kitten Alvin:  chubby, cheerful, playful, orange tiger tabby:  left at PetSmart; lost hair due to

allergy/stress; energetic;  [arrived 2-5-’11; adopted 3-26-‘11]

46.   M cat Sven:  gorgeous gray tiger tabby:  via Trace’s son/apartment complex; good-natured, chatty, loves

tummy rubs, plays gently with Alvin; [arrived 2-23-’11; adopted 3-20-’11 week-end’; returned 4-1-’11’ adopted


47.   M cat Soldier (formerly “Handful”):  deployed soldier’s cat from Waco via two volunteer transporters:  through

John & Carol Knight (MiniSpot@EarthLink.Net) & Dr. focuses elsewhere:  scarcely

notices feline roommates; [arrived 3-12-’11; adopted 3-20-’11; found in Brownfield & returned 6-8-’13; to

Lubbock Animal Services 6-21-’13; adopted from PetSmart on Milwaukee circa 7-18-‘13].

48.  F 15-yr.-old deaf cat Snowflake:  all white, long-haired, green eyes, chatty & affectionate; from the late  

Spencer Family with 15 cats; familiar to vet on 84th & Quaker; [arrived 3-15-’11; adopted 6-11-’11:  by TTU

librarian Pamela Hight; returned 6-25-’11; adopted 7-’13-’11: by Angel Salas via Jennifer’s ad on Craig’s list].

49.   F 1-yr.-old cat Aspen:  all-white;pale-blue irridescent eyes, affectionate even during immediate bath; from

Levelland; [arrived 3-27-’11; adopted 4-3-’11]

50.   M Black Beauty, all-black, fluffy kitten from Sheryl Epperson  [arrived 5-20-’11; adopted 6-4-‘11] & sibling

White Mittens

51.   F White Mittens, mostly black with white mittens, legs & underbelly; large black “dot” on chin; sibling Black

Beauty; from Sheryl Epperson via sister Sandy [arrived 5-20-’11; adopted 6-4-’11]

52-54.    Julie Lopez’ 3 north-central Lubbock neighborhood cats    3 all-black cats:  2 F (lovable, affectionate

                  Onyx & Unnamed Cat #1 friendly, fluffy long-haired, all-black cat; & 1M, Unnamed Cat #2 (hides behind

couch) [arrived 4-1-’11; 2 to barn in Amarillo with Tina:  4-4-’11:  1F fluffy/Unnamed #1 + 1M/Unnamed #2

behind couch];  darling little Onyx to TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s ranch, 6-25-’11; missing:  6-30-‘11]

55    F Chloe, adult black cat with gorgeous orange-Torti coloring.  [one-day stop-over from Sherrie Davis to

TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s ranch, 6-25-’11; missing 6-30-‘11]

56.    M 2-yr.-old, cat JC:  black-&-white smooth coat; lovable, calm, affectionate, admired; white belly, white lower-

half of face & white ring-around -neck; rest of his coat is black:  top-half of head; top of back & tail; recovered

from kidney disease?  [arrived 4-5-’11; 1-3-’12 Jaiden Stein, little brother]  from the neighbor of Vicki at

                  Office Depot

57 & 58.    from TTU College of Education   M, 2-mo.-old Houdini:  black-&-white, long-haired kitten [rescued from drain

pipe. on   6-3-’11; adopted 6-20-‘11]; & F 2-mo.-old Bagheera, biological sister of Houdini:  black, long-haired

kitten:  immediate bonding with lovable Onyx/June 24  [rescued on 6-21-’11; adopted 6-29-‘11 ]

59.   F 2-yr.-old Jinxy Baby, fluffy, all-black, shy cat:  from SPC Lauren Gregory & great-grandcat of Sycily

Lattimore/Levelland [arrived 6-21-’11; trial adoption  6-30-’11; returned 7-2-’11 due to allergies; 8-20-’11

adopted by PetSmart employee Mercedes & adopted from Mercedes.]

60 & 61.  Skittish ish kittens from 32nd St. (east of University):  Arthur, M white & beige-colored, Seal-Point Siamese with

Light-blue eyes & sister Ashes, F wide-eyed, light gray sibling   [surprise arrivals during Miss Fire’s 2nd thyroid

blood test; in south guest bathroom on 6-27-’11; temporarily with foster mother Jamie Reed 11-20-’11 to 12-27-

11; saved from interior of couch-bed within van parked at TTU International Cultural Center 8-’12 & then moved

herself from the garage into AVW’s home-yard & eventually into the neighborhood circa 10-24’12; Arthur

AVW’s yard 12-31-‘12].

62-72.  Beverley Nichols’ 11 foster cats/kittens  Honor/small gray tabby [6-30-’11; adopted 9-10-‘11]; Bo/torby [6-30-

’11; adopted 8-12-‘11], Belli/pastel tabico  [6-30-’11; adopted 7-30-‘11]; Kelby/gray tabby with white feet [6-30-’11;

adopted 8-10-‘11]; & biological sibling Kermetra Kermie”/torby.[6-30- ’11; adopted 7-16-‘11]; Momma cat Mona

           & five kittensAlice/white their black spots [adopted 11?-‘11] & smaller, look-alike Edward [adopted 2-21-‘12];

Rosalie/all gray like  Mother Mona [adopted 1-22?-‘12]; Esme [adopted 1-‘12] & smaller Jasper/2 look-alike gray

tiger tabbies [8-29-’11 & back to Beverley & then to Tammy Pratis at 806-773-8187 for socialization 10-29-’11 &

adopted 2-23?-‘12]; Mother Mona [adopted 2-4-‘12].

73-79.  Two deliveries of 7 young-adult, feral cats from Al Henderson, Photographer  ( 4 siblings

[One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato & Four]:  young-adult, gray tiger- tabbys  [8-5-‘11]; 3 young adults (1

dark, almost-all-black Calico: Your Royal Highness, who stayed hidden with Mona & 5 kittens; + 2 white

cats / siblings with large patchesof black or gray [The Acrobat & Precious Sister]:  1 = “aunt” to Mona’s 5 kittens;

three on 8-10-‘11 not related to 4 gray tiger tabbys  [8-’10-’11; one [Precious Sister: white with gray patches]

temporarily to Jamie Reed for eventual adoption if tameable10-30-’11:  not tameable so returned 11-‘11] & all

            seven into AVW’s outdoor patio/yard 10-30-’11 & 11-‘11].

80. All-gray, adult tired of PetSmart:  KiKi  [8-6-’11; re-located to PetSmart 8-26-’11; adopted 8-29-‘11].

81. Orange tiger tabby Cowboy, m  [9-13-’11; adopted 1-17-‘12]

82. Drane Hall cat, m.  gray, tiger tabby with flat ears through Mary Ruth Gossett  [10-21-’11; adopted by Acres North

technician 10-24-‘11]

83. Mattie, f  all-black, fluffy cat through Emily Marler from TTU Equestrian Barn [10-24-’11] feline leukemia-positive

84. Jacob, m  through Jennifer Timmer & Julie; from inside of car hood  [10-31-’11; to Jamie Reed’s foster home 11-

13-’11; adopted 11-20-’11.]

85. Sheba, f  all white-, fluffy cat through Jennifer Timmer & Beverley Nichols at Wellness [11-15-’11; adopted 12-31-


86. Lucky, f  gray & white tiger tabby with pale blue eyes through Jennifer Timmer  [11-20-’11; gray & white; thrice-

returned; 6-4-’12; returned due to ill health on 8-15-’12, gave me a hearty “Hello, again” purr & peacefully passed

away 2-3 hr. later]. & 806-778-1398;

87. Nancy= 12-yr.-old Aubrey, f  good-natured, gray tiger tabby with Persian face through Nancy McCutcheon & her

sister JoBeth  [11-30-’11; reunited with adoptive, human mother 12-10-‘11] ; 806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.

88.  Joey, m. affectionate white cat with large gray patches through Nancy McCutcheon & her sister JoBeth [5-24-‘12];

806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.

89.  Bernardo, m, shy tiger tabby; feline leukemia-positive through HSWT  [1-4-’12; all-house

furlough circa 6-21-‘13]

90.  Mr. Whitie, m, white underside with gray top-coat, friendly [1-5-’12; 1-29-‘12]

91.  Peaches, f, larger, darker, chronically ill, ever-purring, good-natured, orange tiger-tabby Cowboy look-alike  [1-

9-’12; passed away peacefully via veterinarian 4-5-‘13]

92.  Kai, f, Copper-&-black Tortoiseshall; born 6-5-’11; posthumously adopted by AVW on 2-4-‘12 & passed away

while receiving fluids & antibiotics at vet on 3-20-‘12; feline leukemia-positive through John & Carol Knight

(MiniSpot@EarthLink.Net & 254-707-2978) from

Austin/Georgetown/Williamson County [2-4-‘12].

93.  Amigo, m, black cat from K-Mart feral colony through Lisa Smith at 806-745-0549 & Nancy McCutchen  [?2-15-

’12; 3-25-’12 & returned 3-29-’12; 806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953; adopted 7-4-’12 by Calie & Dr. Brian Bruening,

PBK Assoc. Bd.: 806-790 -8548].

94.  Juliett, f, orange tiger tabby, feline leukemia-positive through Cara & Jennifer/HSWT [2-8-’12; all-house furlough

circa 6-21-‘13].

95.  Katie, f, black-&-white young cat through Jennifer Timmer’s friend Mike [3-25-’12; 5-4-’12; vet euthanized from F+


96.  Kitty, m, orange tiger tabby, feline leukemia-positive from Waco through Fallon Jones [5-5-’12; all-house furlough

circa 6-21’13].  Juliett look alike.

      97.  Roger, m, affectionate, friendly, black-&-white kitten from a Lubbock neighborhood through [7-’18-’12; 8-2-‘12]

98.  Richie [ m, young Siamese feral cat with congenital eye virus; from TTU West Hall through [7-21-’12]

99.  Amanda, all-black, fluffy, young feral cat from neighborhood through

[7-23-’12; to AVW patio: 9-17-‘12].

100. Kyle, m, adult, Siamese with healing forehead injury; through [7-25-’12; neutered,

head-wound stitched & treated, long-term antibiotic administered & Kyle got returned to his Kyle-friendly

neighborhood, 8-1-‘12]

101. Mr. Kitty, m, from Jake Williams (210-542-0146); Arthur look-alike! HSWT foster family moving out of town [8-11-

’12 & 4-14-‘13;]

102-105. Krysti Agosta’s ( & 806.559.5978) Momma cat Mocha Marichino & 3 kittens [all on

8-17-‘12].  Momma: pastel Tortoise-shell, short-haired, lap-sitter [2-2-‘13]; 12-week-old kittens (Nikita: gray,

fluffy girl who must snuggle [9-8-‘12]; & her two mellow, willing-to-snuggle brothers have Ragdoll / Hanging-on

tendency; Yaki, super-playful, apricot-colored male [8 -25-’12] & Suki [11-10-‘12], silver-colored male .

106.      Jerome, calm, affectionate, orange tiger-tabby with white on his face; from Wildlife Center [9-4-’12; 10-7-‘12]

107.       Margaret, f, petite, talkative, affectionate, happy-go-lucky, gray tiger tabby [9-8-’12 from Margaret & Ken Hite’s

yard to vet to AVW’s front yard / patio; 11-6-’12 killed instantly via AVW car hitting her neck]

108 & 109:  Alastair & Smudge, 7-yr.-old, chubby, neutered, non-bonded littermates from HSWT feral-kitten project

to through [9-9-’12; Alastair: 2-23-’13; Smudge

through Lubbock Animal Services at PetSmart on Milwaukee, circa 7-19-‘13].

110.  Miss Kitty, chubby, orange-&-white, long-haired cat; f, [9-13-’12; 12-9-‘12] from Teresa Brandt: & 806-783-0728; 4704 86th St. 79424-4125: $50 PetSmart gift card; through Paula New; &

Teresa’s sister Barbara McCann ( & 806-790-5633 with 3 feral- cat colonies:  downtown Lubbock

+ Orland’s on Ave. Q?   McAllister’s on 19th St.?)

111.  Erv, cute, active, friendly, hungry all-black kitten [9-15-’12; 1-13-‘13] from Game Warden / Lion

Mallory.Brodrick@TPWD.State.TX.US & 806-252-2052 through Gail Barnes at Wildlife Center on so. Indiana


112.  Petey [9-21-’12 from KMart colony through Lisa Smith ( & 806-745-0549 & 806-773-

         2417) & neighbor / volunteer feeder Judy; 10-7-’12]

113.  Little Boy [10-11-’12 through & 806-762-2192 & 301-580-4122 / la Argentina & Paula

Yeager at TTU Art [sighted in AVW yard by Jorgelina 6-1-‘13] with simultaneous e-message from Jeff Farmer:

Proverbs 12:10, “The godly are concerned for the welfare of their  animals.” 10-14-’12 moved himself & Richie from

closed, south bathroom into backyard & over into Cogdells’ patios]

114.  Pete [10-12’12 from Kay/Top Techsan & Jerry Caddel, 2811 N. Meadow Dr.; Lubbock 79403; 10-28-‘12]; will reimburse vet bills to get his shots up-to-date]; 7-yr.-old, gorgeous, chubby dark-brown

Seal-point Siamese.

115.  Little Sweetheart Yeager, beautiful, calm, affectionate, sleek black cat from / to TTU Art Bldg., 12-’11 [greeted me

on campus 9-14-‘12];

116-118.  Will, m, Mary Ann Wilkinson’s neighborhood, tiny, fluffy, skittish, orange tiger-tabby,cat with white boots –

through Lauren Sanderson [10-16-‘12]; & Will’s 8.5-mo.-old, all-black siblings Sugar, m. with white on back &

Spice, m. [12-14- ’12; 12-31-’12 AVW’s yard;

119-120.  Khaleesi, f., fluffy, black-&-tan, a bit skittish, talkative beauty [2-21-‘13]; & handsome, quiet, shy, pleasant, gray

tiger-tabby Bronn [2-21-’13; 3-9-‘13], m, with healing tail-area & low temperature; domesticated feral cats t               through Sherrie Davis;.

121.   Bobcat, 4-mo.-old male, gray tiger tabby from Kristen Harper (Harper1998@Clear.Net & 806-765-2677) [3-8-’13; 3-


122.  Bandit, m from Van Anderson (son of Al Henderson who brought 7 feral cats 8-5-’11) [3-22-’13; 4-5-‘13]

123-127.  Four skittish young, sibling-cats (3 females & 1 male Pan) from & 806-762-2192 &

301-580-4122 [4-7-‘13]:  Daisy & Pan, orange tiger tabby brother-sister + siblings Rosalind & Rosamund:

gray tiger tabbies (Rosalind has white nose).

128-129.  Jacques (gray head) & brother Toby (white face) [4-9-’13; 4-13-‘13]

130.  Domino, m., black-&-white cat with 3 legs via Cynthia Henderson White, daughter of Al Henderson  [4-24-’13; to

LAS for adoption process, 7-25-‘13]

131-136.  6, four-week-old, gray tiger-tabby or Torti kittens from Wildlife Center on 5-5-’13 & 6-21-’13 to Lubbock

Animal Services for adoption through PetSmart on Milwaukee:  Adele, f, brown tiger-tabby

with light-orange patch on her head [6-28-’13]; Bertold, m, black-gray tiger-tabby, not fluffy [7-9-’13]; Paco, m,

fluffy black-gray [7-9-’13]; tiger-tabby; Pippa, f, light gray with a few, small white -&-light  tan spots on her feet

[circa 7-19-‘13]; Pepe, m, smaller, less active, black-&-gray tiger-tabby [circa 7-14-‘13]; [& Hot Shot, f, brown

tiger-tabby kitten with light-orange patch on forehead died on 5-10-’13 at 1:24a with Beverley Nichols]

137.  Bella, 1.5-yr.-old, brightly colored Calico cat from Marlene Hernandez [5-13?-’13; to LAS for adoption process, 7-25


138.  Nancy / Ned McCutcheon, 1 yr. old, all-black feral cat (Sugar & Spice Wilkinson look-alike) from 19th & Quaker via

Nancy McCutcheon & her sister JoBeth [6-1-’13 & 6-3-’13 AVW’s yard].

139-143.  all-black Momma Mia, Mia, Mio & 2 all-black LAS kittens [6-6-’13 through ADPi Elizabeth, friend of

HSWT Volunteer Priya  Sharma, TTU Business undergraduate, ’13; now in AZ; 2, all-back healthier kittens             adopted through LAS circa 7-13-’13; Mia & Mio kittens to LAS for adoption 7-25-’13 &  Mia adopted:  8-12-‘13]]

144.  Lola, 3-pawed cat through Beverley Nichols & Ariana (806-445-3402; found at 62nd & Wayne Ave. shed); [7-12-’13;

to LAS for adoption process, 7-25-’13; <8-18-‘13]; friendly head-butting with Ariana’s Schnauzer.

145.  Leonard Wilkinson, 2-mo. gray tiger-tabby [8-5-’13;]

146.  Drake Storch-Tidwell, LAS orange tiger-tabby / Kitty look-alike , m.[8-16-’13;]

Plus, 4 guests [1] Felix Dodd, Kathrin’s beloved feline son, a black-&-white JC look-alike (Oct. 15 & 16-’11 during open house at Felix’ home); [2] gray tiger-tabby kitten from TTU Civil Engineering [10-27-’11 through Doug Haynes & Shannon West; to Jamie Reed/foster mother]; [3] Max-y, f; re-found, former foster cat:  gray tiger tabby with white socks through Beverley Nichols [2-6-’12 through 2-13-’12; adopted 2-17-‘12]; & [4 & 5] former-foster Julius, adopted by Mark Olson [9-2-’12 until new home is finished].


Humane Society of West Texas volunteers


  1. Expert transporters to-from weekly Pet Adoptions Days at PetSmart on S. Slide & Milwaukee & to wellness clinics on Tues. evening at Beverely Nichols’ home:  Humane Society of West Texas volunteer Jennifer Timmer ( or 517-775-5906) &


Alice provides folks  with

No-charge Humane Society spay/ neuter/ vaccination/ vouchers

  • Take them directly to Acres North (5205 13th St.: SW corner of Slide & & 806-793-2863) or the Animal Hospital of Lubbock (7902 Slide Rd. & 806-794-4543);
  • Drop them off
  • Pick them up the next day &
  • Release them back (or work with Jennifer to get kittens into the Humane Society foster/adoption system).

*No-charge vouchers from the Humane Society include the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination & an ear notch (to let folks know that the cat is spayed/neutered/vaccinated).  Donations to HSWT (to pay for the $67 cost of vouchers) are welcomed.


  1. HSWT President provides no-charge vouchers from the Humane Society for Texas Tech feral cats – for spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination & an ear notch (to let folks know that the cat is spayed/neutered/had rabies shot).  Donations to HSWT (to pay for the $67 cost of vouchers) are welcomed.
  2. Call 806-785-2331 recruit TTU student-volunteer feral cat feeders.
  3. HSWT volunteer Janice Barnes (806-790-8979).
  4. Beverley Nichols (Jake.Beverley@SBCGlobal.Net & 806-792-1983) the go-to person for kittens & appreciates donations.  She gives excellent care to baby cats.
  5. Nancy McCutchen & her sister JoBeth feed/rescue TTUHSC feral cats @ S. Quaker & Loop 289:  806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.
  6. Helpful cat-lovers:  Robin Bingham ( & 806-742-2976.
  7. Sherrie Davis: or 325-232-2775 or HSWT / 806-466-6644.
  8. Krista  at 806-549-8807.
  9. has cat trap to help with Trap/Neuter/Release.
  10. & or 806-799-PETS.   Humane Society of West Texas’ every-Tuesday evening Wellness Clinic/Lubbock (, 6p until finished (usually about 9p):  low-cost vaccinations for dogs & cats.  Get into the queue for your animal’s vaccinations/check-up exam.    For helpful tips about trapping kittens/cats for vaccinations & spay/neuter: or 517-775-5906.
  11. Krysti Augusta ( from A&S Dent Shop on 34th & Slide:  806-785-3034 & 806-559-5978; will take cats & kittens to-from Wellness Clinic, spay-neuter appointments & PetSmart.
  12. Carol Harber rescues & fixes cat:  806-794-3471 via Gary.G.Harber@SBCGlobal.Net / TAHFI Nom. Comm.

54+ Feral cats trapped, spayed/neutered/rabies shot & released/adopted

Since Sept.? 2011?

3+ cats from TTU Art Bldg. by Sarah McKeown; Dec. 2011 & Jan. 25, 2010 (including adoption of Titan/Art Bldg., 1-’12)

5 cats (Momma, 2 grown cats & 2 kittens) by Cindy Shaklette, Sam Hawthorne’s Law Firm; Jan. 24 & 25, 2012

2+ cats from TTU/Education by Stacey Poteet & others; Sept. 2011

2+ cats from TTUHSC/south Quaker site by Nancy McCutchen  Nov./Dec.? 2011; 806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.

3+ cats / kittens by Deborah Hart ( Sam Hawthorne’s Law Firm

2+ cats by Dwight Sanders (

3+ cats by

5+ cats by

2 foster cats:  Kyle & Amanda via Amanda Rogers

1 foster cat:  Richie via Rachel Marcum

1 cat via voucher to Jackie Cantrell  July 2012

1 cat via voucher to Jennifer Timmer’s friends July 2012

3 cats / kittens via  July 2012

15+ cats / kittens via Sherrie Davis’ contact near 29th & Slide  Fall 2012

3+ cats via Amanda Rogers’ neighbor Fall 2012

3 cats via vouchers to Elmo in Tulia, TX

[3+ cats via Dr. & 806-793-9762]


The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.  Gandhi

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