USA: Ban Animal Kill Shelters:

USABan Animal Kill

Stop the killing of healthy, adoptable animals in shelters! Every year, an estimated four million dogs & cats are murdered in shelters. Every animal deserves the right to live, so who are we to decide when it is their time to go? It is humane to euthanize an animal if it is suffering from a fatal disease or a severe injury. It is not humane to kill a perfectly adoptable dog or a kitten that has just begun to live, because there is no space. Well, make some room!

Dogs & cats are our companions. They brighten our days, and bring joy & laughter into our lives. Every animal deserves a loving family to belong to. We do not have the power to deny them of that opportunity.

As a dominant species, humans are responsible for protecting animals from abuse & neglect. It is our duty to provide a safe haven for them, not to send them to their death. There are alternatives to euthanasia. Just because killing is an easy solution, does not mean it is the right one. If we truly love & care about animals & their well-being, we will find ways to keep them safe, comfortable & happy until they move onto their forever homes.

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