Ravenna, KY: Save all-breeds dogs & cats: TWHRARescueOffers@GMail.com & TWHRA$pon$or$hip$@GMail.com

Ravenna, KYContact TWHRARescueOffers@GMail.com & Murray.Animals@Yahool.com asap (Please include your name & your rescue’s name) & TWHRASponsorships@GMail.com to rescue, foster, adopt &/or $pon$or loving pets, below.  Adopters: Visit the Estill County Shelter at 50 Ginter Rd, Ravenna, KY (M-F 8a– 2:30p) Or call 606-723-3587. Please refer to the dog’s CTL# when calling the shelter.    NEW INTAKE for 2nd Day in a Row – NOW COMPLETELY FULL!  ALL are now at EXTREMELY HIGH RISK of being PTS ANY MOMENT now that the shelter is FULL!  IMPERATIVE we get some of these animals MOVED IMMEDIATELY for them to be SAVED!  $PON$OR$HIP$ INCREASED AGAIN! BEGGING YOU TO TAKE A LOOK!  PLEASE NOTE:  ALL DOGS ARE VACCINATED UPON INTAKE ~  DAPP2 (Parvo, Parainfluenza, Adeno (2) & Distemper) vaccine! Also DEWORMED!  * The information below is all the information the shelter sends to us.  If you need additional information, PLEASE do not wait to contact us.  It could take a day for us to get more information for you (if you email us after the shelter has closed for the day), and it is difficult for us to arrange transport and vetting/boarding at the last minute! If you are interested at all in a dog/cat, please contact us right away!** Please don’t wait until the last minute if you can help…these lives are in imminent danger! We must have time to arrange transport and make any other arrangements! Time is of the essence!  This is a small rural shelter that serves five counties. 99% of these animals won’t make it out of the shelter alive without rescue. PLEASE take a look and give these innocents a chance to live! These animals are located at the Estill County Animal Shelter in Ravenna, KY. Please inquire about vetting/boarding availability. NO PULL FEES! Discounted vetting available locally.   Please note: Receiving rescue MUST call the vet clinic to make arrangements to cover any fees incurred. Fees MUST be paid before the dog’s records will be released, and a credit card or other arrangement must be in place before the animal arrives at the clinic. Please feel free to share and cross post with your reputable rescue contacts. No Craigslist or Internet Classified Please. You can follow this weeks animals on our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/TheWayHomeRescueAlliance THANK YOU!  Dogs/Cats Below can be PTS ANY TIME  Several of these dogs have already been at the shelter almost a full week!  The longer they are at the shelter, the more likely they are to be EUTHANIZED!   The shelter will not necessarily give us advance warning before euthing, so please don’t delay if you can help! It is EXTREMELY URGENT to get CONFIRMED RESCUE for these beauties IMMEDIATELY to ensure their safety! LOTS OF SPONSORSHIP!

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