Animal-Welfare grant$: & www.AGWA.US

People interested in obtaining a professional grant writer (probably for a fee, but you can ask for volunteers), should contact American Grant Writers’ Association.

Here are a few open opportunities in our field:

  • Bernice Barbour Foundation established to fund organizations which provide programs to protect, preserve, and nurture companion animals, large animals, native wildlife, and marine species in the United States. Hands on care, animal health/welfare, and veterinary medical research are priorities.
  • DJ & T Foundation: Due every July 31.  Two programs:
    1) Clinic grants for the establishment of on-site or mobile surgical units, spay/neuter transport vehicles, and equipment for new and established clinics, etc. NOTE: They no longer pay for the purchase of RV type units.
    2) A reimbursement SNAP voucher program. Through the SNAP reimbursement program, they underwrite low-cost and free spay/neuter surgeries for people who cannot afford to have their dogs spayed or neutered.  Visit their website for more information:
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