Herding cats video spoof & no-kill www.CatRangers.org

Hilarious, but true video-spoof:  Herding cats reminded me of my houseful of foster & furever cats:  http://youtu.be/Pk7yqlTMvp8


www.CatRangers.org & Sparrow Marcioni & 678-612-9222 cell & 866-280-1696 office   Founded in 2005, CatRangers rescues only animals that are facing imminent death. These can be shelter animals on death row, abandoned animals or even those caught up in hoarding situations. CatRangers works primarily through fosters & small sanctuaries where rescue kitties can recover before finding them loving forever homes.  We work closely with other rescue groups across the US to find safe havens for animals in peril. Each rescue group that is considered completes appropriate request application, & a CatRanger representative will complete a formal site survey before transferring any animals to their care. CatRangers is responsible for rescuing 400+ cats & many dogs since their programs were implemented in January 2012.   Four of Georgias most-neglected animal control facilities have had almost no euthanizations of cats since beginning the CatRangers rescue program.

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