Palm Desert, CA: save dogs from hoarder’s dangerous dog pack

Palm Desert, CAContact 760-485-9657 & asap to rescue, foster, adopt almost 1 yr. Cattle Dog “Big Red”  from hoarder’s kill-or-be-killed dog pack (Big Red in immediate danger of being the next dog killed within the pack because he is a male who is getting bigger & poses a threat to the hierarchy of the other alpha males); &/or donate supplies to volunteer &/or money to veterinarian:*  pallets of dog food, fog bowls, helpful contact with Riverside County Animal Control; live traps, donations for food & vet; places for the dogs to go when trapped; all Cattle-dog rescues,  mass-media contacts to get this story out.   …about the pack:  alpha males are not bad, mean dogs … a situation where struggling with the outside world & how to survive inside the “kill-or-be-killed,” extreme-survival pack itself; for the ones who make it back:  lying around like ranch dogs in a yard with the puppies playing with each other.  Underneath that idyllic picture, the pack rules.  “I have to be very careful when putting food down that small bites are dispersed everywhere at the same time, so the hungry pups do not rush up to the available dishes, because they are just as likely to get attacked & mauled there also.  These dogs in this camp are there because of a hoarder allows them to be born in to this prison of a suffering, miserable existence.”  Each born with the capacity for love, loyalty & joy.  … if left at dog camp, they will die slowly after lots of suffering.

*Donate to vet:  Animal Clinic of  Desert Hot Springs, 13120 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA  92240; Dr. Kip Madsen, 760-329-8765 & Fax: 760-329-6219; Office manager Cindy; Earmark your donations for “Kitty’s Rescues”    Many, many starvation & exposure deaths.  … I am continuing to go up there with food & water every day:  try to keep them alive while we sort the rest of this out.  Other neighbors have similar stories, and these are just the ones who made it out alive).

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