Donate to get pup in Afghani$tan to US

Donate to help a pup in Afghanistan ($4,000 to bring dog to US):  Meet Bailey. A tiny pup who could barely walk, was kicked, stoned, tossed like garbage. This little Anatolian Shepherd was victim to blatant neglect, starvation and cruelty: part of the Afghani Army. Soldiers of the US National Guard began feeding her scraps & luring her to their camp. Bailey quickly befriended Kevin, a serviceman with a true love of animals. This little pup has served as companion, comrade & confidant. Kevin will soon be coming home, & the thought of leaving Bailey behind is unbearable.   Please help us get Bailey home to Kevin’s family, so when he comes home in June, his loyal companion will be waiting. Guardians of Rescue is working with Nowzad Dogs to get Bailey home. But Bailey’s life depends on you! Please donate. It costs $4,000 to get one dog back from the war. But if everyone just gave a little we can get her onto US soil as soon as we raise the money!

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