Tornado-ravaged TX & OK: help cats, dogs, horses & click the “Donate” button. Be sure to put “Tornado” in the “special instructions to seller” so that we may make sure every penny goes to helping rescues in the areas affected by tornadoes.  Donate to help rescue animals that were displaced or injured by the recent tornados in Dallas / Fort Worth & Moore / Oklahoma City.  A horse farm in Moore, OK lost 75-100 horses to today’s tornado, & more are injured & in need of help. Go to The Barbi Twins facebook page for more info & to help.

ATTENTION RESCUERS: If you have rescue contacts in the Oklahoma City area, or the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or you are with a local animal rescue either in Oklahoma City or Dallas/Fort Worth, or you will be providing animal rescue services to the area, please send their contact info to as soon as possible. Commonwealth Humane Society will begin fundraising to help these rescues in saving as many companion animals affected by these tornadoes as possible, & we need to know whom to get the money & supplies to. Animals are affected by natural disasters. Denise Painter, Dot’s Place Animal Haven, Seneca, SC; Member Of The Commonwealth Humane Society Family of Rescuers, Fairfax, VA; Like & friend us on Facebook!

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