Expert advice for multi-dog transports:

Transport coordinator Joan Nickum, & 913-909-6496 to help with her multi-dog transports:

PERMISSION TO CROSSPOST TO TRUSTED CONTACTS – NO CRAIGSLIST OR FACEBOOK, PLEASE!!  As always, the legs are somewhat flexible – let me know what you can do, & I’ll see if I can adjust.  I’ve assumed that I’ll need 2 drivers per leg for most of the run, but if you can take the entire gang, AWESOME!   The start times are flexible too.     Crossposting is going to be important on this one.  If anyone posts to a Best Friends list, please emphasize that I would like offers to be in the form of emails rather than phone calls.  The last time I was inundated with phone calls & was unable to even respond to most of them.  Thanks so much for your help.  Joan Nickum  Kansas City.

Transports will be monitored.  Fifteen minutes has been added to each leg for water & bathroom breaks.

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