eCards benefit pets:

Contact about how to access NEAS eCards to show your friends & family that you share our mission to save the lives of homeless pets  Northeast Animal Shelter | 347 Highland Avenue, Salem, MA 01970 | 978-745-9888     | Mon.-Fri., 10a-8p | Sat. & Sun.: 10a-6p  Our eCards are the perfect way to show your friends and family that you share our mission to save the lives of homeless pets (New England’s Largest no-kill animal shelter; since 1976 NEAS has placed 100,000+ animals into loving homes).
Send someone you love a free eCard from Northeast Animal Shelter  Each eCard has a beautiful picture of a cat or dog rescued by Northeast Animal Shelter, thanks to donations from friends like you.  Our eCards are the perfect way to show your friends & family that you share our mission to save the lives of homeless pets.
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