Donate to feline-leukemia Cat Sanctuary in Catskills, NY

ASLAN’S CATS SANCTUARY     486 WEST MAIN STREET   Catskills, NY 12414: & or 192 South Smith Rd.; Lagrangeville, NY 12540; PO Box 12; Verbank, NY  12585

Aslan’s Cat Sanctuary is a HOME for cats who have been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. Historically most cats diagnosed with this dreaded disease were euthanized on the spot.  With education, new treatments & further understanding of this condition, some people have come to be willing to give these innocent & often healthy cats a chance for a great life.

Mission:  Caring for Feline Leukemia Cats in need.  501(c)(3) organization committed to the rescue & protection of abandoned, stray, injure d& abused cats thta have been diagnosed with the debilitating Feline Leukemia Virus.  Aslan’s Cats provides a forever home to these cas that currently have so few places to go.  We want to educate the public that Feline Leukemia is NOT a death sentence & to be less fearful of it & to consider adopting out a feline leukemia cat.  The shelter provides comprehensive care & medical attention for the cats.  We find homes for the adoptable felines, educate the public about feline leukemia disease.  Our goal is to promote respect, kindness, compassion & love to these sentient beings.

Sanctuaries have popped up over the years but securing a coveted spot in one of the great sanctuaries, is practically like winning LOTTO!!!

One such sanctuary is ASLAN’S in Upstate New York.  Aslan’s was decimated by Hurricane Irene. Through the kindness of MANY, Aslan’s was rebuilt.  It was a miracle via the generosity of so many who gave both monetarily & physically while working there  to rebuild the flooded HOME that was the only HOME to these animals.


Along comes Hurricane Sandy & although Aslan’s was extremely fortunate to escape the wrath of Sandy, many other people & places were NOT.  Aslans has stepped up to HELP displaced cats with feline leukemia.  Aslans is NOW  HOME to 80 cats.  Homing & caring for 80 cats with feline leukemia is a loving, lofty goal, & it will take lot$ & lot$ of money to keep these cats healthy and vetted regularly as needed. We know it CAN BE DONE…with your HELP.

Please review Aslan’s most recent newsletter featuring their beautiful HOME & delightful residents. Pictures are worth a 1000 words:

This sanctuary is a Work of Heart…it WILL take funding to serve the additional cats that Aslan’s WOULD NOT turn their back on. Desperate times mean desperate measures.  Thank you for your kind consideration on behalf of The Aslans Cats!!!   Trudy Schilder

Wish List:  foster homes for cats; gift cards to Lowe’s, PetsMart, Walmart, Staples; web food; dry food; cat beds; postage stamps

Donate*by sending check or money order to 

ASLAN’S CATS SANCTUARY at 486 WEST MAIN STREET; Catskills, NY 12414 OR Aslan’s Cats; P.O. Box 221; Catskill, NY 12414 OR  via PayPal at

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