Speaker for your organization & speed-networking lunch to help achieve your goals or to help others achieve their goals

Seeking speaking opportunitiesGO Center Sponsor Dr. Steve.Balch@TTU.edu: GO Center #388.  The Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, www.WesternCiv.TTU.edu & Steve.Balch@TTU.edu & 806-742-1828.  Dedicating to reviving the study of Western Civilization throughout American Academe.  Serving American education via conferences, publications, Web site & on-line networks linking scholars & students at every academic level.  Engaging the public-at-large through talks & presentations to civic groups, Web-based resources for independent learning & field seminars for Texas Tech alumni & others interested in deepening their knowledge of Western civilization & its realization in the US.  – in a spirit of appreciation of Western civilization’s vast achievements, tempered by the recognition that Western civilization has, like all human ventures, been marred by failings sometimes equal in depth to the heights it has scaled.  The Institute will recognize the great accomplishments of other civilizations & culture, aiming through scholarly comparison to learn from them & learn more about the West itself via forums for all interested in Western civilization – whatever their view of its history & nature – to engage in the reasoned, open & informed debate that ennobles academic life & should always be at its heart.


Notify Alice.White@TTU.edu if you want to $pon$or a speed-networking lunch at Skyviews of Texas Tech (on the SE corner of 19th & University:  www.LubbockMap.com on the 6th floor, east wing Conference Room of the Bank of America Building / Texas Tech Plaza.  Plenty of free parking is available.).          Plan to arrive by 11:15a so that you may immediately [a] distribute your 30 one-pagers with your 3 Wishes & 3 Offers, your 30 business cards & 30 promotional items; [b] find your place-at-the-table; [c] receive your lunch & [d] be ready for your 90-second oral presentation / elevator-speech list of your Three Wishes & Three Offers – when I start the whole-group activity promptly at 11:30a.            Your Three Offers?   Your Three Wishes?   Please bring a one-page hand-out with your [1] contact information (wherever you work, worship, volunteer, learn, play &/or thrive) & [2]  Three Offers & Three Wishes (I’ve included, below, my Three Offers & Wishes* in case you want to adopt / adapt them for your one-pager & your 90-sec. oral presentation of your Three Offers & Wishes).  You’re hereby receiving my one-pager in advance, below.            If folks from the same organization attend, please be courteous & conscientious by bringing your individualized Offers & Wishes so that we may learn about all the ways we might collaborate for mutual benefit.  Active participants only, please:  we simply don’t have space available for passive, non-participants who take without giving (i.e., benefitting from everyone else’s Three Offers / Three Wishes / resources — without actively sharing their own Three Wishes / Three Offers / resources with others).          Let’s figure out how we can collaborate for mutual benefit!  Alice        *  My Three Offers    Locate financial, career, animal-welfare & other resources you need or want from  www.AliceWhite.WordPress.com (& then select “Financial Abundance,” “Your career & resume,” “Animal Welfare” or other categories from the right-hand menu).  Adopt or adapt some of my win-win investing strategies or my perpetual-motion informational-interviewing process to help you establish / expand your ideal financial future &/or to help you select your best jobs.  Also, my suggestions about your resume may help you get noticed, remembered & hired.     Discover people / companies you’d like to interview for your pending career change or to accomplish your goals — let me know if you’d like to be my guest for lunch at Lions / Tuesdays & Rotary / Wednesdays &/or whether I may add your e-address for invitations to the CEO Roundtable / Saturdays.     Accomplish your goals through additional systems, strategies, people & products – by becoming a member of the 818+ member GO Center learning community &/or a member of the 10-year-old, Closing the Gaps Council/South Plains P-20 Educational Initiative (organizational “home base” for area GO Centers).

My Three Wishes     Sponsor/pay for lunch at your favorite place & let me showcase you/your organization/your goals through a speed-networking luncheon.  You invite, I invite & guests invite.  I’ll be inviting folks to join our 818+ member GO Center learning community &/or collaborate with existing GO Centers for mutual benefit.     E-introduce me to your friends, family, colleagues & neighbors – wherever you work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive — so that I may invite them to collaborate for mutual benefit (via GO Centers &/or the Closing the Gaps Council; animal-welfare organizations).     Volunteer to help me with my fostering Humane Society of West Texas cats &/or kittens for PetSmart adoptions &/or to help the TTU Student Government Association’s Feral Cat Program on campus via Lauren.Sanderson@TTU.edu

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