Avoid dangers when rescuing: ask lots of questions, work with registered organizations & evaluated pets only, etc.

From RescueReform@HotMail.com on 10-14-’12:  There’s a dangerous trend in rescue, causing some dogs to suffer, even die.

Social media has provided a way to get the word out about pets in shelters, but unfortunately, this is not always done responsibly. You will see post with titles like “THIS DOG WILL DIE TOMORROW OF NO ONE STEPS UP!!!!,”  “URGENT!!! WILL DIE!!!,” etc. These types of titles tend to create emotional responses & decisions that might not put the dogs best interest in mind. Many of these dogs also come with “$pon$orship$” which also seems to attract the wrong kind of people, you don’t want someone to pull a dog just because he/she comes with money. Strangers (often in other states) will offer to take a dog sight unseen & in no time a “rescue” will offer to pull the dog for the person they’ve never met (no application or home visit) then & someone offers to transport the dog. Many times the pet is not vetted, with the hopes the receiving person or “rescue” will take care of it, which often doesn’t happen. This practice is referred to as “blind transport,” & it puts animals in extreme danger. So many individuals & “rescues” banned for good reasons from their local shelters still obtain cats & dogs through blind transports from other states. Shelters all over the US are full, it is a common myth that there is a shortage of unwanted pets up North: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.161896980489856.39457.152876678058553&type=3

Responsible, ethical rescues evaluate a dog before they pull them & get most of their dogs locally, you have to wonder why a “rescue” would get the majority of their pets from shelters hundreds of miles away without ever meeting or evaluating them.

Here are just 2 examples of where this practice has gone horribly wrong & dogs died:

1)  In July of 2012, K. Morris of Bainbridge, GA, was arrested & charged with animal cruelty. 13 dogs were seized from her property. She pulled dogs from Clayton County Animal Control under the pretense of being a rescue. None of her information was ever confirmed by the rescue group. They became suspicious once she left two dogs in boarding & stopped contact.  The point of this album is not to focus on K. Morris or SecondChance PitbullRescue. She was arrested, charged & will face her final punishment in the courts. Instead, the point of all of these photos is to show what happens when people accept rescues at face value. The rescue coordinating group, Partners with Clayton County Animal Control, did not have any paperwork from K. Morris/SecondChance PitbullRescue, which was not a licensed rescue. This didn’t stop them from getting the dogs though, instead Partners had Lisa Fleming use her license for Courtney’s Care to pull the dogs for Kristy. If the group had bothered to look at her Facebook page, they would have seen photos of her personal dogs on chains, her offering dogs up for stud & so on. They would have seen enough to know better than to send dogs her way. The problem was that they didn’t want to see anything wrong with SecondChance PitbullRescue. They wanted to see dogs “safe,” aka not euthanized. Obviously, there are far worse things than humane euthanasia.  The status of each of the dogs is in their description:  www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.439933632714717.96002.439932256048188&type=3  If rescue coordinators do their research, things like this wouldn’t happen.

2)  In May of 2012, Bridges was surrendered to Clayton County Animal Control in GA. He was extremely fearful, & most experienced rescues would not have deemed him adoptable. Despite this, Partners of Clayton County took his photograph & posted him on their Facebook page asking for donations & for someone to pull him, so people made pledges & donated. A local German Shepherd Dog rescue pulled him & took him to the vet. While there, the vet decided he was human aggressive & recommended humane euthanasia. The rescue instead returned him to CCAC. Another rescue, Indiana German Shepherd Dog & Siberian Husky Rescue, said they would take him. Of course they aren’t licensed in GA, but Lisa Fleming arranged to pull him for them. He was put into an unlicensed, home-based boarding facility run by Jose Ortiz until the rescue could afford to transport him to Indiana.   Already with this story, there are a ton of red flags that were ignored by Partners who should have never facilitated this irresponsible pull. 1. An out-of-state rescue wanting a dog with aggression issues. 2. The rescue couldn’t immediately take the dog because they didn’t have the funds so he had to go to boarding. 3. The boarding facility was unlicensed & had a small child on the premises.   Bridges bit the 5 year-old child of Ortiz. Ortiz responded by shooting & killing Bridges. Apparently the bite to the child was thankfully not serious. Many people in the rescue community are choosing to focus on Ortiz shooting this dog, there seems to be a total disregard for how preventable this situation was & how irresponsibly this pull was handled which put a small child at danger. Bridges should have never been pulled in the first place & should never have been allowed to be around children. This poor dog did not deserve to die the way he did, he should have been humanely euthanized. People that donated to Bridges have asked Partners for updates on him, but you will see in one of the photos, they do not want to discuss this situation.  Here are the photos: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.444075778967169.97103.439932256048188&type=3

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