Martha*s Mutt Movers is a pending 501c3 (EIN 45-5060994)  Driving transport entitles the volunteer to deduct $.14/mile according to section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.   MERRY MIX OF MUTTS  *Please utilize the auto response I have on my email for guidance* or   Provide Your NAME:    PRIMARY EMAIL:    ADDRESS:    HOME CITY/STATE:    HOME PHONE:     CELL PHONE:    VEHICLE COLOR/MAKE/MODEL:    EMERGENCY CONTACT   (NAME/PHONE NUMBER):      REFERENCES (i.e. VET / RESCUE / PERSONAL / TRANSPORT COORDINATOR, ETC):***DISCLAIMER***   Martha*s Mutt Movers is not a business. I am a volunteer travel coordinator that has a network of volunteer drivers who assist rescues in their efforts to save dogs from death row.  I do not *mass transport;* all rescues must have the proper permit(s) to import dogs into a given state, & I refuse to assist any rescue that does not allow a full screening to be done by me PRIOR to transport.

**COMMITMENT TO DRIVING**   Do not volunteer to drive if you are not committed to showing up on transport day.  Relay transports cannot   operate if there is a missing link in the chain & the rescue animals suffer as a result.  If an emergency arises that prevents you from driving you must notify the transport coordinator as soon as possible. Please be respectful of the entire team that has been assembled.

*ADOPTION OFF TRANSPORT*   Removing an animal from a transport before it has reached the final destination indicated on this run sheet constitutes theft in all 50 states & will be reported to local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies.  In addition, your name will be publicized on “Do Not Transport” lists that are widely circulated in the rescue & transport communities.

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