RPAL Companion-Animal & Equine Rescue Food Bank in Terrell / Alba north-Texas area

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Positive People Creating Positive Results >^..^<     RPAL Pet Rescue Center Working to Support 92 Network Members with 6,341 Companion Animals  (3,979 Dogs; 2,262 Cats & 100 Ferrets).  1+ million Pound Mark in March ’12.

www.RPalRescueFoodBank.org & Help@RPalRescueFoodBank.org & ’12 distribution facility at 2402 W. Moore Drive (US Hwy. 80) Suite D, Terrell, TX  75160;  PO Box 220; Alba, TX75410;  1-888-473-RPAL (7725), x. 8    R-PAL is a Non-Profit 501c3:  100% of Any Profit Goes To “Help People & Animals In Need.”

March, 2012 RPAL Exceeded the 1 Million Pounds of Food & other products that was passed on to the RPAL Member Network.  RPAL brings in a variety of different donated products for Companion Animals & Equines from all over the United States some of which include:  *dry & canned foods  *Treats  *Variety of Sprays like Fabric Sprays & Allergen Sprays, Vetericyn Wound & Infection Sprays, Hot Spot Sprays & Pink Eye Sprays*  *Medical Supplies including syringes, IV sets, catheters & sutures.   *Bedding *Disposable Training Pads   RPAL Private Label Special Blend Dog & Cat Food: after having searched high & low over the last year & half for foods, we rapidly discovered there are just not enough donations in the universe to feed all the companion animals we need to feed. When we received grant funding last year, we realized very quickly that the least expensive dog an cat foods on the market, even at wholesale, had a much higher cost than a food we could produce to our specifications for less. With that thought in mind, RPAL made a deal with Muenster Milling to produce a Private Label Dry Dog & Cat Food we call RPAL Special Blend. This food was devel-oped based on what our members suggested they wanted to see in dry foods. In both dog & cat the protein source is Chicken Meal, Contains NO Corn, NO Soy, NO Wheat & includes things like Omega 3 & 6, Glucosamine and even Garlic. The added bonus it is produced in Texas, using USA Ingredients & best of all the dog food is only $18.99 per 40 pound bag, & the cat is $21.60 for a 40-lb. bag **Prices as of March 2012 please check current prices because they are subject to change without notice. Highly Discounted Purchased Foods: RPAL established a relationship with a manufacturer of a variety of different brand dog & cat dry foods that gives us overruns at extremely reduced rates. Currently the price is 39 cents a pound on dog food48 cents a pound on cat food, both come in 50-pound bags **Prices as of March 2012 please check current prices because they are subject to change without notice. RPAL Wholesale Club: RPAL developed relationships & accounts with several distributors to purchase products at wholesale prices, then we pass these wholesale cost on to our members with a minimal Program Service Fee.

*Bedding  *Bowls, Buckets, Feeders   *Crates & Carriers   *Collars & Leashes   *Clothes   *Flea Treatments   *Grooming Supplies

*Housebreaking, Pick Up & Litter   *Housing   *Milk Replacers   *Toys   *Travel Accessories   *Vaccines    *Vitamins & Supplements

Q.   What does the RPAL Rescue Donation & Distribution Center do?

A.  We work all day, every day to provide the RPAL Network Members of the Rescue/Shelter community with food and other pet or equine related products either FREE or at highly discounted rates depending on the situation.

Q.  Is RPAL a Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation?

A.  Yes, R-PAL (Rescued Pet Adoption League) received our Non-Profit standing October 19, 2007.

Q.  How is RPAL Rescue Donation & Distribution Center related to R-PAL (Rescued Pet Adoption League)?

A.  RPAL Rescue Donation & Distribution Center is one of the programs and initiatives established by RPAL to further extend the reach of how many People & Animals In Need that could be helped.

Q.   Does RPAL receive donated products from manufacturers and others?

A.   Yes, in fact RPAL will hire and send an 18 wheeler to travel to any city in the United States to pick up donated or purchased products that will, in turn, be distributed to the RPAL Network Members.

Q:    What is the RPAL Program Service Fee?

A:    RPAL does not have a benefactor, it is an all-volunteer organization (No Salaries are paid). The Program Service Fee was established to help us cover costs associated with finding products, cost for freight to bring products to the RPAL Rescue Network Members, a warehouse distribu-tion facility to store & distribute those products as well as respond to Rescue Network Member disasters or Texas disaster needs such as the fire disasters in Central and West Texas. The fee is minimal and varies depending on the cost associated with bringing the product to our mem-bers . This fee will always be provided in the email responding to your request for more details on a product. 100% of RPAL profits (after taxes) go to Help People & Animals In Need! For More Information on the Program Service Fee see details below

Q.   Is it true RPAL Rescue Donation & Distribution Responds to Disasters or Emergency Relief?

A.   Yes, RPAL is actually listed with the Texas Animal Health Commission as a source for companion pet foods and medical supplies and we will respond with a moment’s notice. In 2011, we were called by one of our supporters, the “Purina Pets for People” program, to travel an assess needs in the Central and North Texas Fire Disaster Zones so that they could send in food where needed. The Program Service Fee also helped us respond to these disasters.

Examples of Emergency Needs:   2011, RPAL responded & took food & other supplies to help those in the Fire Disaster Zones in West, Central & Northeast Texas.    2011, A Rescue group storage unit was broken into, & all of their food was stolen, RPAL responded & delivered food to them.    2011, Took food to a Supervised Rescue where they needed help with food or other items while bringing the animals to safety.    2012, Responded to the Tornado Victims needs with dog & cat foods

Q.    Why does RPAL offer Purchased Products?

     We found in our search for donated products there are just not enough donations to go around and we needed to be able to provide additional afforda-ble products to help the RPAL Network Members subsidize donations or lack of donations. After researching the market of foods available and comparing prices on over 50 different foods, we found we could purchase a “Private Label” food with what we/rescue wanted “No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat, uses Chicken as the protein base, includes Omega 3, 6, Glucosamine and Garlic and all for less than we could find anywhere on the market .

This particular program requires we purchase 16,000 pounds at a time & that we pay for the food prior to shipment so any member who would like to purchase food at discount prices are required to pay in advance. RPAL has an online E-Check service that is Free to our members. We also accept Credit cards or Paypal; however, there is an additional charge for using Credit Cards or Paypal as we must recoup our cost of using these services (generally 3%, but fee is subject to change).

Q:   What happens if the RPAL Program Service Fee exceeds the Freight Cost for those items?

A:   The funds are then used to help defer future and other costs to acquire and distribute food or other products.

Examples:   The Grant Funded Program was to Buy Food ONLY, so the RPAL Program Service Fund stepped in to pay the freight costs.   In the first initial purchase of Dog Food from Ohio Pet Foods, the RPAL Program Service fund had raised enough on the Frozen Fish to cover the cost of freight on 2 truckloads of food so the Network members only paid for the actual cost of food & nothing else .Credit card and bank wire fees were covered by the RPAL Program Service Fund on the purchased food from Ohio Pet Food.

Q:   What other costs are associated with acquiring food & products to be distributed among RPAL Network Members?

A:   1.   RPAL Donation & Distribution Center has costs just like any other business, however, our Team is made up of Volunteers and No One receives a Salary.

2.    RPAL does not have a benefactor so everything we do comes from the RPAL Program Service Fund & donations.

3.    On several occasions the RPAL Chairperson has loaned or donated funds to RPAL to keep the Donation & Distribution Center solvent.

Example of other Costs:    Communications: Telephone & internet are tools used to find food, arrange transport, research the market for potential donators & communicate with members about upcoming distributions of prod-ucts.

Office Supplies: Paper, ink, labels for products mailed directly to Network Members, printing packages that are mailed to manufacturers introducing the RPAL Donation & Distribution Center, what we do & how their products are benefitting the many.

Postage: Mailing Grant Packages & Donor request, as well as other miscellaneous postage needs

Travel Expenses: If we travel to Pet related manufacturing expositions to solicit donations personally.

Fuel Expenses: for Disaster, like taking food to the fire victims in West, Central & Northeast Texas as well as fuel expenses to receive, sort & distribute products in Kennedale

Warehouse:    Storage for incoming products & products that are slow to move such as treats, canned foods & medical supplies. Equipment for unloading, moving products around the warehouse & reloading onto members vehicles/trailers. Plus, we use this storage for the Emergency Relief Foods for local members as well as the Disaster Relief efforts.

Q:   Do we have to be a Non-Profit 501c3 organization?

A.   No, RPAL does not require a 501c3, but we do require references to participate as a Rescue Network Member.

Q:   Do we have to be a member of RPAL Network?

A:   Yes, you do have to join our Network to receive notices of upcoming distributions

Q:   Is there a Membership Fee to join RPAL Network?

A:   There is No Membership Fee, only the Program Service Fee as described above and associated with the various products brought in for distribution

Q.   How do we join & receive notices of upcoming distributions?

A.   You must fill out an RPAL Annual Registration form & be approved for membership. Once approved, you will receive an email invitation to Join the R-PAL Yahoo Group where all upcoming notices are posted to. It is Very Important that if you see an email from R-PAL you open the email immediately as it could very well contain a donated product that you may be interested in receiving for your group.

Q.   Once the Rescue Network Members receive a notice via email that a distribution or donation is available what do we do?

A.   If you are interested in receiving the product reply to the email notifica-tion requesting additional details. The details will include whether or not the products are FREE or contain a Program Service Fee. It is critical to Respond Immediately so you don’t miss anything.


Q.   Does RPAL give food to the General Public or Individuals?

A.   No, RPAL works ONLY with the Shelter/Rescue community & the RPAL Network Members; however, if there is a Supervised Rescue involving the General Public or an Individual & the rescue working with the individual to resolve the issues we will help where we can.

Merck Vaccinations: RPAL developed a relationship with Merck for a variety of dog & cat vaccines at highly reduced prices. You may note that even these reduced prices may be slightly over what you pay for other products. RPAL guarantees that these come direct from the factory & stay cold the entire process of getting to you so you will have confidence that these are the freshest vaccines to care for your little ones in need. RPAL Grants: RPAL writes grants asking for Grant Funding to help us buy you food so that we can pass on to our Network Members FREE. In 2011, RPAL was awarded five of seven grants totaling $15,000.00.

PETEDGE Annual 50% Off Sale: Once a year we are able to purchase at 50% off any Petedge products with a minimal Program Service Fee. Visit www.petedge.com to see what you may need in the way of crates, bowls, toys, just so many possibilities all at 50% off & check this year’s schedule for orders.

RPAL RESCUE CENTER: The RPAL Rescue Center is located at 2402 W. Moore Ave, (US Hwy. 80), Suite D in Terrell, Texas. The Center includes a Members-Only Wholesale Store where we stock a variety of Pet-Related Products offered at discounted prices to our members. The center is also where we hold distribution of products every 1st and 15th of the month—Please check the RPAL Yahoo Group Calendar for a list of upcoming events.

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