Animal Communication practices

Animal Communication practices:  & 

Q. What is an Animal Soul Contract?

A. An Animal Soul Contract is similar to a Soul-to-Soul Contract. Your Soul & the Soul of your pet decided (before coming into your bodies) how you were going to assist each other & that assistance gets carried out through behaviors during your lives together.  … all 33 practice sessions into one package – so
that you can work at your own pace.

Start at the beginning with the first animal & work your way through all of them OR choose randomly which animal you will work with each time, knowing you’ll always choose the right animal.  You’ll be able to input your own impressions & read the impressions from past students as well as all of my comments, hints, tips & more from the three years of work together. This is an exciting & EASY way to practice your budding skills!

Animal Communication with Soul Contracts & Animal Energy Healing 

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