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in CadizOhiohttp://aospca.chipin.com/owner-dies-family-ignored & www.change.org/petitions/the-governor-of-oh-give-the-seized-dogs-back-to-the-family-they-are-personal-property  Anyone wishing to donate may do so to the Prosecution Fund of the Appalachian Ohio SPCA, Inc. at any PNC Bank, or via paypal to aospca@frontier.com   In addition, checks may be mailed to AOSPCA, P.O. Box 163, Scio, OH 43988.    Eight German Shepherds ConfiscatedGive the seized dogs back to the familyThese dogs were seized after their owner died. The warden lied & said there was no family. The owner’s family wants them. This was theft! Let these dogs go to the people who care about them!   SUPER URGENT!  This could happen to YOUR family, YOUR dogs, too. The wishes of the family are being TOTALLY IGNORED! Please help see some compassion by Harrison County officials in OHIO. Send a strong message by supporting the family with legal fees & costs assistance. Litigation seems to be the only thing that gets any attention of this county. The county is NO stranger to litigation. Please help this family with the costs involved & let the beloved dogs return to grieving over their loved one.   Friday, July 6, 2012 at 6:32pm:  Recently, the dog warden of the Harrison County Dog Pound in Cadiz, Ohio confiscated 8 German Shepherd dogs from the estate of a recently deceased man.  The dogs were receiving food & care, twice daily from two neighbors of the deceased.  The Harrison County dog warden withheld information pertaining to living relatives when she asked Judge Nunner for a warrant to confiscate eight German Shepherds, claiming the deceased owner had no relatives, in order to obtain a warrant.     The dog warden became aware that there was family & that the family had signed over the dogs to a rescue, but the dog warden continued to take the dogs & place them in the over-crowded in an over crowded pound that has a limited number of small inside kennels & other outside kennels with no exterior walls – only a roof.   The dog warden, who had known about the dogs since Monday, July 2, 2012 only posted them on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 & begged for rescue help claiming they were vicious & stating that they would likely be killed the next day, Thursday July 5, 2012.    Neighbors of the deceased owner, located relatives in Arkansas, as did a local rescue, & the relative was greatly relieved to find a rescue willing to help the dogs, as these dogs were precious to the owner.   In fact, the relative said these dogs were his entire life!  The prosecutor’s office & the county was notified that living relatives existed & that they had been located, as was the presiding Judge Michael Nunner on July 5, 2012.   Despite the family members protest, in writing, the dog warden chose to take the dogs to an over- crowded pound rather than allow the dogs to go to the rescue which the family member had designated, also in writing.       Arrangements for the dogs to be retrieved by law enforcement for the purposes of K9 Training had to be halted, as the handlers physically would have to come to get the animals.   It was not until Friday, July 6, 2012 that the dogs were moved to the dog pound.  A niece of the deceased owner came forward to accept responsibility for the dogs’ future & requested a copy of the warrant.     Judge Nunner refused to let the niece have a copy of the warrant & order, thus, it is difficult to challenge this proceeding without retaining legal counsel.  The warrant & the order are public record, but are being denied.    These dogs need to be released immediately to the rescue that the family has selected.  The dog warden has again violated the Harrison County Dog Pound Operational Guidelines yet she seems to go unpunished. This issue could be resolved immediately. There needs to be some consideration as to the deceased relative’s wishes.  There are only a few days until Joe Q. Public can buy one of these dogs for a mere $30, no vet reference, no spay/neuter, no follow up on adoptions.  Many people are indicating they wish one because they have one of the other sex, i.e. have a male, need a female.  Time is of the essence. The family from afar is now forced to seek legal counsel to protect any rights they may have relative to the probate.  A group of us is assisting the niece of the deceased in this regard.   That is a special account where the money will be held in escrow for the legal fees & costs incurred by the family.    A local woman in Scio has pledged to start this drive by donating $100. Remember, these could be your own beloved animals. This could happen to you, especially if you live in Harrison County Ohio.  Here are the contact numbers for people to use when making very polite & concerned calls:    Harrison County Commissioners 740-945-1379; Judge Michael J. Nunner  740-942-5200; Probate/Juvenile Court 740-942-8868; County Court 740-942-8865; Harrison County Prosecutor 740-942-2621; Phone & Fax Numbers: Common Pleas Court 100 W Market Cadiz, OH 43907   740-942-8863 & 740-942-4693;  County Recorder, Harrison County 100 W Market St  Cadiz, OH 43907   740-942-8869 & 740-942-4693;  Harrison County Court Courthouse  100 W Market StCadiz, OH 43907  740-942-8865 & 740-942-3541    Probate Court 105 Jamison Ave Cadiz, OH 43907  740-942-8868; from Yakama@GCI.Net

in Clyde, OhioDonate for Apache’s cleft-palate surgery:*  http://anotherchancesanctuary.chipin.com/ANOTHER-CHANCE-SANCTUARY/ or on http://anotherchancesanctuary.org/     Another Chance Sanctuary recently rescued little Apache, & he needs surgery NOW.     Apache has a cleft palate …  ESTIMATE FOR SURGERY AT MED VET:  $2000-$3000    *  I know Dr. Hirt on a personal level & have been to her Sanctuary many times. Every time I visit, tears well in my eyes… every single time.  Dr. Hirt gives her entire heart to rescue & for many years has paid for special needs animals out of her own pocket.  Dogs, cats, birds, turtles, pet pigs.  She’s single, never married. Who’s going to put up with living with all of her animals?  In truth, the animals don’t live with her, SHE LIVES WITH THEM.     When you knock on her door, twenty or more dogs come running to greet you, big dogs, tiny dogs, dogs in wheelchairs. She has a row of second hand lazyboy chairs all lined up along one wall & that’s where the little foo-foo dogs hang out. It is so darned funny to see.     Her house is kept surprisingly clean. She has a couple of dedicated helpers who know the routine & love the animals there as much as Dr. Hirt, does.     She has a vaulted ceiling in her family room from which she hangs her Christmas tree every year, complete with a bright red skirt which is attached to the bottom of the tree & hangs mid-air.     The dogs all enjoy swimming in her large pond, especially the handicapped dogs in wheelchairs.  Apparently, people think, “Oh, well she’s a vet, so let her pay her own surgery bills at MedVet.  She certainly has the money.”  Well, she doesn’t. What she does have is more integrity than just about anyone I have ever met in my life.  She could be a wealthy woman, if she’d just insert that needle into the veins of all of the pets no longer wanted… no longer needed…   no longer cared for…   but she won’t because she can’t.  I created & sent out the following appeal for Apache, a little puppy Dr. Hirt took under her wing when client’s of hers brought Apache in to her office.  … Dr. Hirt’s phone rang as she dropped me off at home, after taking me to Pemberville to take photos of Apache.  She actually had seven dogs in her car.  She takes as many dogs as she can for rides whenever possible.  Okay,  I hope that answers the question someone just asked:   “Why can’t a vet afford to pay for Apache’s surgery?”  Now, you know the answer.  Please, if you care to donate towards Apache’s surgery, read the information about Apache.  There’s a ChipIn Link, if you decide her cause to be a worthy one.  Thanks for your consideration.

Corgi Rescue of Dayton, OH 45424 & CBrickner5006@GMail.com; http://petfinder.com/shelters/OH429; 937-609-4707.


Fremont, OH:  Society for the Protection of Animals, Inc.  www.SPAOhio.org  P.O. Box 1047  Fremont, Ohio  43420


In Lisbon, OHContact DCroft@CCClerk.org & 1-330-424-6663, x. 1757 (www.PetFinder.org/shelters/OH417.htmlto rescue, foster, adopt sponsored dogs (FREE to any approved rescue).    Please ask the pound staff about possible transport assistance. Dogs leave the pound altered, vaccinated & wormed.  Fee is $100.  If you are interested in any dogs, you must contact the pound directly by both phone & e-mail.  Please leave a message if you are not able to reach an employee.  All dogs are extremely urgent & need placements immediately.  The pound checks phone messages & e-mails for   last-minute rescues before killing so that an offer to rescue is not missed.  1-330-424-6663, ext. 1757; DCroft@CCClerk. org     www.petfinder.org/shelters/OH417.html  All dogs are spayed/neutered before leaving.  All dogs are also wormed for 3 days with panacur and given rabies & 7-way vaccinations when they enter the pound. Trips for vet work are scheduled each Monday & Friday morning, & you can pick up your new pet between 3 & 4p. the same day. All dogs are $100.  This includes an Ohio dog license.The pound is open Monday – Friday 8a to 12p & 1p to 4p Saturday 9a to 12p the Pound is open, but it is very hard to reach someone by phone. IF OUR HOURS ARE NOT CONVENIENT, OUR STAFF WILL BE HAPPY TO SET UP A VISITATION/ADOPTION “AFTER HOURS APPOINTMENT” IN ADDITION TO OUR USUAL HOURS!!

in Vermilion, OhioDonate to help a recuperating German Shepherd / mix dogs “Arthur” &/or amputee “Skittles:”  via [1credit card to Avon Lake Animal Clinic: 440-933-5297 for “Saint Francis Accunt;” or [2PayPal at www.SaintFrancisAnimalSanctuary.org; or [3] U.S. mail:  Saint Francis; 12516 Cherry RD.; Vermilion OH 44089.  Questions?  Call 440-967-3610.     www.SaintFrancisAnimalSanctuary.org/ &  www.petfinder.com/shelters/OH556.html   Details:  German Shepherd-mix “Arthur” is surgically fine but developed a BAD case of kennel cough. He is on antibiotics & cough meds, intravenous medicines.

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